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Landscaper Architect Consultant

Is there a landscaping architect who would be interested in providing consulting service for established 55+ senior community in northern DE?

New Castle County DE landscaping Posted 12 days ago

transplanting Peonies

I have already dug up my peonies for transplanting. Is it too late to move them to their new home or do I need to wait for spring? If I need to wait for spring, what do I need to do to make sure the rhizomes survive the winter?

New Castle County DE Posted 26 days ago

Affiliated Arborists/Planners

Hello are there any arborists affiliated or associated or registered with the Extension? We are moving to Sussex County soon and require some input and advice on what to do around our treed property in terms of thinning out of trees and adding gardens and lawn work.

Sussex County DE finding an arborist Posted 27 days ago

Arbor Vitae leaves turning brown

We had a row of Arbor Vitae around 25 ft tall and 2 leaves turned brown and then the tree died .. now the next tree leaves are turning brown ..afraid I’m going to lose the whole row It is wet in that area but never bothered them before they have been there 7 years

New Castle County DE arborvitae Posted about 1 month ago

Name and variety of shrub

These are growing in my son's front yard.(pics) I thought they were a variety of honeysuckle but after much searching I can not match them to anything I find online. Can you help ? What cultivar? What specific variety ?

Kent County DE Posted about 1 month ago

Honey Crisp Apple Tree

We had an old apple tree removed from our yard, which stopped bearing fruit about 3 years ago. We would like to replace it with a Honey Crisp tree. I read that a pollinator tree needs to be planted nearby.
Which apple trees would be a good choice for a pollinator? Of course, I would like that tree to have wonderful apples as well. The varieties I sometimes choose at the market are Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Braeburn. I read that Crimson Crisp are also good, but can't find them locally. How long before apples produce fruit? Would getting larger trees speed things up? Any advice would be welcome

New Castle County Delaware Posted about 1 month ago

lawn grubs/

I have a problem with grubs in my front yard they have eaten a large area on the lawn. How do I get rid of them without the use of chemicals? I also want to replace the grass with plugs. Is now the right time?

New Castle County Delaware Posted about 1 month ago

Safe to mow pachysandra?

Max cut height on my mower is 4”. Want t clean out leaves from the bed. Is it safe to mow it?

Sussex County Delaware Posted about 1 month ago

What is this plant called?

I have a bunch of these plants lining my walkway. When fresh, the brown seed pods are pretty little purple flowers. I like that they attract butterflies. What is it called? And are those seeds in the brown pods plantable?

New Castle County Delaware seed starting blazing star pollinator plants Posted about 1 month ago

Nervous first time garlic planter

This past spring/summer was my first as a gardener. I fell in love instantly and plan to expand my garden this following year. In an effort to continue my growing as much as possible, I’m planting garlic for next summer. My question/worry....I believe I jumped the gun in planting. My eagerness led me to plant in mid September. Granted it’s only been 3 weeks, but I impatiently leaked and have to admit there’s been ZERO root growth or any change at all. Could be perfectly normal but my limited understanding tells me garlic will begging rooting upon planting until the ground freezes. Did I plant too early and doom my crop? Or Will cooler weather bring on the rooting?

Kent County Delaware Posted 2 months ago