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Michigan State University Extension Food Safety Team is dedicated to providing food safety information to the public. Statewide programs include: ServSafe, Cooking for Crowds, Cottage Foods, Food Preservation and Good Agricultureal Products. 

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Questions asked to this group

Cloudy water fresh caning carrots and

I boiled water in a huge pot and did my canning that way for mature carrots and green beans in jars.
Now ,3 days later,water in carrots a green beans canned jars are grey cloudy water. Why?

Oakland County MI Posted 29 days ago

Can I bake certain pies under cottage law guidlines

I would like to know if I am allowed to bake and sell pecan pies and sweet potato pies at a farmers market.

Livingston County MI Posted about 1 month ago

preserving meat thru salting and drying

I am interested in making ham and sausage with a dry salt preservation method. Do you offer any courses in that or recommend someone who does?

Genesee County MI Posted about 1 month ago

Finding Fruits and Vegetables

How can we have fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to seniors and families? Is there a list of companies that do this in Michigan?

Oakland County MI Posted 2 months ago

Kid's Lemonade Stand

My daughter is interested in selling various lemonades at the Farmer's Market in Charlotte. While they will be sweetened with home-prepared honey or sugar syrups, they also will have lemons and other juices. How can she do this legally? Separately, if one of the ingredients is vinegar, does that change anything?

Eaton County MI Posted 3 months ago

Canning meat

Does the course include pressure canning ground beef?

Oakland County Michigan Posted 4 months ago

Reprocessing Jelly

I have some pint jars of jelly (set and sealed well) that I would like to reprocess into 4oz jars for gifts. Is it possible to just reboil the jelly and reprocess it in smaller jars?

Jefferson County Arkansas jelly remaking jelly Posted 4 months ago

I don't get points

I don't get points on my yes card

Wexford County Michigan Posted 4 months ago

Fresh Collard and Kale Greens

Where in Oshtemo MI,between Mattawan and Kalamazoo Michigan, where I can find fresh crispy Collard and Kale Greens.

Kalamazoo County Michigan Posted 4 months ago

Duck Processing

Is it legal to process wild game (ducks) in a commercial kitchen? The duck meat will not be sold, or distributed. An employee of the kitchen would like to use the space to clean the game, remove the meat (for personal use) and carcass after completed and clean up after themselves. Just wondering if this is a health code violation.

Genesee County Michigan consumer food safety processing duck meat Posted 6 months ago