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Burrow in the middle of the yard

Could it be from rabbits

Sussex County Delaware Posted 3 days ago

Magnolia virginiana disease

M. virginiana with failure to leaf out across entire shrub with blackened spotted stems. Leaf drop mostly complete although buds are forming. THis was a shrub acquired with a U&CF grant for our municipality and we are hoping for a diagnosis to facilitate replacement.

New Castle County Delaware magnolia brown leaves on magnolia magnolia virginiana magnolia disease Posted 5 days ago

Pressure canning in oil

This is a hypothetical question but I'm interested nonetheless: We pressure can because it allows us to increase the temperature of the water above 212 deg F. We don't can low acid foods in a water bath because of the relative low boiling point of water at atmospheric pressure. But what if we used the water bath method but replaced water with vegetable oil? We could easily surpass the 250 deg F mark with almost any food grade oil. Has anyone done this and documented their work?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania pressure canning Posted 16 days ago

Does my tree have a disease or infestation?

I noticed all branches on a tree in the front yard covered in a black sooty appearance with numerous nodules clinging along many branches. Is this a disease or insects? I cut one branch and noticed the cambium ring is still green even with all the sooty surface coloring and nodules (see photo). All new bud growth appears dead and shriveled. What is this? Douglas Franke

New Castle County Delaware sooty mold tree Posted 17 days ago

Killing Covid 19 with soap.

Does soap include detergents? Does cold water work? How long does the virus live on fabric?

New Castle County Delaware child care sanitation coronavirus covid 19 Posted 17 days ago

Different snakes in my back yard, near a section that appears to be sand, with a hole in middle

What are these snakes?
They seem to be attracted to that sandy hole. In addition, one day there was a dark brown snake, which slithered away before i could take its picture.

Delaware wildlife snakes snake identification Posted 17 days ago

cocoon identification

Seen on a Linden tree on a residential street in Gloucester County, NJ.

Gloucester County New Jersey insect identification Posted 24 days ago

Lawn Fertilizer

Sussex County- just want green grass and minimal weeds, low maintenance-not golf course quality. When I search for Lawn Care or Lawn Fertilizer, within the first few hits I get both 'Spring Fertilizing is mostly unnecessary' as well as 'Spring Fertilizing is very important'. Which is it and what should be used? Also advise on weed killing in existing lawn. Thank you

Sussex County Delaware lawns and turf Posted 27 days ago

lawn damage

Iff a lawn has been severely damaged, should all the dirt be removed and new dirt put down before seeding?

New Castle County Delaware lawn renovation Posted about 1 month ago

Half of tree dying

This evergreen tree was planted last spring. It looked great all summer and early fall the top of the tree it lost its green needles. Over the winter one side of the tree lost most of its needles. The other side of the tree still looks great! Any ideas what is going wrong? The side of the tree that has lost its needles receives more sun than the other side of the tree. I am only able to upload one photo, but can send more via email if provided an email address.

New Castle County Delaware tree Posted about 1 month ago