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Pasture irrigation, small acreage

I am trying to determine the water requirements for my property. I have been offered the opportunity to join a co-op well that at one time was used to serve the neighborhood water. It is now being set up solely for irrigation. I have app. 4 acres of pasture that has Bermuda grass. I live in Keller, TX. To properly water how much water should I expect to use, they are asking about gallons? I do not expect my pastures to look like lawns but I would like them to thrive. How often should I expect to water?

Thanks, Jim

Tarrant County TX irrigation and water management pastures and forages Posted over 2 years ago

Name that animal?

An animal is leaving large pungent scat on my roof & perhaps elsewhere. I'm guessing it is between 15 to 25 lbs (, the animal that is, not the scat, thank goodness.) I've been cutting down monster wisteria that has taken over much like kudzu does. It has climbed the trees , gone over the electric wire to the house, and is infiltrating the siding. I believe that it's enabling the animal to access my roof but I'm not sure. It is probably a nocturnal animal. Sorry that's not much info but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tarrant County TX Posted over 2 years ago

Chickens not going into the coop to roost

I have seven chickens that are 20 weeks, just two are laying. At night three have started going into the coop to sleep even though they are not perched. I have one chicken that won't go inside and sleeps on top of the water. But then on some nights I notice that two of them sleep in the doorway or one will be in the doorway and two will be on the ramp and the one of course is on the water. I don't know why they won't go inside and why they sleep on the slanted ramp and the one on the water. I have a roosting bar and plenty of space and no mites. During the day they all go inside and explore and the two lay their eggs in the nest boxes but at night its a different story. The other night all were inside except for the one that sleeps on the water container, but this was the only time the 6 were inside. They are usually on the ramp and doorway. This has been going on since they were put in the coop and run 10 weeks ago. Also, the one sleeping outside on the water is the lowest in the pecking order. I don't know what to do.

Tarrant County TX poultry health Posted over 2 years ago

What is this

Got one in my shirt ....when I put it on I felt burning sensation under my arm...they are seen crawling up outside apartment wall

Tarrant County TX Posted over 2 years ago

Cotton fields for photography

Where are the best places to take pictures of cotton fields ready for harvest? Also, what is the best time of year to photograph fields of cotton in Texas? And, are there any places that you would recommend that I could still take pictures this year (2016)?

Tarrant County TX Posted over 2 years ago

a Black wasp like insect in my house

I am having a problem with a Black wasp like insect in my house. killing 20+ a day. They are usually found and killed in window (going to light?). They don't sting. I have sprayed malathion, spectracide, with a surfactant outside windows & door. I cannot find where they are coming from or getting in the house.
How do I get rid of them? I have tried to seal the windows and the door to bed room and bathroom where they are found.

Tarrant County Texas Posted almost 3 years ago

Selling wild harvested Lichen and Moss

I am looking to sell Lichen and Moss I harvest from provincial parks and public spaces online. I have researched some, but have yet to find anything about exporting this from BC, Canada. Can I do this lawfully and what should I look into. So far I don't find it on the government list of flora I cannot export.

Outside United States canada enterprise development british columbia Posted almost 3 years ago

what type of spider is this?

This spider is currently living in between the outer pane and the inner pane of glass in my bathroom window. I know the picture isn't very clear. Can anyone tell me if this is a dangerous spider?

Tarrant County Texas Posted almost 3 years ago

Wild Animals

I have a raccoon that has killed two of my female ducks. I have a havahart trap that I am using to catch the animal. Once I catch the raccoon, what do I do with it? I just don't want to release it in my area so that it causes the same problem for someone else.

Tarrant County Texas Posted almost 3 years ago

Type of Spider?

This was found in my tenants' house. Anyone have an idea what it is?

Tarrant County Texas entomology insect identification Posted over 3 years ago