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Tomato plants problems

The leaves on my tomato plants are dying. This started last week. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Denton County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Beautiful plant

Could you please identify this plant?

Denton County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

St augustine brown spot

What is the best way to control brown spot now that it is starting this fall.


Don Roberts

Denton County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

Bean plant problems

I have bean plants that started out fine then began getting brownish spots on its leaves. I have attached a few pics. Any idea of what it is?

Denton County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

Cucumber plant vines dying

My cucumber plants suddenly started dying. The plants appear to be dying one vine at a time. What could be causing this?

Thank you...

Denton County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

Is this a weed or wildflower?

I have several of these plants in the leftovers of my wildflower garden grown from seed. No flowers, just low growing, somewhat waxy leaves.
Is this a weed or the beginnings of a flowering plant?

Denton County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Rain barrel water.

Is there a recommended treatment to preserve the water collected?

Denton County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Calculating pesticide use rates

I'm trying to calculate how many square feet an ounce of fungicide will treat.

I have a fungicide with a label that instructs the user to apply the fungicide at a rate of 1 pint per acre, using enough water to cover the upper and bottom parts of the leaves on the plants. The label also sais that it typically takes 25 - 100 galllons of water to cover an acre of planted vegetables.

I know an acre = 43560 sq ft. The fungicide has a use rate of 1 pint per acre.

To calculate at the rate of 1 pint per acre:

16 oz = 43560 sq ft --> 43560 / 16 = 2722.5 sq ft. --> 1 oz = 2722.5 sq ft

So, 1 ounce of fungicide concentration will treat 2,722.5 square feet.

Does this calculation look correct?

Also, how do I determine how much water to use? It seems that the label is concerned with how much of the fungicide concentration is used in relation to the area of the crop being treated, assuming it is diluted with enough water to properly wet the the plants. Do I just make an educated guess as to how much water to use for diluting the fungicide?

I greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you...

Denton County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Comparing dust and liquid pesticides

I've noticed many pesticide products like Seven and copper fungicides are both sold as liquid and dusts.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to using a dust instead of a liquid or liquid instead of a dust pesticide?

Should I just use the one that is easiest for me to apply?

Denton County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Yellowing tomato leaves

2 days ago I sprayed a part of a tomato plant to test for phytotoxicity. The spray consisted of: 1 gallon distilled water, 1 tbs raw cold pressed been, 1.5 tsp agri silicone to emulsify neem,1/2 ounce azadirachtin, 2 ounces insecticidal soap, and 1 tbs daconil. The plant had earlier problems with early blight but It seemed to have cleared up. I noticed this morning in the area that I had sprayed 2 days ago the leaves are yellowing. (As you can see in attached pics) The other parts of the plant seemed fine. My question is does this appear to be a bad reaction to the spray, fungal issue, or something else?

Denton County Texas Posted about 4 years ago