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Best fast-growing tree or shrub for privacy in small yard in Sussex County, DE

We want to plant privacy trees between us and our neighbor, but our yard is only 75 ft. wide. My husband wants to plant Leyland Cypress, but I'm concerned that their size/girth would eat up our small yard (I also read that they are not recommended due to numerous disease and insect problems). One article I read said that bamboo plants make a good privacy screen, but I'd always heard they were terribly invasive.

We are located in Ocean View, in Sussex County. What recommendations do you have for planting something that would provide privacy (fast growing) without sacrificing most of our back yard? We are 2.5 miles from the beach so it can get quite windy. The back of our home faces south and the area where we want to plant the privacy trees gets sun exposure all day.

Sussex County Delaware Posted about 5 hours ago

Well water testing

I live south of Bridgeville, DE. Where can I get my drinking water tested. We have a private well.

Sussex County Delaware Posted 1 day ago

Bug type

What type of bug is this ?

Kent County Delaware Posted 2 days ago

spotted lantern fly & alanthus tree

I have a mature, very tall female alanthus that I am planning to trim / prune. Would you recommend I go ahead with that or should I consider removing the tree now? There are no current signs of infestation. What are the New Castle County zip codes that are under quarantine? Thanks.

New Castle County Delaware spotted lanternfly Posted 3 days ago

Inaba shidare Japanese maple tree

I have a mature Japanese maple I'm looking to get rid of due to it being too large for my yard. If anyone is interested please contact me

Delaware trees and shrubs japanese maples japanese maple tree Posted 5 days ago

independent water testing

I am trying to find a lab to test my water at home that is not affiliated with a water purification system company or retailer like Home Depot.

New Castle County Delaware Posted 7 days ago

Skip laurel

I have 4 skip laurels, 1 is from a different nursery and is a happy healthy plants, the other 3 look terrible but produce fruit whereas the big happy one does not. Is there a way to help the weak ones grow or should I take cuttings from the happy one and try to propitiate?

New Castle County Delaware Posted 9 days ago

Small fruit with brown spots on Asian Pear Tree

Our Asian Pear Tree was planted a year ago. We were encouraged by the lovely blooms and clusters of fruit but as the season has progressed we see very small fruit with brown spots. Also a few of the leaves are yellow with brown spots. After looking at the internet, I have to say that we did not thin the fruit but we did water the tree. Your guidance and/or suggestions would be much appreciated. See attached photos taken today.

New Castle County Delaware fruit trees asian pear Posted 12 days ago

Planting tomatoes in same location each year

My garden has a variety of vegetables, but the majority is tomatoes. I don’t really have a way to rotate my crops because of this. Is there anything I can do to my soil that will allow me to plant in the same places next year. I have produced beautiful tomatoes especially last year and this year. I’m pretty sure I have had Septoria leaf spot the last two years. I usually cut away the bad leaves and try to spray with an anti fungal, but it keeps coming back. My tomatoes this year have been really nice, but in the beginning of the season I did have some blossom end rot which I treated and is much better now.

Sussex County Delaware tomatoes vegetable gardening Posted 16 days ago

Oak tree with leaves growing on trunk and on branches close to trunk

We have only lived in this home for 8 months. The tree is large and beautifully shaped. However, there are leaves all over the branches from the ends of the branches inward to the trunk. This seems to be the case with most branches. There is also some leaf growth on the trunk itself. It's a beautiful tree but this doesn't seem normal???

New Castle County Delaware Posted 16 days ago