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Compost Bin

Good morning, several years ago, the Extension Service offered an inexpensive composter made of heavy plastic. It was a sheet material that wrapped into a cylindrical form. The package came with screws to secure the ends together to form the bin. I cannot find the same product online. Does that product still exist? Does the extension service still offer this item to interested gardeners? Stew Krug

New Castle County Delaware compost bins Posted 2 days ago

Maple tree weeping sap liked rain

I'm worried about the sticky droplets coming from my maple tree. It looks like rain drops on my car and feel sticky to the touch.

New Castle County Delaware maple trees maple tree sap maple tree borers Posted 3 days ago

Seed Identification Help

First off, thanks for any help you can give. It was suggested by a friend to contact you given apps for plant identification don't seem to work with seeds. I live in Bridgeport, NJ on Raccoon Creek, close to the Delaware River. I've had a massive flock of birds coming through regularly. Today, the dropped hundreds of seeds around my property when landing on my large catalpa and I scared them away. I'm trying to figure out of I should try to gather as much as possible to either dispose of, or save... depending on what they are. They fell all around the deck and inconvenient areas.

Gloucester County New Jersey seed identificaiton Posted 4 days ago

Privacy Screen of E. Red Cedar in Atlantic Coast

Your suggestions for using Red Cedar for a 70 ft. privacy screen, located in Fenwick Island, DE next to Rte.1. Are they tolerant of salt air winds blowing off the ocean in NE direction. Do they grow in sandy loom soils. Do they have a "tap" root and how far apart do they do best, "trunk-to-trunk"? I believe they already grow naturally in the area and seem to do OK. Does any organization sell/give saplings for growing.

Sussex County Delaware privacy screen red cedar eastern red cedar tree Posted 5 days ago

Had a unusual plant pop up at my bird feeder. Cassia tora, aka, sickle pod....

Had a unusual plant pop up at my bird feeder. Cassia tora, aka, sickle pod. it's 6" tall and setting seed. Is it an invasive species. What should I do?...............paul

Sussex County Delaware sickle pod cassia tora Posted 6 days ago

New tree problem

When I say New tree problem, I mean, the tree is new & the problem is new. We just moved into a new house in Magnolia De & the tree was planted in the last 6 months & the problem stared to appear in the last 2 or 3 weeks. From what I have seen in the development several of this type of tree have died. I don't think it's because of a water shortage, since it has been a wet summer, but I don't think much of the soil in which it was planted. It is a very heavy clay. I have included several pictures, that I hope help identify the problem. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks Richard Schwager

Kent County Delaware arborvitae Posted 7 days ago

Can my bush be saved?

My conifer (maybe a yew?) started turning brown and quickly spreading. Not sure the cause or the solution. Drowning? Disease? Any suggestions appreciated!

New Castle County Delaware Posted 7 days ago

Growth on magnolia tree

Have growths on limbs of my magnolia tree that I have not noticed before. Recently had tree sprayed for spotted lantern fly with dinotefuron. What could this be and should I do something?

New Castle County Delaware lichens lichens on magnolia Posted 9 days ago

brown spot on my lime plants

Why is leaves on all of lime color plants have big browns spots is there to much moisten in my house i have a humidity is that causing the problem

New Castle County Delaware lime pant citr Posted 9 days ago

Amid a native meadow seed mix this Spring. Many other species popping up....

Amid a native meadow seed mix this Spring. Many other species popping up. This is one. Fast growing, no evidence of buds, flowers etc. Other sources have guessed a mugwort, a ragweed, a cosmos. If native, not too aggressive, with good faunal associations, I keep some. Otherwise I'd like to pull them. Any help appreciated!

Sussex County Delaware native plants meadow mugwort Posted 9 days ago