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Greenhouse problem

I have moved all outside plants to the greenhouse for the winter-last yr all was good but this year a rubber tree I have had for 10+yrs looks terrible. Leaves are all brown and falling off- Pencil cactus has a few fingers like that and the Sansiveria leaves are soft, yellowing and folding over. Can you recommend anything to salvage these plants? Ficus, Norfolk pine, asparagus fern, tickweed, cactus are all good

Tarrant County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Mulberry trees

Would there be any potential problems for growing a Persian or Pakistan mulberry tree in Fort Worth, Tx? I believe the natives are red mulberries. Will a black mulberry grow well in this area too?

Tarrant County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

bamboo dying

I have bamboo that grows around the border of my backyard. I really like it because it helps hide my neighbor's houses and makes us feel like we aren't even in the city. Lately it has been dying off. A lot of die off. It seemed to have grown well this past spring and then all that new growth died. We thought about bringing in new dirt and adding that but, then someone suggested that it may be "cotton root rot." How do I know? What can I do to save this bamboo.

Tarrant County TX Posted about 4 years ago

Sweet potatoes

I read online that when I pull sweet potatoes I should wait 6 months to eat them or they will be tasteless. Is this true?

Tarrant County TX Posted about 4 years ago

Calculating water requirements

I was reading through the Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape post and am a bit confused.

In regards for drip irrigating a vegetable garden, they recommend 0.5-1 GPH emitters spaced 16-24 inches. Let's use a 4'x4' raised garden bed with 1 GPH emitters as an example. We'd require about 6 emitters.

Then it says for a closely spaced vegetable garden would need 6 hours of watering a 3 2-hour waterings a week.

If we do the math, that comes to 36 gallons a week for a 4x4 bed. 6 emitters x 1 GPH x 2 hours x 3 waterings a week = 36 gallons.

I've also read that a vegetable garden needs about 1 inch of water per week. According to a rainfall calculator I found a 4x4(16 sq ft) area would only need 9.97403 gallons to reach 1 inch of water.

This seems like a HUGE difference, 36 gallons vs ~10 gallons.

I realize that watering very much depends on your climate but I'm just trying to get some sort of baseline to start from and will adjust from there. I'm in Bedford, TX and have filled my raised beds with Mel's mix(1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite). It's pretty fluffy. I'm worried it's too fluffy.

I know i'm way overthinking all of this but it's my first gardening experience and i'd like to start off on the right foot! Any help regarding watering would be greatly appreciated.

Tarrant County TX Posted about 4 years ago

Large mature Oak trees.

Our house was built in 1959 and the trees were here then . We think bore worms are killing them . Two have already died last January. Now we have. 3 that are close together have died . How can we find out if it is bore worms or if it is , how can we get rid of them so they don't kill the rest of our trees . We live in suburbs of Fort Worth Texas. Name. Cantwell. Email.

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Peonies Zone 8a

Is it even worth thinking about growing peonies here? I am in Fort Worth.

If it can be done, how do we get them to grow?

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 4 years ago


Hi, I have three succulents, and one of them appears to be "sweating"? Is that normal?

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Identify my plant please

I bought this at a little shop I've had it for about 5 days now I'm not sure what it is it was my mistake not asking but I found it with the succulents and cacti when I bought it it was more green but not overly looks more of that reddish color I just don't know what it is and and I'd like to know so I could take care of it properly looks like it's dying however doesn't feel like it kinda why I got it because of its unique look there were more like it but I did ask how big it gets the lady had told me it doesn't get that big in height but in width it gets big

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 4 years ago