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Best Lawn Seed For Sussex Cou

New lawn. The contractor used a seed by the name of Wintering Green. This seed was not included in a list as a good seed for this area. Anyway it looks really bad. The contractor told me it does not take heat very well. He came by and sprayed it for a fungus that developes during hot weather. I cannot find any information on this seed. Thanks for any information.

Sussex County Delaware Posted 1 day ago

Bagworms identification and plants to check

I have seen the response to the question regarding treatment but I am wondering if there is a fact sheet or other resource you recommend to learn how to IID bagworms and what trees and shrubs to check. It would be nice if all: ID, plants and treatment were on one source. Thanks for your help

Sussex County Delaware shrubs pest identification bagworms bagworm trees Posted 2 days ago

Lawn fungus

Good morning, what kind of fungus is this on my ( fescue )lawn and how can I get rid of it? Any and all considerations in this matter will be highly appropriated.

Kent County Delaware lawns and turf grass fungus lawn fungus on my lawn Posted 4 days ago

Emerald Arrow Bosnian Pine

My pine tree appears to be suffering anything I can do?

New Castle County Delaware pine trees pine tree evergreen emerald arrow bosnian pine Posted 7 days ago

Crape Myrtle

I have two Crape Myrtle but one is not looking good. I have attached a photo. What can I do to help this plant? One third to half of the branch ends look like the picture.

New Castle County Delaware trees and shrubs crepe myrtle crape myrtle Posted 7 days ago

spotted lanterflies

I would like to use yard waste that I have gathered from the home of my cousin who lives in Pottstown, PA. They are in large paper yard waste bags and tied down in the back of my pickup truck. I have not taken the bags out of my pickup yet because her neighborhood has been infested with spotted lanternflies. I did not see them at her home but I have seen them at the homes of other relatives who live on the same block. Should I bag them up in plastic and throw them out or is it safe to put these weeds and plant clippings in the layers of a raised bed that I am building up over the next week?

New Castle County Delaware insects planthoppers spotted lanternfly invasive insect lanterflies Posted 8 days ago

Fall veggie crops

Hello, My name is Adam West and I'm the youth director at Aldersgate UMC on 202. This spring we created 6 raised beds to grow crops and take down to some of the local food banks that we support. We had a lot of success with our summer produce and are looking for ideas for fall and winter. Most of the knowledge of our team centers around summer produce. Do you have some ideas for what we might plant in July that we could harvest in the fall or winter?

New Castle County Delaware vegetables raised bed soil mixture cool season vegetables fall vegetables winter crops vegetable seasonal crops Posted 11 days ago

planting a privacy screen

What are the best trees for a privacy hedge - very sandy soil on Lewes Beach Island - at least 30 ft high

Sussex County Delaware sand privacy screen sandy soil hedge plants hedges privacy hedge Posted 12 days ago

ornamental grass

When is the proper time to divide a clump of 'Little Zebra' ornamental grass? I live in Lewes, Sussex County. Thanks

Sussex County Delaware lawns and turf lawns and garden home horticulture ornamental grass little zebra Posted 12 days ago

Pruning in July?

Can I still do a hard prune to an overgrown badly shaped Helleri Holly hedge in July? How late in the season is Ok?

New Castle County Delaware pruning pruning shrubs pruning hedges tree maintenance Posted 13 days ago