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What are the consequences of using arsenic-laden waters on agriculture?

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 19 hours ago

Spider Safety Concern

I recently found out what a gasteracantha falcicornis (I don't know the common name for it) was and I just had a question that has been bothering me for a small while, however "goofy/silly" it may be: If the horn looking protrusions on the side grow to be long enough and it happens to fall into rather soft ground, could it get stuck and not be able to get back around? Causing it to, well, die?

OUTSIDEUS spiders Posted 5 days ago

Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference

Will there be a 2020 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference? I really enjoyed the ones in the past. Thank you, Stacy Franzen

Grant County WI conferences 2020 Posted about 1 month ago

Spider nest what is this????

Hey I just took a photo of this by my window pane
Do you know what it is

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 1 month ago

A little help please

So I have this spider problem at work and I'd love to know if they did come from China or not they are small and agrees I've looking

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 1 month ago

White eye

Found this spider in Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australian What kind of spider is it?

spider Posted about 1 month ago

Apricot and peach

Apricot and peaches got worms wat do i use to prevent it next year

Outside United States Posted 2 months ago

Spider found in my room

The picture attached I want to know if this spider is harmful ? What can I do to control it!! I have a newborn so I’m freaking out !!

Dane County Wisconsin spiders Posted 2 months ago

Unripe apples

We have bought Braeburn apples but they are rock hard. Can we ripen them so they are soft enough to bite into?

Outside United States apples Posted 2 months ago

Norfolk pine

I live in the algarve in portugal ,I have a 100 foot norfolk pine which is losing branches and the pine leaves are browningand the branches are very bare,on looking it looks like there is a fungus in the dead branches with large dead ares,although there is new growth of pines coming from the trunk in certain area but very sparse,is there anyhting I can do ?

Outside United States trees and shrubs Posted 2 months ago