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Neomexicanus hops in Texas

Has anyone in Texas experimented with growing the Neomexicanus hops varieties? Do they perform better than the European type?

Travis County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Creek restoration

I recently bought some land in SW Travis County, near Dripping Springs TX. There is a limestone creek and springs on the property but they are silted in/covered in 12-18" of dirt. Who can counsel me about the best way to remove the dirt and restore the creek? Thanks.

Travis County Texas restoration streams Posted almost 6 years ago

Texas longhorns per acre Travis County blackland

Recommended longhorns per acre of pasture in Travis County blackland area (northeast Travis County)? Need to know for pasture lease agreement.

Travis County Texas beef cattle Posted almost 6 years ago

Identifying scat

I have seen a lot of wildlife scat in my yard recently. I have 2 pics attached. I don't think the same animal was responsible for both. I was thinking coyote or maybe fox? I live in a rural area of Cedar Park, TX. Any help would be appreciated.

Travis County Texas wildlife damage management Posted almost 6 years ago

What animal is leaving droppings on my porch?

Please tell me what animal is leaving droppings on my porch and garden.

Travis County Texas wildlife damage management Posted about 6 years ago

boar goat

boar goat overdrives when setting up

Travis County Texas goats Posted over 6 years ago

Sodium Bentonite

Hello: I was recently trying to sell a section of land in Texas. The realestate agent advised me that the land contains a large amount of Sodium Bentonite. I have done some internet research and it seems this is widely for a variety of applications. How difficult is it to get something like this to market. Does A&M know of anyone who mines/removes this and would be willing to sell? Thank you for your help.
Kelly Dawson

Travis County Texas zoning and land use regulation Posted over 6 years ago

Pasture Improvement

Hi, we bought a property last year and have a few cows grazing on a pasture but it's in bad shape. The pasture is very weedy with little mesquites attempting to grow and the grass is thin. We have it shredded from time to time but not probably frequently enough. I would like to get advice on how to best eliminate or reduce the weeds and mesquite starts and promote the grass. Is there a weed spraying protocol this time of year? Do we need to till it and start over? Should we seed rye this fall and then some annual grass in the spring? I am in far northeast Travis county, very near the Bastrop county line.

Travis County Texas pastures and grazing farm management Posted almost 7 years ago