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Amaryllis bulb life span

I have amaryllis bulbs approximately between 12 and 15 years old, the bulbs are huge and year after year continue so far to rebloom, even. Through worms and bugs. How many years is it known that bulbs can continue or will the bulbs ultimately give up?

Fayette County PA amaryllis Posted 10 months ago

What Spider is this

I found this spider long time a go and I can't figure out what it is called. I found it Colorado.

Boone County MO Posted 10 months ago

Weight not jiggling

I use 15 pounds of pressure as per altitude but my weight isn’t jiggling should I be worried

OUTSIDEUS pressure cooker pressure gauge testing Posted 10 months ago

covid 19

Is an organophosphate respirator effective against the covid 19 virus?
If not is there any other cartridge/ filter available that is?
Thank you

OUTSIDEUS respirator covid-19 Posted 10 months ago

Leaves turning black

I recently purchased an indoor greenhouse, I'm trying to grow a pepper plant. For some reason, the leaves have begun turning black. I don't believe I'm over-watering it, and I haven't added any fertilizer yet, it is in potting soil. There is good drainage at the bottom of the pot. Here are some pictures, one under the light in the greenhouse, the other outside of the greenhouse. Any idea why the leaves are turning black?

Luna County NM Posted 10 months ago

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is

Hey hi I'm from India
Can you tell me what kind of spider this is??
Is it rare ...?

Outside United States Posted 10 months ago

Spider bite during sleep in nz

Can you tell me what kind of spider did it? No i have a rashy area with puncture marks. It was itchy. The rash had started to spread and I wanted to control and get rid of it. I was thinking it might have been the Redback spiders. Alll this happened in new zealand. Thank you for any answers

Outside United States Posted 10 months ago

Elephant ear asleep

I have my first elephant ear it produced a big leaf one month ago so that makes three leaves. It quit at that .what does it need

Cache County Utah Posted 10 months ago

Spirea branches

It’s March and my Spireas branches are long and look dead. Should these be pruned back?

Dane County Wisconsin pruning spirea Posted 10 months ago

dead lawn

please help we layed a new lawn 3 years ago and up to this winter it has been fine but now i have no lawn at all except a few small tufts of grass we have noticed alot of worm mounds and we of course had a lot of rain when we moved into the house 3 years ago we took up crazy paving and the weed free fabric cloth stuff we were wondering if the ground had been treated with anything that is now affecting our lawn due to excessive rain friends of ours used left over turf from the same batch and it is fine
Thank you p charlwood

Outside United States Posted 10 months ago