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Why is my Amaryllis red tearing on the leaves

I am new to this plant and have been reading up on how this plant grows. I know it has red blotch and I have things that will help till I get some seeds but I can't find anything on how to stop with the tears on the leaves. There are four total and two look dried up while the others look somewhat well, if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong that would be a lot of help thanks.

Bronx County NY amaryllis house plant Posted about 4 hours ago

What rock is this?

I have a weird grey rock with thin white circles and lines

OUTSIDEUS rock identification geology Posted about 10 hours ago

What is this?

Can you please identify this Spider for me and tell me if it is harmful?Have found several of them around our front door and outhouse.

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 17 hours ago

Rock identification

Found these in Wisconsin need help identifying

WI rocks and minerals rock identification Posted 7 days ago

Spider growth

I have a Vietnam Blue Chlorobracus disculus. Its just over a year old but yet its body size is only 1 inch. He is taking 2 medium crickets at a time, but if I offer him a cricket he runs away. I think I'm doing things wrong because if I haven't seem him for a while, I'm not sure if he's moulting or not and end up wrecking his webs looking for him. How do I keep him in high humidity. PLEASE HELP ME

OUTSIDEUS Posted 9 days ago

Spider type


Can someone please confirm what spider this is?



Outside United States Posted 20 days ago

Found in a banana box

what kind of spider is this?

Outside United States Posted 27 days ago

HELP! Spider expert in Sydney

What kind of spider is this? We’re in Sydney, Australia and found him in our bedroom, sorry the photos are not so clear. please help. Thanks!!!

Outside United States spiders spider identification Posted 28 days ago

Oil pipeline construction

I'm asking you if you know from experience how many crews would be required to install 100 km barred onshore oil pipeline 20”? I would be grateful if could share with me the organization chart of such project

Outside United States oil pipeline oil pipeline Posted 28 days ago

Bird seeds..

Why does it say Robin's don't like bird seeds.?..

Outside United States birds Posted about 1 month ago