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Crab grass

Best way to get rid of crabgrass?

New Castle County Delaware crabgrass crabgrass herbicide crabgrass control Posted about 6 hours ago

Light green stalk-like grass/weed invading lawn

I have a stalk-like grass or weed that seems every year to spread more in my yard. It rips so easily out of the ground it’s hard to believe it’s even attached. It’s brown and matted underneath. would like help identifying it and advice On who could get rid of it for me. I am considering ripping up that entire area of the lawn and sodding it because it has been so problematic and still may do that but I want to know how to prevent it.

Thank you. Lori

New Castle County Delaware grass wiregrass bermudagrass lawn Posted 1 day ago

Calico Scale/

Is this a Calico Scale? Have never seen anything patterned like this. Ina wound on a red maple sapling.

Sussex County Delaware red maple calico scale Posted 1 day ago

Squash plants splitting open with stuff in side


My squash plants vines are splitting. There is stuff inside. The "stuff" resembles the inside of a cantelope but without the seeds. I cut off the sections with the split vines. There are still health vines and flowers on the remainder of the plants. I am not sure what to do. Thank you in advance for your help

Kent County Delaware Posted 1 day ago

Garlic Nematode solutions

Apparently my garlic crop became infected with Garlic Nematode. Purchased seed from Johnny's Selected Seeds (German Extra Hardy & Chesnok Red). The seed was planted last fall in a new raised bed with virgin topsoil) The infection appears limited to the Chesnok Red. Attached 4 pictures. Please advise best approach 2020/2021 German Extra Hardy garlic crop in parallel raised bed currently growing cucumbers & string beans. Thanks for your help. Bob Strosser

New Castle County Delaware garlic nematodes garlic nematode Posted 1 day ago

Spotted lanternfly

I found the nymph phase of the spotted lanternfly,or Lycorma on plants in my garden. I live in Wood Creek, Wilm.

New Castle County Delaware spotted lanternfly Posted 2 days ago

Plant ID request

These are appearing in area site prepped and seeded with Xerxes pollinator mix for my region. About 6" with tiny white flower. Possibly spread by rizome. If not overly competitive and native no problem but if otherwise I need to get busy. Thanks

Delaware weed issues plant identification lawn care lawn weeds ornamental grass pollinator garden xerxes pollinator mix Posted 3 days ago


My fuschia has yellow leaves and spots. Is this normal or a problem I can do something about. Please advise. Thanks. Cindy

Sussex County Delaware fuchsia yellowing leaves Posted 4 days ago

Taphrina gall on River Birch?

Every year I have what looks like a gall that forms on the leaves of my River Birch 'Heritage'. It does not affect the tree leafing out and growing. I clean up all the leaf debris & water the tree at the base only. Is it a Taphrina species or an insect gall?

Sussex County Delaware river birch gall taphrina heritage river birch trees Posted 4 days ago

Maple tree issue

Leaves are spotting or drying up on this newly planted maple. Treatment ideas?

Sussex County Delaware maple trees thinning and dieback on red maple Posted 4 days ago