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What kind of berries are these?

We moved into a new home several months ago and have discovered a lot of edible plants as the seasons have passed. Is this plant edible?

Collin County TX Posted over 4 years ago

Help to identify

My mother in law makes this weed into tea. She only knows the name in spanish "encinilla". I'm not sure on the spelling. We've been trying to figure out about this plant for years. It would be so awesome to know. Thanks.

Collin County TX Posted over 4 years ago

Old soil

We have several bags of Garden Plus Organic Compost Derived from Cow Manure that is at least five years old. Must we dispose of it or can it still be used?

Collin County TX horticulture Posted over 4 years ago

What's wrong with my grapes?

I have no prior experience growing grapes. I planted two vines from bare root nursery stock five years ago. I do not recall the variety. This year I have four different shapes of leaves. Most are normal. Some are oblong with perfectly smooth edges. Some have the general shape of a grape leaf, but the edge is many small serrations. On others the edge is curled upward. The one in the picture has a fluorescent blue bug on it (whatever that is). A few of the bunches have what appears to be scabbing on the skin. And lately, immature grapes that appear to be healthy are falling to the ground. I have sprayed them primarily with neem oil. I use a standard garden fertilizer (10-10-10). What can I do?

Collin County TX Posted over 4 years ago

Scurvy weed

Scurvy weed is growing in between roses and other landscaped beds. What herbicide will kill the weed and not harm the roses?

Colorado County TX weed issues Posted over 4 years ago

What is this?

Beautiful shrub

Collin County Texas Posted almost 5 years ago

Tree in yokohama

We are trying to figure out what kind of tree this, can you help?!

Collin County Texas trees and shrubs plant identification horticulture Posted over 5 years ago

how to prepare a yard for new Dalsa 0605 sod

Hi, I have a yard that was Bermuda but now 1/2 weeds, I want to resod with Daisa 0605 in spring. can I roundup the current turf and over seed with annual ray grass or is it to late, Please answer soon if the time is tight. Thanks so much.. I was at your place in Dallas on Cote street this spring , very nice. I hope I can find Dalsa 0605 .. regards bill Portz Allen TX 214 537 2301 PS I have A&M do my soil test each year.

Collin County Texas Posted over 5 years ago

Remove leaves from newly sodded St. Augustine lawn?

I have bald cyprus and chinese pistacio leaves thick on newly sodded St. Augustine lawn. I put the sod down in August. Should I mulch the leaves or remove them?

Collin County Texas lawns and turf horticulture Posted about 6 years ago

New tree I have created

Six years ago I put a peach, apple, pear and avacodo core/pit in a hole in the ground, poured in some 10 year old liquid fertilizer into the hole and waited..the next spring I got a tree from the hole that appears to be a splice of all four fruits, and perhaps spores that were present in the soil..the tree is now 15 feet tall, has orange bark,gray bark, and brown bark of several textures, produces a sweet berry fruit, without producing a flower...Most amazingly the tree produces at least 10 distinctive leaves with as many as five or six on the same branch....each year a new shape , size and shade of leaf has appeared .....what should I do....I believe the tree is the only one like it on

Collin County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 6 years ago