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Germination of Native Pollinator Plants

Hello! Do you have experience directly sowing Echinacea and/or Eutrochium in the spring? I would like to experiment with cold stratification and scarification this winter, but only if germination is likely! Otherwise, I'll wait until next fall. If these species won't work, do you have any other recommendations? Thank you! Erica

Cecil County MD Posted about 11 hours ago

fbest grass for 19966-4746

I want to know low maintenance/ front of house with mixed shade conditions. Strong grower/ pest resistence. any information will be an improvement compared to my knowledge. I bought a small buy of grass seed from Walmart to patch a bald spot in my lawn. It grew fast & still alive & well. New problem is that on one @ Walmart is aware of the product I puchased.

Sussex County DE Posted 14 days ago

What Am I Growing?

I was given a piece of a plant that I was told came back every year; however, the person who gave it to me does not know what it is. The leave are the coloration of a coleus, but the flower is conical and feels like a Celosia and it is about 3-3 1/2 feet tall. What do I have?

Sussex County DE plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Does this spider bite? Is it poisonous?

Does this spider bite? Is it poisonous?

DE spider identification arachnids spider Posted about 1 month ago

Plant recognition

The plant pictured was found on the edge of a marsh area on the Sinapuxent bay can you identify it by the attached picture. Thank you in advance. Cheryl Traynor Hockessin,De

Worcester County MD Posted about 1 month ago

ID & Control of Grassy Weed

I have a good section of grass that's being invaded by a grassy weed that spreads with rhizomes reaching several feet. Can you identify it from the attached photo and say whether there is a chemical control or killer available. I have some close up photos ro email as well, but could only attach one to this question.

Sussex County Delaware lawns and turf weed issues grass home gardening weed control lawn care grassy weed weed management Posted about 1 month ago

wheat falling number testing

Carl German Univ. of Deleware wrote about this in fact sheet ER06-02. He stated that DDA is investigating using a simple test kit to determine falling number in wheat. Is this available yet? Thank you, Gary

Delaware field crops wheat grains commercial production Posted about 1 month ago

Wild cherry leaves and nigerian dwarf goats

Neighbor has wild cherry trees that hang over our pasture. It is fall so they are falling into the pen. Is this a problem?

Sussex County Delaware goats wild cherry leaves Posted about 1 month ago


Has the Lanternfly been found in Delaware now? One report posted on FB by the MD Dept. of Agriculture claims it has, but I am doubtful. I know it's around Reading and Pottstown. How far south has it gone by now?

Cecil County Maryland Posted about 1 month ago


when can I cut back my roses?

Sussex County Delaware Posted about 1 month ago