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Melon identification

Hello I am curious if you could identify this melon, I cant find a match anywhere. I found it growing wild in the ozarks near what I believe is an ancient native american campsite. It was growing on the ground near a creek bed. It has a pleasant smell and tastes kind of like a cantaloupe honeydew cross

Texas County MO Posted 14 days ago

Is she hatmledd

Good afternoon, I hope this message finds you well. Wanted to tidy my greenhouse up today but this spider has settled in and she's protecting her nest. She's rather huge and not happy with sharing the space with me. Is it ok to carry on with my work or just leave her be to get on with it?

OUTSIDEUS Posted 14 days ago

Walnut tree issue

The ground around the base of my walnut tree is rising, what causes that and sprouts are showing on branch alot! The tree is at least 40 years old.

WI Posted 14 days ago

What spider is this?

What spider is this? I found it in my garage in wales, uk.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 15 days ago

What spider is this?

Hi I found this spider on my back garden wall and I don’t know what it is or if it is a common in Ireland . I thought it was a false back widow spider.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 18 days ago

Help me identify this spider

I wanna know what spider is this an if it is dangerous. I'm kinda scared of spiders. Thanks

Outside United States Posted 20 days ago

bury cedar roots

can my husband bury the roots and partial trunk of our large cedars without killing it? He used clay.

Douglas County Wisconsin Posted 21 days ago

Help identifying this spider?

Would this be some type of Tegenaria spider?

Maine Posted 23 days ago

caterpillar eating hollyhock


I have a caterpillar eating a hollyhock leaf. It is a kind that I don't recognize and am not finding in my book.
Can you identify it?

Thank you!

York County Maine Posted 23 days ago

Honeyberry disease

These are 1 year old honeyberry plants. Two varieties. They grew all summer, it was hot and recently very wet. Now the leaves have black spots and are falling. Some canes are bare. Our soil is not well drained and acidic. Other berry plants we have do very well in our soil. I am in south central Ontario. Thank you.

Outside United States Posted 24 days ago