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Orange fungus

My asian pear tree also has this fungus, I live in the Dallas area. Same advice for me to clean up after the season?

Denton County TX Posted about 1 month ago

Mole control

I have a serious mole problem and have been told that "MILKY SPORE" will kill the grubs on which they feed, thus eliminating the problem.

Is this a viable solution?

Denton County TX wildlife damage management Posted over 5 years ago

Bifenthrin exposure

I grow pomegranites on my small farm property in Justin Tx. I believe My land was contaminated by a pestiside company spraying Bifenthrin on the field next door to kill ants. They had a tank and a strong pressure of chemicals and water near my property line. Maybe 10-15 feet. The wind was 9 mph. Do you think my fruit is poisoned. I only use organic methods to control pests. Is it legal for Bifenthrin to be sprayed in the wind? Is there any place for free testing for pesticide residue? Thanks for any help!

Denton County TX trees and shrubs pesticide safety horticulture Posted almost 6 years ago


I found this a while ago. Is it a rock?? I found it in Georgia.

Denton County TX Posted about 6 years ago

Coastal Bermuda Hay Production

For the past several years, I have grown coastal bermuda on 6 acres in North Texas and hired someone to prep, fertilize, weed and bale in exchange for part of the harvest. This year, I plan to fertilize and weed myself to keep a larger percentage of yield.
Question 1:
Should I mow the field at this point to get weeds and winter grass down?
Question 2:
When is the optimal time to fertilize?
Question 3:
I plan to use dry fertilizer, what is the best mix for my sandy loam soil?
Question 4:
When is the optimal time to spray for weeds?
Thanks for taking time to provide some guidance.

Denton County TX pastures and forages Posted over 6 years ago

Seeding for Goat Pasture

Good Morning,
Last winter we bought two dwarf Nigerian goats. Soon they will be big enough to transition permanently into our back acre and I want to seed it now. Can you please recommend a variety of seeds, legumes, and fast growing plants/shrubs that are not harmful to goats and would provide food throughout different seasons? Also, if you know any place we can get those seeds locally?
Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

Denton County Texas pastures and grazing pastures and forages goats Posted over 6 years ago


Tiny black ants appear on my countertops whenever something sweet is left there. My exterminator leaves a little drop of a liquid when he is there, but the ants still appear.

Denton County Texas integrated pest management Posted over 6 years ago