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CenUSA Bioenergy is a coordinated research and education effort investigating the creation of a regional system in the Central US for producing advanced transportation fuels from perennial grasses on land that is either unsuitable or marginal for row crop production. In addition to producing advanced biofuels, the proposed system will improve the sustainability of existing cropping systems by reducing agricultural runoff of nutrients in soil and increasing carbon sequestration.

CenUSA Bioenergy researchers from Iowa State University, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, University of Illinois and the USDA Agricultural Research Service cover topics of interest to producers and growers.

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Questions asked to this group

Brownish-red spots and withering leaves on backyard ivy

Can you tell me what type of infestation this is and how to combat it? I love the beautiful ivy in my backyard growing up a trellis.

Cook County IL Posted over 3 years ago

Using washed diesel and added hydraulic additives as hydraulic oil

Dear sir, Am a student of hydraulic mechanism. Am writing my project on reclaim base oil and hydraulic additives. Please while browsing on internet, I saw your website. Pls, I have an academic question that I wish to ask you for my thesis. (1) A diesel fuel that is washed or treated with boiling temperature and small percentage of sulfuric acid and Bleaching Earth to remove the colorant and its additives then neutralise the recovered base oil with lime (alkaline) (2) Can the above recovered base oil be added hydraulic additives to make it a hydraulic oil ? That is, converting diesel oil to hydraulic oil. pls contact at my email ezehezeh2000@hotmail.com Thanks Jeff

AR Posted almost 4 years ago

How do I get rid of these bugs?

Have tiny non flying bugs with hard shell keep appearing on stove top. Stove clean. Maybe coming thru exhaust fan?

Dallas County IA insect issues insect identification Posted about 4 years ago

Testing how to use askExpert

I am a web-developer, currently working on a decision tool on biofuel. One of my colleague suggested I review AskExpert and so far I am liking this.

I think we should have an example (or a template) in place for those who want to embed ask expert in their website. I am trying a hardway by copying a source code from an existing website. I am, however, using a group id associated with that website. If this question is visible is public, I consider my test successful.

If you get this message, would appreciate any documentation around how to embed AskExpert on an extension focused website.

Dane County WI Posted over 5 years ago

Biomass productivity

What is the cost of production of switchgrass?

Dane County WI Posted over 5 years ago

Viscosity of a mixture of diesel & hydraulic oil

What is the approximate viscosity of a mixture of 17 gallons of 10W-30 hydraulic fluid and four gallons of #2 diesel? Consider an operating temperature of 160F.

[Apparently someone added diesel to the wrong reservoir in a skid steer while it was on the job site. It then ran for ~ 15 hours or so. I am just curious as to viscosity of the diluted mixture as some means of potentially forecasting the damage.]

Pulaski County Illinois science engineering farm machinery Posted over 6 years ago

What price per ton can i ask for prairie hay and whst company will buy my large amount of hay bales

Need help selling big round bales prairie hay 1250 average weight no weeds all organic. Warren 316-651-6611

Sedgwick County Kansas Posted over 6 years ago

Switchgrass and biodiesel

Do you have recent information of biodiesel production with switchgrass?

Outside United States ag energy biodiesel switchgrass Posted over 6 years ago

Energy model

How can a cooperative model be developed for estimating clean energy required to supplement crude oil demand?

Outside United States ag energy bioenergy renewable energy Posted over 6 years ago