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What is this

I keep these small redish worm-like bugs, and I dont know what they are. I've googled everything and cant find anything.

Dallas County Texas insect identification Posted 10 months ago

Right shrub for the location

Have a place in front of the house about 24' long and 2' deep. What type of shrub would work here? Live in Dallas. Looking for something that stays green, year around, and gets to about 3' to 4' tall. Replacing dead/dying shrubs. There's a border about 2' from the front of the house and the existing shrubs are within that 2'×24' area. Thanks

Dallas County Texas Posted over 1 year ago

What type of spider is this.

I found this in my son's cup

Dallas County Texas Posted over 1 year ago

home gardening

Where can I get planting schedule for North Texas area?

Dallas County Texas Posted over 1 year ago

Maggots in a compost bin

How can one get rid of the maggots in the compost bin

Dallas County Texas Posted about 2 years ago


my Bermuda grass is a mess. Applied weed and feed and the weeds grew, the grass not. Have to pay 40. weekly to keep weeds short. any help? should I have to replace again? The house next to mine have a beautiful St Augustine but he lives in top of it and I can't.

Dallas County Texas Posted almost 3 years ago

Replacement evergreen shrubs for those with Rose Rosette

We live in Dallas, and have several Knockout roses with the Rose Rosette disease that has gone around the area. This covers several areas in our front and side yard.
What are a couple of replacement shrubs, that are evergreen and bloom, that we could plant in their place? They would get full sun and are in our front beds.

Dallas County Texas Posted about 3 years ago

Incidence of TARR in Zoysia???

Large St Augustine yard completely decimated by TARR. Will have to resod.

What is incidence/prevalence of TARR in Zoysia grass or does it even occur?

Any help would be appreciated.

Dallas County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

What kind of spider?

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is? I have found several in my bathroom just crawling around. What do I use to get rid of them?

Dallas County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

Actual Nitrogen

Texas A&M Blueberry fact sheet says to use 1/2 to 1oz of 21-0-0. Is the 1oz as it comes out of the bag or is it 1oz of actual nitrogen?

Dallas County Texas Posted over 3 years ago