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Michigan State University Extension Food Safety Team is dedicated to providing food safety information to the public. Statewide programs include: ServSafe, Cooking for Crowds, Cottage Foods, Food Preservation and Good Agricultureal Products. 

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Pickled eggs

Can I hot water bathe pickled eggs or just do a

fridge ready to eat eggs pickled

Louisiana pickled eggs Posted 5 days ago

Seafood sold at a Farmers' Market

Seafood vendor at our Indoor Market - does he need to a special license to sell seafood?

Allegan County Michigan hni Posted 7 days ago

Apple Scrap Jelly

I've heard some conflicting accounts about the safety of canning apple scrap jelly. One person reported that they reached out to their state's extension office, and that they were told the Farmer's Almanac recipe has been tested and is safe. Some longtime canning specialists refute this claim, and allege there is no safe, tested and verified recipe for apple scrap jelly. Can you add anything to the conversation? I've included the link to the recipe below. Thank you! https://www.farmersalmanac.com/apple-scrap-jelly-25696

Wayne County Michigan canning hni Posted 10 days ago

Canning lid

I have apples to can in a hot water bath. I can not find lids. But have found a 1 piece lid at a Amish store in Clare MI Are these safe to can with?

Midland County Michigan home food preservation hni Posted 20 days ago

Drying/Storing harvested seeds

Hello. I am currently harvesting seeds from our annual and perennial flower gardens to use again next year. How long should they be left to dry before storing, and what is the proper way to store them over the winter? Thank you for your advice.

Delta County Michigan gardening seed saving aabi Posted 27 days ago

Home canning g

I have a recipe for BBQ Sauce that I really like. It is made from a ketsup base. Can I can it, what do you recommend the Ph to be. Should I use a pressure canner just to be safe

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 28 days ago

Canning Vegetable stock

Is it unsafe to use vegetable scraps such as onion skins, carrot and potato peels to make stock for canning?

Wayne County Michigan hni Posted about 1 month ago


Store bought Bella mushrooms are said to be storable for 10 days (written on the package). My purchase started discoloring on the 2nd day. Would they still be safe to eat if they discolor?? Thank you for your time and very informative online classes.

Palm Beach County Florida Posted about 1 month ago

Tuna ecpiration

I was told my home canned 2015 tuna was not good because after a year even if it was still good it had no nutritional value.

Maricopa County Arizona canned tuna Posted about 1 month ago

not heating canning lids before use.....

I watched a video on the internet, canning using a water bath canner. As they went step by step, when it came to putting on the lid, and then band, it said, There is no need to heat the lid, this is Old School, as of 2 years ago, it was told, you can just place the unheated lid on the jar, put a band on it, and water bath... I told my sister who canned grapes for grape juice, the new easy method, of whole grapes, sugar, hot water, seal, band and water bath can....... for 25 minutes...... her lids buckled up .... like little dents and looked like they could explode.... could this be because of the unheated lids placed on the jars? I canned a batch too, but heated my lids, and had no problem with the.... so we wonder what happened, 1. Is it ok to not heat lid before using it and placing on jar????? 2. How long do you need to process in water bath canner.... she thought 10 minutes.... but recipe online said 25 minutes. ... Than you, Sincerely, Karen Tripp

Allegan County Michigan home food preservation hni canning grapes Posted about 1 month ago