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Unwanted Grass

Every spring I am over run with grass, although my front yard is a desert landscape with rocks that has never been a lawn. (I know the seeds are blowing in from around the valley.) It is getting worse every year. I would just let it die on its own, it doesn't really bug me, but my HOA fines me, if it is not removed immediately. I refuse to use Roundup, and it's impossible to pick out. I have thought about trying to burn it, but I'm not sure that is legal. Can you help me?

Clark County NV Posted 5 days ago

Shooting star hydrangea

Can I plant this potting plant in the dirt here in Sparks, or should I keep it potted and bring in during the winter months

Washoe County NV Posted 10 days ago

Blackberries and Raspberries

Hello, I bought some of your Blackberries and Raspberries plants this last spring and they grew well. My question is, should I water the plants during the winter months? Or don't touch them until spring? I'm in Washoe Valley if that helps. Thanks!!!

Washoe County NV Posted 16 days ago

Growing blueberry bushes

Are there specific blueberry bushes which do well in Gardnerville, Minden area? I would like to get 4 plants which will cross pollinate and also extend the blueberry season. One nursery said to get Southern Highbush crosses with northern highbush, which kind of put it out of my range of research. The ones I purchased at a local hardware big box store failed to thrive. I have been acidifying the soil for 3 years now but have not measured the ph.


Douglas County NV Posted about 1 month ago

Twisted Thimble Berry

Hi, I have many Thimble berry bushes, Rubus parvifloras. They are all planted with 15 other varieties of berries; Aronia, gooseberry, Akebia, Goji; etc. Only 1 plant out of 80 is growing in a contorted way. Starting early summer, perhaps mid June & temps becoming consistently warm, it looked like roots, not suckers, started popping up through the soil & then arched & started growing back down under the soil. Imagine a serpents humps above water. Then the leaves became a mottled green/yellow. The main branches then started to "twist", or arch going from east to south west, at this point it stopped growing. It appeared frozen in time. All the other berries produced fruit, grew more leaves, set buds, etc. Nothing changed until fall & then it did normal activities, leaf drop. The leaves died faster than the other plants though. I chequed for visible parasites, fungi, root problems; I went down the usual list of possibilities. Nothing out of the ordinary. Could this be a combination of problems set off by ??? There is a juvenile maple nearby that I've been treating with a fungicide. Otherwise none of the berries had any herbicides nearby. I noticed a larger than normal quantity of dark grey/black beetle grubs about 1cm length & in a slight "C" shape while winterising/mulching. No other markings on them. The other bushes had one or 2, or none, but the bush in question, well I stopped counting at 10 & tossed them all into a bucket till I I.D! The attached pictures are terrible & I don't think really useful, but hopefully someone can figure this out, or at least suggest to keep the plant (what I hope) or dispose of it. I'm rooting another 50 plants & terrified I have a potential problem! One last thing, this bush is 3rd year. It's always been a suspicious bush to me, even at 1st planting, it never seemed quite the same as the others. Thank you!

Churchill County NV Posted 3 months ago

Plant Identification

Debbie believes this may be lavender but is not sure? It looks similar to thyme. Is there a way to identify?

Humboldt County Nevada Posted 3 months ago

Overgrown grapes

I moved into a house that has an overgrown grape vine. How and when should I prune it? It is producing grapes but they don't ripen very well and I'm assuming it's because of the growth.

Washoe County Nevada Posted 3 months ago

pruning a snow ball bush

I have a snowball bush in my front yard that has become very large and is blocking view. Can I prune this plant way down without injury?

Douglas County Nevada pruning shrubs Posted 3 months ago

Declining health of a bristle cone pine.

Bristlecone pine approximately 15 years since planting is showing declining health and extruding sap. Do you think this is an insect and should I treat with bayer systemic insecticide? Thanks

Douglas County Nevada Posted 4 months ago

Sweet Potatoes

I planted sweet potatoes the same way as last year. The vines were green and filled my planter. When I went to harvest recently however the roots were 4-5" long and the size of string beans. I had prepared the soil the same way as every year and watered etc the same way. As I usually have a great harvest doing all the same things, what could I have possibly done wrong? or what could have happened to make them not grow? any thoughts?

Humboldt County Nevada Posted 4 months ago