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Lavender is dying....

Hello, my lavender seems to be dying. The center is brown and very woody. There is some new growth at the bottom. What should I do? Should I cut it back? We are in southern CA, it gets full sun all day and is on a drip system for watering. Any advice would be appreciated.

Los Angeles County California Posted about 6 hours ago

Small scale integrated farming business

I want go into a small scale integrated farming business (of about one (1) hectare) to include crops, small fruit trees greenhouse and livestock.How feasible is it and if feasible, how best do I go about it please? Yakubu from Nigeria

Outside United States Posted about 10 hours ago

Unknown critter

We have a critter that we are currently fighting with. We found a hole that was dug going under our garage. We fill it in and it digs back out. We put flag stones around and it digs under those. It’s been an ongoing battle. We have a live trap that we have left both outside the hole and in the garage (if we leave garbage in there it gets it) it has not touched the trap. It will go for anything in the garbage but will not touch the trap. Every once in a while we also find poop on our platform deck that is only a few feet from the hole. We are unsure what type of animal we are up against and how to get rid of it. Any suggestions? We are located in South/Western Ontario, Canada so we would like to get this dealt with before it gets colder and the critter stays and makes a real home.

Outside United States Posted 2 days ago

Predators in hazel

Good morning! Thanks for taking my question. I have a large hazel bush (there is no central stem) that is about 25 feet high. I have a trove of hazelnuts growing happily. Sadly, the squirrels get every single one. They strip the tree before the nuts ripen. Do you have any suggestions? Are we able to pick the nuts early? Will they ripen? We won’t be getting a dog but thanks in advance for that, lol. FYI, we live in Victoria, Canada.. pretty close by. Thanks in advance. Cheers

Outside United States hazelnuts hazelnuts or filberts Posted 15 days ago

Outside United States Posted 16 days ago

What species and is it venomous

At work I saw this little guy and am not sure what kind and state of danger

Dodge County Wisconsin spiders spider identification writing spider argiope aurantia black and yellow garden spider Posted 22 days ago

Spirea and ninebarks

I have planted new ninebarks and spirea and about a month later the leaves curl up and turn brown and by a wk later the whole is dried dead, these were new plants which were well looked after

trees and shrubs Posted 23 days ago

I've searched the internet and could not find the identification.This is a...

I've searched the internet and could not find the identification.This is a photo of the spider from Southern Thailand,fairly close to Malaysia.

Outside United States Posted 23 days ago


I saw this spider yesterday on the board walk in montreal ..never saw this spider here before in Canada..

Outside United States Posted 24 days ago

Lilies near basil

So my basil and Swiss chard are planted near tiger lilies. Will the pollen and dead flowers of the lilies that fall on the basil and Swiss chard make them dangerous to ice and use this year

Outside United States pollination Posted 26 days ago