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Michigan State University Extension Food Safety Team is dedicated to providing food safety information to the public. Statewide programs include: ServSafe, Cooking for Crowds, Cottage Foods, Food Preservation and Good Agricultureal Products. 

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canned peaches

i canned these peaches yesterday and when i filled the jaw with syrup, the peaches were 100 percent covered in syrup. i debubbled, wiped tops and placed lids fingertip only tight. The liquid was within half inch from top. When i put the jars into the hot water, it took at least 20 min to obtain a soft boil and i processed for 35 min and then turned off canner, waited 5 min then took them from water bath. i never really ckd if the fluid was down at that time. It was next day, when i was moving them i noticed the lo syrup level My question is did i over process, over fill with peaches, or did i not debubble enough? Ae they safe to eat above the liquid All jars successfully sealed

Niagara County NY canning peaches Posted about 18 hours ago

Pressure canner gauge testing

I just bought a new canner and I read that even new, the gauge should be tested. Where can I do this and is there a cost?

Allegan County MI food safety hni Posted 2 days ago

2 Questions

The Ball Blue Book recipe for Pickled Grape Tomatoes calls for "2 quarts grape tomatoes". The quart measurement is where I am confused. So if 1 quart is approximately 2.09 pounds I would need 4.18 pounds of tomatoes, correct? Also, can cherry tomatoes be used instead of grape tomatoes? Thank you.

Saginaw County MI Posted 4 days ago

Jam jar seal

My question is about the reliability of a jar lid's seal.

I made a batch of apricot jam last night. Six of the seven jars sealed before I went to bed. This morning, the lid on the seventh jar (8-oz quilted crystal Ball jar) still had not sealed. I touched it with my finger, and it pinged shut. Can I trust that this jar has sealed correctly?

Boulder County CO canning jam refer to county lid seal Posted 10 days ago

When a recipe calls for 6 lbs. of tomatoes is it 6 lbs. after peeled and cored?

When a recipe calls for 6 lbs. of tomatoes is it 6 lbs. after peeled and cored?

Saginaw County MI Posted 12 days ago

Reuse Water

Can the water used for canning be reused for another batch or do you need to pour it out and start with new water?

Saginaw County Michigan canning Posted 12 days ago


i was told that I didn't have to water bath my dill pickles but after them being done for 3 days is it safe to water bath them after letting them sit?? They all did seal but I am worried they won't be any good... thank-you

Genesee County Michigan pickles processing pickles in a water bath canner Posted 13 days ago


is there a cost to taking this online class? Is there a cost for the permit?

Chippewa County Michigan Posted 16 days ago

Pickled Beets

I canned 10 quarts of pickled beets in a vinegar and sugar brine. The jars all popped and sealed, while I was cleaning up and getting ready to water bath them. Since they are in the brine, will they be safe or should I still water bath them? Or can I even do that, since all the jars sealed? THANK YOU!

Dauphin County Pennsylvania Posted 20 days ago

Water in bottom of jar

Canning green beans in hot water not pressure cooker when time was up and they cooled had 1” water in bottom of jar washed them off and froze them are they ok

Pickens County South Carolina Posted 22 days ago