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Bush ID

This bush has fragrant spiked flowers at the end of winter. There is no green foliage at this time.

Delaware witch hazel winter blooming shrub hamamelis virginiana Posted 2 days ago

How to remove Tall Fescue

We just bought forested property with a house and meadow. Our priority is to make the house liveable but my concern is that our meadow is entirely of a bunch grass, probably TallFescue. I want to get rid of it and plant pollinators (buckwheat, red clover, alfalfa, sages, etc). Please advise how to proceed. PS: deer do not browse on it.Thank you.

New Castle County Delaware Posted 4 days ago

Tree identification

I have attached a picture of an interesting tree/shrub but I don't know what it is. Can you tell what it is? Photo is from Kennett Square PA and I live in Wilmington DE.
Thank you for your time.
Amy Snipes

New Castle County Delaware Posted 10 days ago

Home Food Preservation

I was wondering if you will be offering any classes on food preservation and canning techniques for home grown fruits / vegetables. I am interested in learning how to grow a garden as well as storing foods for emergency preparedness.

Kent County Delaware Posted 13 days ago

Privet tree

I have a golden ticket privet in mulch it's late January and the leaves are still the color of fall and do the leaves grow back in the spring

Bucks County Pennsylvania Posted 19 days ago

Soil Testing

Can anyone tell me where I can get ny garden soil tested? I'm in the city of Wilmington. I need to know if there are industrial contaminants from construction done on my house in the soil before I grow vegetables in it.

New Castle County Delaware Posted about 1 month ago

E Manhattan diseased?

Current status of one of 3 euonymus Manhattan. Other 2 not affected. Taken 12/31/18. Old New Castle location. The bush became noticeably lighter overall last summer and has more leaf loss than the other 2. Planted 2 yrs ago.

New Castle County Delaware Posted about 1 month ago

Aquilegia caerulea

Spotting and yellowing. Pictures attached. Greenhouse in a pot. Yellowing is getting worse. New and old leaves. Still putting out new growth.

Sussex County Delaware Posted 2 months ago

Germination of Native Pollinator Plants

Hello! Do you have experience directly sowing Echinacea and/or Eutrochium in the spring? I would like to experiment with cold stratification and scarification this winter, but only if germination is likely! Otherwise, I'll wait until next fall. If these species won't work, do you have any other recommendations? Thank you! Erica

Cecil County Maryland native plants Posted 2 months ago

fbest grass for 19966-4746

I want to know low maintenance/ front of house with mixed shade conditions. Strong grower/ pest resistence. any information will be an improvement compared to my knowledge. I bought a small buy of grass seed from Walmart to patch a bald spot in my lawn. It grew fast & still alive & well. New problem is that on one @ Walmart is aware of the product I puchased.

Sussex County Delaware lawns and turf Posted 3 months ago