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Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference

Will there be a 2020 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference? I really enjoyed the ones in the past. Thank you, Stacy Franzen

Grant County WI conferences 2020 Posted 8 days ago

Spider nest what is this????

Hey I just took a photo of this by my window pane
Do you know what it is

OUTSIDEUS Posted 10 days ago

A little help please

So I have this spider problem at work and I'd love to know if they did come from China or not they are small and agrees I've looking

OUTSIDEUS Posted 14 days ago

White eye

Found this spider in Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australian What kind of spider is it?

spider Posted 17 days ago

Apricot and peach

Apricot and peaches got worms wat do i use to prevent it next year

OUTSIDEUS Posted 19 days ago

Spider found in my room

The picture attached I want to know if this spider is harmful ? What can I do to control it!! I have a newborn so I’m freaking out !!

Dane County Wisconsin spiders Posted 20 days ago

Unripe apples

We have bought Braeburn apples but they are rock hard. Can we ripen them so they are soft enough to bite into?

Outside United States apples Posted 21 days ago

Norfolk pine

I live in the algarve in portugal ,I have a 100 foot norfolk pine which is losing branches and the pine leaves are browningand the branches are very bare,on looking it looks like there is a fungus in the dead branches with large dead ares,although there is new growth of pines coming from the trunk in certain area but very sparse,is there anyhting I can do ?

Outside United States trees and shrubs Posted 21 days ago

Presto model # PB09A Master Temp Control

Contacted Presto in Eau Claire, WI., and upon their answer's and my search results neither Presto or an after market Master Temp Controller cord is made for a Presto Pressure Cooker model PB09A. The part number for the controller is #PA07A. Found the same used model Presto Pressure Cooker on Ebay with the Temp Control cord, but don't exactly need the another Pressure Cooker. Thought I would ask an Expert other than just keep an eye out on Ebay or other sources for one for sale or parts. Hate to get rid of our families old Presto Pressure Cooker just because the Temp Control fried. Suppose I could find someone to rebuild it also.

Rusk County Wisconsin parts Posted 27 days ago

Cottonwood tree leaves curling

Hi I found this thread when searching hoping someone can help. We have grown these trees from baby plants and never had an issue but the last couple of weeks we lost a large section completely and the trees looking like going the same way it seems to be mainly the new growth then heading down the tree. Any ideas or help appreciated

Outside United States cottonwood cottonwood trees Posted about 1 month ago