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Can I burn my Tree of Heaven stump?

About two years ago, my boyfriend and I cut down an oddly located tree in our backyard. One year later I took a Native Plants course and found out that what we had cut down was the hell spawn Tree of Heaven, and that cutting it down was the worst thing we could have done. It's root system is extensive and ai officially given up on digging out the stump and it's roots. If I burn the stump, will that kill the root system as well? Not that it really matters, the house directly behind ours has 8-10 Tree of Heavens in their yard so this battle will never end.

Travis County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

Oak wilt

I'm attaching a picture of a bad cut i made while tree trimming. Do I need to treat that cut in some manner to help prevent oak wilt or just to protect it? Also I did my trimming on 8feb17 but since then I was told to not trim from February through June - is that a good guideline?

Travis County TX Posted about 4 years ago

What is this ?

When we were opening a raised bed that had been dormant for a year or two we found this under the surface.

Travis County TX Posted about 4 years ago

Can you recommend someone to prune fruit trees Austin area?

We have a small orchard of 10 peach and apple trees which need a good pruning as soon as possible since the weather here looks like 65-75 degrees for a few weeks. My husband and I have tried in previous years, but I think we need an expert. I should add that the previous owner planted full-size trees which are trying mightily to grow 40' tall. I don't want to rip them out since they do fruit well, but need someone who knows what they're doing more than we do. Can you recommend anyone for the Austin area? Thanks!

Travis County TX Posted about 4 years ago

Is Ibervillea sonorae winter hardy in Austin, TX?

I've had one for years and was curious if i could leave it outside during the winter.

I appreciate any info.

Many thanks,

Mike McKinley

Travis County TX Posted about 4 years ago

Regarding Neem Tree availability in Austin, TX

I am interested in growing a neem tree in my backyard. Would you know where to buy one? I would appreciate if you can send me a few contacts who might help me.


Texas trees neem Posted about 4 years ago

Trunk damage

I have a newly planted Texas Lilac in my back yard that was doing very well until I noticed that our local wild rabbit is chewing the bark away from all the bases of the bush. How do I treat the wounds and prevent any future damage? Thanks so much for your help!


Travis County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

What's wrong with my Lantana?

My yellow lantana have some kind of gosh-awful problem! What is it and how can I get rid of it? How can I keep it from coming back? I've attached three photos. Thanks for your help!

Travis County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Our sloping Lago Vista yard has a soil erosion problem

I haven't received a response to my question. I hope I am not asking too much. This is a sincere concern and any suggestions that you have would really be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

We built our house in 2003 on a lot we chose because of its elevation, location, and view of the lake. We knew we needed to consider soil erosion and we have, but not enough. We need expert advice but we're not having success finding it. We've found Austin landscape and drainage contractors on Angie's list that treat erosion, but not as far away as Lago Vista. (It's not exactly Seberia!). We've gotten estimates for retainng walls: $40,000 and $25,000. We expect to spend money to solve the problem, but we can't spend that much. The problem got worse 5 or 6 years ago when neighbors built their house next door. They have the least allowable permeable surfaces and their lot drains toward ours. They have worked very hard to minimize their contribution to our erosion problems, but haven't had complete success. We use a willing lawn care contractor who is willing to do what we tell them. We have read about erosion and have some ideas, but we don't want to have them do a bunch of work based on our incomplete understanding of erosion issues. Can you refer us to someone who might be able to help? As a knowledgeable advisor, contractor or paid consultant? I attached a foto to give you an idea of the problem. Well, I've tried to attach a photo. Not sure what it will be a foto of! Thanks for your help! Joe Linda and Joe Payne 3603 Mount Laurel Road Lago Vista, Texas 78645 512-924-2514

Travis County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Protecting peach tree from freezing temp

I was told all I have to do in Austin Texas is cover the graft. Is that true Joyce Johntz

Travis County Texas Posted over 4 years ago