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Preserving Honeycomb

I would like to dehydrate honeycomb and use it as decoration in the house but I don't know how to keep it from quickly decaying or attracting pests. How can I preserve the honeycomb so that it will last? (No intention of consuming the comb so chemicals that would be harmful to ingest are not a concern).

FL honeycombs Posted over 2 years ago

Disease in Cedar Trees

Several of our mature cedar trees have died, and we are going to remove them. Recently a farmer and master gardener who was over for dinner at one of the homes on our property looked at the trees. She was worried that it could be a disease that could spread to the other cedar trees. These trees were planted in a row by my parents in the early 1950s. There may be other reasons why the trees might have died, but I am looking for someone who has the knowledge to look at the trees and tell me what may be happening to them. Can you give me a name of someone I can contact? I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.

Benton County OR Posted over 2 years ago

Austrian Pine needle die back.

For two seasons in a row my Austrian Pines have exhibited needles dying starting from the trunk end of the branches in late summer. If I pull off the the brown needles my hand is covered with many tiny insects that are long and slim in length and appear to have wings. When smashed they leave an orange smear. The branches below have a black residue on the bark. I have sprayed Malathion and Bayer 3 in 1 Mite control but they are back in force in a week. I live in Castle Rock, CO and this same thing is occurring on Austrians on many of the trees on streets and in yards throughout the area. I wish that I could at least identify the insect and find a solution. So many Austrians are being defoliated, can you help?
Bob R

Douglas County CO trees and shrubs Posted over 3 years ago

Pruning Leyland Leylandii Cedar Cypress

Pruning Leyland Leylandii Cedar Cypress Trees are beautiful in natural shape, providing privacy on perimeter of acre, not near structures but some are only 3' away from road. Some are up to 25' tall by 7' to 10' wide at base, about 8 years old. Longest lower branches are 12' to 15'. Should tree be pruned? I've never pruned an evergreen and after this heavy snow and rain and breakage of a few branches, I'm thinking they should be pruned. If pruning is necessary, I've read to prune to lateral but where is that on this tree? I got out yesterday and started pruning to right left branches, maybe it should be vertical and horizontal instead. Also 1/4 to 1/3 of length. Youtube videos aren't helpful. I hope not to lose too much of their feathery look. Do they recover that droopy look if pruned?

Clackamas County OR tree care pruning trees Posted about 4 years ago

Tree identification

Hello, I am trying to Identify a tree from my yard. We moved here 2 years ago and this is the first year I have found nuts on it. It looks like a chestnut but which variety. The nut in the photo is about 1" in diameter. Thanks, Mark Spavin

Olmsted County MN urban forestry tree identification deciduous tree Posted over 4 years ago

Is a 19' - 20' tall Black Hills Spruce to big to transplant?

I am having several Black Hills Spruce transplanted. The tree mover has located some 19' to 20' trees for transplant. The trunks about 2' above the ground are all less than 12" in diameter. Typically about 10" - 11" by my eye. The trees look healthy. The tree mover is using a 90" semi mounted tree spade. He offers no warranty but claims a very high success rate in his 35 years in the business (as long as care instructions are followed). He will do a warranty for a 25% higher price.

A second tree mover (with the same equipment) says that 20' is too big and the trees will not grow well. He says I should stick to 17' maximum (a size he has available). He offers a 1 year - bud out in the spring low cost replacement warranty.

Is a 20' Black Hills Spruce to big to transplant with a 90" spade without significant risk of death of growth issues.

I will attach a photo of the biggest tree for reference. The pole is 22' but tipped at an angle. The tree is actually 20'.

Thanks for your help.

Dakota County Minnesota trees and shrubs transplanting Posted over 4 years ago

what is this?

This plant is growing next door.

Walworth County Wisconsin tree identification Posted over 4 years ago

Roots comming up out of the ground of my cottonwood tree

I worry about the roots comming out of the ground on my cottonwood tree we have about 4 showing so far and this year I have leaves falling in june

Kaufman County Texas arboriculture tree roots populus deltoides Posted over 4 years ago

regrowth after cutting pine 1/2 down

A neighbor and I want to cut a very large pine tree down past the point where it splits into 2, which would leave approx 20-30 feet. If left standing, it already leans, there is a good chance it will take out our home. We were told by one tree man that we needed to take completely down or it will regrow. The cost of doing so is too expensive for us. I never heard about a pine tree regrowing. What is the story on this?

Westchester County New York trees and shrubs arboriculture pine trees Posted over 4 years ago

Protecting young trees and landscape plants from frigid weather

How can I help protect my young Crape Myrtle form the Arctic blast about to strike our area.?Also the border plantings we did in the Fall. Many thanks

Prince William County Virginia urban forestry tree health horticulture Posted about 5 years ago