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herbicide damage

We had a lawn service spray our yard last year and damage several bushes and trees.I was told they would recover but had 3 die and our regal prince oak has very small, yellow leaves that are slightly cupped and the northern catalpa has fewer leaves and are more yellow color this year too. Is there anything we can do to save these trees?
We also have a bur oak that has something eating on it.

Clay County Minnesota trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 5 hours ago

My Autumn Blaze is turning red in June

I had a 3” autumn blaze put in in early May. And now the leaves have started to turn red. Most of the leaves are full of red mites. The mites had been on the leaves for a few weeks before the color change. We have had an excessive amount of water this year. So much that I had to dig a couple holes to pump the water out around the tree because I thought it was drowning. Would the excessive water cause the problem? A few weeks ago I started using a root stimulator fertilizer. That I use every 10- 24 days. What can I do? Thanks George

Kankakee County Illinois Posted 2 days ago

What are these ? Please help!

Hi, moved into a new build in January. All furniture is new or checked before bringing in and I don’t do any clutter or books etc as I’m funny about dust/bugs. Keep finding these bugs around on the walls and odd one on kitchen counter but mainly bottom of walls. What are they please? Not even sure they are the same?! Thanks so much

Outside United States Posted 10 days ago

Rosette disease?

Can you tell from the pic if this is Rosette disease on my drift roses. I cut a section of the reddish growth and thick canes out of one bush before I realized what this might be. Thanks, Sheri Sloan

Spartanburg County South Carolina Posted 10 days ago

Confused gardener

Please help. I noticed black and white spots on my tomato leaves. Tried to remove the infected leaves but it has already spread to all the plants.

Outside United States Posted 14 days ago

Itoh peony HELP

I planted this Itoh peony 2 years ago after buying it from a nursery already with growth and in a pot. When it first bloomed I thought it didn’t look like the description but maybe it was because I just planted it and flowers didn’t fully form? But this year the plant is huge and nice but the flowers still look weird! It was labeled as the Itoh peony Canary Brilliants... I will attach a picture of one bloom, the first and largest. the rest look bad, I don’t have a photo right now but the petals are not big at all and look almost spidery... it’s just weird. They look not fully formed and they are DEFINITELY not double petalled. I’m confused and not sure if it’s just a weird plant or something I can fix?

Erie County New York peony diseases itoh peony Posted 15 days ago

What kind of Snake is this?

Are legless lizards dangerous?

Outside United States Posted 17 days ago

aminopyralid tomato curl

I got well aged manure from a horse farm and worked it well into the soil in the spring before planting. About 3 front loader scoops for a 1000 sq foot garden. It really did not seem like a whole lot. All of my tomatoes have the tomato curl. This was new to me.... never heard of this before. The pictures I see online in many articles including yours are exactly what my tomatoes look like. There is no doubt in my mind it is aminopyralid. My question is how does affect the harvests from the other plants that do not show any signs of toxicity? Are they contaminated and not good for human consumption? We try to go as close to organic as possible. How will this affect next year?!

Virginia vegetable gardening Posted 20 days ago

What plant is this?

Hello, Can you tell me if this is a perennial flower/plant? It has come back every year and I noticed last year rabbits and squirrels liked to eat it, so I caged it this spring to see what it is - but I can't tell.

Scott County Minnesota Posted 21 days ago


I have some old upright arborvite about 20 feet high can they be trimmed down shorter or is it better to take them out and replace. Also how big of a root ball will these have they are about 20 years old

Racine County Wisconsin Posted 24 days ago