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Tiny spots on Echeveria epicuticular wax layer

Hi! I need you help with my echeveria. I noticed tiny spots on the leaves. They are not brown, white or black. Actually they look like some kind of breakage of it's natural wax layer.
I didnt't shower them 'cause I know echeverias can burn on sunlight if it's showered.
I made some photos for you. Please, help!

Delaware succulents echeveria stonecrop desert plants Posted 4 days ago

Broom plants

Do broom plants require Holly Tone, or just regular fertilizer?

Kent County Delaware trees and shrubs fertilizer shrubs Posted 6 days ago

Colorado Blue Spruce blight

Colorado blue spruce blight? I have enclosed a picture of one of my blue spruce trees with a fugal disease as no insects have been seen on it. Should I remove this spruce and what can I do to protect my other spruce trees that currently show no signs of this condition? Thanks for any help that you can provide!

New Castle County Delaware fungus blue spruce fungal disease colorado blue spruce evergreen Posted 6 days ago

Need info on Black Vultures

My friend runs a sheep farm in Middletown, Delaware, just outside of Delaware City. She is completely inundated with black vultures, which are killing her stock. In the past, she has gotten the permit to kill and hang one, but gave up the year the vultures ate the one that was hanging. Yesterday I stopped at the farm to pick up fleeces; the shepherdess was away for the day but warned us that the place "looks like the Serengeti." Well, she wasn't kidding! There were easily 200 black vultures, about half of them eating a sheep and the other half, eating her pet alpaca. I researched it and discovered these things will kill livestock. We found the pattern on the U. Of Kentucky site to make an effigy to hang and will speak to her about getting a LGD to watch the flock, but holy hell! You had to see the field completely filled with vultures! They were even roosting in with her flock under some shade trees. Is there anything at all that Cooperative Extension can help with? People are going to need education about these things, too, as no one believes a vulture will kill anything outright. Any help or advice is appreciated!

New Castle County Delaware wildlife damage management wildlife habitat sheep livestock vultures vulture Posted 7 days ago

Lawn weed

Need to identify this weed as it is taking over lawn.

New Castle County Delaware weed issues weeds plant identification lawn weeds Posted 8 days ago

Mushroom compost

What is the chemical analysis of mushroom compost as sold to consumers ?

Cape May County New Jersey compost mushroom compost Posted 10 days ago

Caterpillar Identification

What is the name of a dark brown caterpillar with two light grey stripes? It is hairless. It is resting and eating our zinnia plants. It is a butterfly or a moth? Thanks for your time and response!

New Castle County Delaware insects household pests caterpillar id zinnias caterpillar Posted 12 days ago

Plant ID

Can you identify this plant? It has been growing in my backyard all summer in a raised bed. It has not had any flowers. The person in the second pic is 5’4” tall so I think the plant is over 12’ high.

Sussex County Delaware Posted 17 days ago

Mosquito Control

I'm concerned because I haven't seen any bees (or other beneficial insects--ladybugs, lacewings, etc) in my garden this summer. I have an organic lawn and vegetable garden and don't use any chemicals, but I know that there are people in my neighborhood who have their yards sprayed for mosquitoes (I've seen yard signs for Mosquito Joe). I have a wide row of raspberries in my garden and by this time I'm usually picking a full quart every day. This year I'm barely picking half a pint and it's obvious that the berries are poorly pollinated (small and not fully developed). Could backyard mosquito spraying be killing bees?

New Castle County Delaware bees beneficial insects mosquito control honeybees pollination spraying Posted 17 days ago

Fig tree die back

Why does my fig tree die back to the root every winter whether or not I cover it. I get figs but too late to ripen.

Delaware figs fig fig trees fig tree Posted 18 days ago