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Coreopsis Zagreb

I have four plants of coreopsis Zagreb and last year some parts had brown stems. They now are one big bunch. A part near the right middle did not come up yet the other areas are coming up nicely. I don't use mulch. Can I plant another coreopsis Zagreb in that spot if I dig out the old dirt and put in new? Thank you.

New Castle County Delaware plant daisies rhizomes tickseed coreopsis zagreb self seeding Posted 6 days ago

Not sure if fig tree is alive or dead


I live in Laurence Harbor, New Jersey and last year I planted a very small fig tree. He grew nice over the Spring , Summer, and Fall. I didn't cover it and now it is the middle of April and I don't see any buds or signs of life. I have included 2 pictures of my fig tree. Please let me know what you think. The 2nd picture is hard to tell but when I scraped the branch there is a hint of green on the stem

Best Regards,


Middlesex County New Jersey tree health fruit trees fig fig trees tree health assessment Posted 6 days ago

Can you identify this undesirable grass?

I've done my own lawn maintenance for 30 years and this spring I suddenly see large patches of this stuff everywhere. I don't think it's crabgrass. I'm hoping I can control it without resorting to something like Roundup.

New Castle County Delaware lawns and turf grass weed control lawn care lawn management weed identification lawn Posted 6 days ago

Do barred owls just keel over and die?

Hello. I came across a youngish barred owl the other day on a walk, and it looked as though it had fallen from a tree very suddenly. Its feet were still in that rigid roosting grip and its wings were tight against its body. Also it was entirely intact--no blood and no predation, though it looked as though it had been dead for a day or maybe longer. I thought it might have died of a heart attack, but the internet seems to contradict this. Any theories? Could it have been poisoned, based on what I've described? I really appreciate this service. Thank you.

New Castle County Delaware birds wildlife owls Posted 11 days ago

Deck eater

Something is eating my deck in Academy Hills Newark De. Will try to upload photos. We are too far from the pond to have a beaver and the teeth size are larger than the average human

New Castle County Delaware Posted 12 days ago

Bamboo Removal

our neighbor planted some bamboo and it is taking over our backyard. do you have any suggestions on how to have it removed? is this something we, as home owners can do? any help will be appriciated. thank you

New Castle County Delaware bamboo bamboo control bamboo removal Posted 14 days ago

Invasive tree or not?

I'm looking for some info on the snakewood tree or acacia xiphophylla in the family Fabaceae. My husband picked up some seeds somewhere and they have germinated but we read it's an invasive species. We don't want to plant them only to find they're a nuisance. They make for very pretty wood. I've checked with Rutgers NJAES with no results. We live in NJ. It's been several days since I asked this question(10 days). Thanks

Hunterdon County New Jersey trees and shrubs wildflowers and native plants invasive trees tree Posted 20 days ago

Plant Identification

Hello, I planted several of these a few years ago and I forget what they’re called. They’ve spread throughout my gardens. Can you tell me what this is?

New Castle County Delaware gardening plant identification plant id Posted 21 days ago

Time to apply corn gluten in Spring

I was wondering if it is too early to apply corn gluten to my lawn? It says wait until crabgrass germinates in our area, but I'm not sure when that is.

New Castle County Delaware lawn care crabgrass corn gluten lawn Posted 24 days ago

swiss needlecast fungus on my douglas fir

I have a very large douglas fir in my yard that was diagnosed by someone at Ronnys Garden World with Swiss needlecast. They said to wait until the new candles are half grown and spray with Infuse, then again several weeks later, around July. They stressed that timing is important and I would have to spray for at least 2 years. The tree is out in the open in a large yard, and I don't have any close neighbors. Ronny's suggested that I contact your office for further information. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Linda Robinson. Thank you.

Kent County Delaware plant disease douglas fir needlecast Posted 25 days ago