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Zucchini problem!

I have a zucchini plant that produces fruit, but they grow to about 2-3" and then die. What could be causing that?

Cecil County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

ID a spider

Can you ID the spider in the attached picture?

Sussex County Delaware Posted 2 days ago

What is this plant?

This indoor plant resulted from a rooted cutting taken 50 years ago. The pot was recently moved from one house to another and it bloomed for the first time. The fragrance is intoxicating. The plant stretches from floor to ceiling.

New Jersey Posted 5 days ago


I ourchased an old canner and was told you might be able to check it for me?

New Castle County Delaware food safety Posted 11 days ago

young cherry tree

I have attached 2 photos. I am hoping there is something I can do to save this young tree. Can you help me?This tree has white fuzzy growth near the roots and on the trunk near a branch

Kent County Delaware Posted 12 days ago

Rosette viral disease --mite

Does the mite that causes the Rosette virus in rose bushes also cause the same problem in any other plants ? After this mite invades roses what is the period of time between infestation and the physical signs of the viral disease ?

Kent County Delaware Posted 12 days ago

Fig tree

I have yellow leaves on my mission fig tree. Some immature figs. The tree is 3 years old and last year I did not get any figs that matured.

Sussex County Delaware Posted 13 days ago

FOUR snakes IN my house

Hi. I just found 4 rat snakes inside my house. I do not think I have any "mouse" problem, so I'm very freaked out and concerned. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? I raked up all the leaves around my house. I put steel wool in any access points I found. I put out glue boards and mouse traps.

New Castle County Delaware Posted 15 days ago

Green leaves in yard, three that are all over

I have these three leaved plants all over my garden. I keep pulling them and they spring up all over. They make me itch terrible. Itching all over me now. What is this plant and how to get rid of it?

Kent County Delaware Posted 15 days ago

Imidacloprid on Mandevilla

Can I use Bayer Advanced (Imidacloprid and Tebuconazole on Mandevilla?

Delaware Posted 15 days ago