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Michigan State University Extension Food Safety Team is dedicated to providing food safety information to the public. Statewide programs include: ServSafe, Cooking for Crowds, Cottage Foods, Food Preservation and Good Agricultureal Products. 

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Questions asked to this group

homemade puddings

would it be safe to sell puddings from home? or that not allowed

Oakland County Michigan Posted 22 days ago

chicken pot pies

would it be safe to sell chicken pot pies from home? or is that not allowed.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 22 days ago

Cabbage Canning

Is there a safe method for canning cabbage

Livingston County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago


Where do I find of lost of local flower growers? I make wreaths with dried flowers and would like to buy local whenever possible but not sure where to find them...

Michigan Posted 2 months ago

Canning BBQ Sauce

Can I safely cut the amount of sugar in half when making BBQ sauce for canning? The recipe currently calls for 2 cups of vinegar and 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar to 12 pounds of tomatoes. Can I substitute erythritol?

Outside United States Posted 3 months ago

Bacon Jam Canning

I'm a little confused about bacon jam canning, on the National Center for home food preservation they have a instructions for canning beans with either tomato or molasses, the instructions read "Fill jars three-fourths full with hot beans. Add a 3/4-inch cube of pork, ham, or bacon to each jar, if desired. Fill jars with heated sauce, leaving 1-inch headspace" why would it be acceptable to can bacon in this instance and not for Bacon Jam? I'm new to canning and was looking forward to making bacon beer jam for my daughters wedding as favors, how can i do this safely? Below is the link for the Recipe


Miami-Dade County Florida Posted 3 months ago

Pressure cooking times for Bacon Jam

If one is making bacon jam with bacon, onion, vinegar, sugar, and spices and hot packing it into pint jars leaving 1/2" headspace, what is the correct length of time and PSI by which to process these jars?

Sacramento County California Posted 3 months ago

Get certified in California online

Can you take the canning Course online in California

Mariposa County California Posted 4 months ago

Local classes for canning

Are there any canning classes in Paulding?

Paulding County Georgia Posted 4 months ago

Master Food Preserver training

Are there any upcoming online courses planned for Master Food Preserver Volunteer training?

Montgomery County Ohio Posted 4 months ago