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Fuzzy pillar

Hello, I've a caterpillar question. I found a 1" long fuzzy/wooly caterpillar eating my rhubarb. I think perhaps it was oportunistic, but you never know. It had tan/creme, long bristle-y hairs all over, consistent length. Through the long hairs I could see light pale orange spots near/on the spiracles. There were no other markings I could see. I was unable to find it again to capture it for a photo. Nearby plants are a catalpa tree & a cottonwood. Thank you.

Churchill County Nevada Posted 1 day ago

Wildwest carrot or wild caraway

Hi, I found this plant in our field and would like to identify it. Any ideas?

Lyon County Nevada Posted 5 days ago

Plum Tree Problems

This tree started having sap bubbles appear but there doesn't seem to be any holes, just normal cracking of the bark. No sawdust noticed but leaves are curling up.

Elko County Nevada Posted 6 days ago

What kind of palm tree do I have

We recently moved into a new house & there are palm trees with red berries on the ground around them. What kind of palm trees do this? & are they poisonous to cats? Thank you

Clark County Nevada Posted 9 days ago

Locust Boring Beetles

I have a 20 yr old plus robe locust that has bore holes and locust beetles. This is the first year I have seen them. Is there something I can do now to treat the tree and try to stop the damage? Is this something I can do or do I need to contact a professional?

Thank you in advance Lori

Douglas County Nevada Posted 10 days ago

Maple tree samaras

I live in Carson City, NV. This year my maple tree had more samaras than ever and until now has not lost them. As a result, the tree has few leaves and we have swarms of box elder bugs. Does the tree need food or something else that will help it for next year?

Carson City Nevada Posted 16 days ago

Blue spruce dying???

Please help I think I’m loosing my long time family blue spruce tree pictures included

Nevada Posted 23 days ago

Peach Tree Web Site Is Crap

Peach Tree Web Site Is Crap

Lyon County Nevada Posted 25 days ago

Peach Tree

Your web site dose not work worth a shit!

Lyon County Nevada Posted 25 days ago

Peach Trees Dying

More Photos

Lyon County Nevada Posted 26 days ago