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Michigan State University Extension Food Safety Team is dedicated to providing food safety information to the public. Statewide programs include: ServSafe, Cooking for Crowds, Cottage Foods, Food Preservation and Good Agricultureal Products. 

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Master Food Preserver training

Are there any upcoming online courses planned for Master Food Preserver Volunteer training?

Montgomery County Ohio Posted about 5 hours ago

Is it safe to vacuum seal dried fruits in mason jars?

Specifically, can you safely vacuum seal raisins or dried blueberries in mason jars for long term storage? Thank you!

Montgomery County Ohio Posted about 5 hours ago

horseradish pickled beets

Hi -- Have a friend that doesn't use ANY sweetners, natural or otherwise. I'm wanting to make them some of my horseradish pickled beets and I do use a small amount of sugar in the brine. I got this recipe from another person. Will it make the recipe unsafe if I leave the sugar out? I know there will be a taste difference and will add some other herbs. I intend to can these for them. Thank you for your time and attention.

Franklin County Massachusetts Posted 1 day ago

Lemonade stand or alt beverage...

My son wants to have a drink stand of some type. Is there ANY way to do this? For example, can we serve store-bought prepared beverages, bought in 2-liter or gallon jugs, in regular sized cups? Or can we resell individual 20oz bottles that we buy in bulk? From what we understand, he can no longer make the lemonade himself, even if it's all sold within the hour (which it typically is). But we're not sure how else he can have a beverage stand without spending over a hundred dollars. Is there anything we can do to address the needs of all the thirsty people he sees walking around on hot summer days?

Berrien County Michigan Posted 19 days ago

Master Food Preserver course

Just wondering if there are plans to offer the Master Food Preserver course anytime soon. It's offered in several other states. Thanks!

Oakland County Michigan Posted 25 days ago

cottage food workshop

I would like information and instructions as to approaching obtaining a cottage food lisence

Ottawa County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago


Is there a class being offered in the Lansing or surrounding area for cottage food law. Not an online class but an actual class? ThNk you.

Clinton County Michigan Posted 2 months ago

Creating a Cottage Industry Buisness

Hi there, I was wondering how I would set up a Cottage Industry Business. I seem to be completely lost when it comes to setting up the entirety of the business. So I was wondering if at all possible I could get a checklist and the numbers to contact to get it set up. I would be producing at home, cupcakes, as well as, possible pies and cookies. I would like to sell them at farmers markets possibly in the Clinton, Eaton, and Ingram areas.

Jackson County Michigan Posted 3 months ago

Canning marinated pork.

I have raw pork shoulder pieces that I would like to can. If the meat is marinated first is safe to can? The marinade is 1/4 C of salt, 1/4 C of brown sugar in1quart of water. 1/3 to 1/2 lb. Pieces marinated for about 1hour.

Columbia County Florida Posted 4 months ago

Preserve mangoes

Could you please give me advice on how mch citric acid to use when water bath preserving mangoes. Thanks and regards, Jannie scholz

Outside United States home food preservation Posted 4 months ago