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Why are my leaves black

I recently purchased this house and it has a number of trees. The leaves are turning black. What can I do to fix this?

Newport News Virginia Posted 2 days ago

Why are my leaves black

I recently purchased this house and it has a number of trees. The leaves ste turning black. What can I do to fix this?

Newport News Virginia Posted 2 days ago

Spider identification

Sadly I have no pictures, so I know it will be hard to answer this but..
Last October I was in Warsaw, Poland, and a night (about 9C°) I was out and saw a spider. It was about 4cm long or even smaller (whole when crawled, probably of around 6-7cm with stretched legs), very small body and long legs. It was furry and of a shiny indigo and whitish color. If i remember correctly it had a set of 3 small black eyes per side. It moved quite slowly. I'm very curious, I tried to look it up on the internet but couldn't find anything, I'd be grateful if anyone could recognize this specie (or even give a few possibilities)!

Outside United States spider identification poland Posted 9 days ago


What kind of mushroom is this?

Outside United States Posted 26 days ago

lemon cypress winter burn damage

Hello! I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada, just up the coast! :) This past winter, we had a two week warm spell at the end of January but it was a false spring and February hit like a freight train with snow, ice and freezing rain, breaking low temperature records and generally wreaking havoc. I've had to dig many dead and damaged-beyond-saving plants out of my garden but I'm not sure what to do with my lemon cypress. They're in large terra cotta containers on my patio and suffered considerable 'winter burn' (I think that's what it's called) but parts of the shrubs are still alive. In fact, when I take a closer look at the branches, they look green closer to the main stem which is heartening. However, there's quite a bit of dead growth that's all crumbly and dry. Should I give my cypress a harsh trim to get all the dead bits off? Or, like lavender, do they only *look* dead but will resurrect as spring continues? Suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

Outside United States canada lemon cypress cupressus macrocarpa Posted 26 days ago

House Spider Question

Hello, I live in a basement suite in Coquitlam (a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia) and routinely find spiders inside. When I was a kid growing up my friends and I always called these types of spiders as “Wolf spiders” but it was only recently due to my own curiousity I did a little research on Wolf spiders to learn the common basement dweller I was so use to seeing at all was not a wolf spider. In fact, while I’m no spider expert, I am now fairly confident that my “roommates” are European house spiders/Giant house spiders and/or some relative. I know this is a big range but I probably see 20-40 of them (maybe more) throughout the year from April-November; which is a given living in a basement suite. I definitely see more the later into the fall it gets but I have seen 3 so far in the last week and these have been the first 3 of the year thus far. I’ve read they’re more or less harmless and I try to relocate the majority but I do kill the odd one if my wife finds one yelling late at night. I do have a question about these though and this is something I have yet to be able to find through my own research. Every once in a while I/my wife will find one of these in one of our 2 kitchen sinks. They always seem to be unable to crawl out of the sink. My question is how/why are they in there? Are they coming up from the drain? In all of my years I’ve only ever seen 2 giant house spiders that I can remember on the walls. Every other encounter has seen them on the ground either when I pick up something off the ground OR scattering with their speed like a missile on a mission across the ground. It seems they’re way more common on the floor so are they in fact crawling on the counter to get in the sink? Are they coming up the drain pipes which seems unlikely since it doesn’t seem like they’re able to crawl out the sink? Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer this I’m excited to read your answer. Take care, Mark

Outside United States canada entymology spider identification wolf spider Posted about 1 month ago

preservation of ginger juice/drink

how can I preserve ginger juice in a carbonating ginger drink to last for at least 6 months or 1 year on the shelf. How to improve shelf life of a carbonated ginger drink to 6 months or 1 year.

Outside United States food preservation Posted about 1 month ago

What kind of spider

Hello, i found a whole colony of spiders between the Stones of a River in Ecuador in the rainforest, i havent got a picture of It on this phone, its back had the same shape as the chinese hourglass trapdoor, but the hourglass was completely White and the body was different, more small with longer thinner legs, the River was lined with round cobbles quite Big and between where all those spiders, no webbing, they where quite fast and also the River was a very wild River,Impossible for them to enter, for months now i have been trying to find out, the only mention of a spider with a body this shape was the chinese hourglass so i was wondering if It could be a New species? P.s.the rest of the body was dark, Just the hourglass was White, First i though It was an eggsack but It wasnt, they all had It and It was flat up

Outside United States spider identification Posted about 1 month ago

Selenicereus, hylocereus, or something else?

Any idea what plant it could be? My first guess was Selenicereus sp. found in north-east, Mexico (close to Santiago, Nuevo Leon). Grows like a creeping vine, up a tree trunk and then dangles down, aerial roots are abundant, fruit seems to be green in color (haven’t seen one turn a different color yet), weak and slightly flexible thorns that do not dislodge from the plant easily, pentagonical stem. If identifying the actual species is possible I’d appreciate that.

Outside United States plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Why is my Amaryllis red tearing on the leaves

I am new to this plant and have been reading up on how this plant grows. I know it has red blotch and I have things that will help till I get some seeds but I can't find anything on how to stop with the tears on the leaves. There are four total and two look dried up while the others look somewhat well, if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong that would be a lot of help thanks.

Bronx County New York amaryllis house plant Posted 2 months ago