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Clay soil amendment

Hi, my daughter bought a house and backyard was all dg. She wants to plant sod. We removed the dg which had a fabric cloth under it. Removed the fabric cloth and found solid clay. We need to break up the clay and amend the soil. Do the humic acid solutions work? What’s the best way to get this soil ready to plant grass? Thank you for your time, Bob

Washoe County Nevada Posted 17 days ago

Zone 4 hedges

We have lived in the Del Webb community in Reno for 13 years, which is on actually the outskirts of Reno, although we have a Reno address and zip code, right at Verdi, at the tree line of the mountains, placing us at zone 4 for planting
perennials, (unbeknownst to us until just a few weeks ago). Everything we've tried has died, including Euonymus Manhattan, Lilacs, and Privet. We drove around our community to see what is growing here successfully that we would like, and saw this shrub that is covered with leaves, making it an evergreen, apparently, for it to be so full in the first of April. Could you please identify this shrub for us? Thank you for your assistance.

Washoe County Nevada Posted 21 days ago

Grass in Lyon County?

Which Grass Seed Grows Best In Lyon County?

Lyon County Nevada Posted 23 days ago

Soil composition for various vegetables

I’m looking for information regarding soil composition for cucumbers, parsnips, Basil, kale, Brussels sprouts, and zucchini. For instance, I read that peppers like forest materials like bark more than other veggies do.

Washoe County Nevada Posted 24 days ago

Juniper shrub dying

I have sections of my 20 year old juniper shrub dying. I don’t see insects. It was pruned last early fall but no dieback noticed until the past month. Should I just cut the dying portions out?

Clark County Nevada Posted 3 months ago

What is this rock?

Wondering what this rock is, its about 5-6 inches tall, and has a pretty good weight on it, Id say about 1.5 pds. Also, I put a block of ice under it and it absorbed pretty quick and the rock got noticeably colder. I was told that it was a meteor found in Brazil? Can anyone confirm what it actually is?

Clark County Nevada Posted 5 months ago

winterizing roses

Can I use fallen pine needles to insulate cut-down rose stumps? It's been 6 years since I last short pruned my roses, as I usually just thin them in the spring. I cannot afford clean straw (that doesn't also have rye seeds in it) so I wonder if I can use the Austrian pine needles that I'm raking up for fire defense? I don't usually let pine needle mulch touch any of my flowering bushes during the summer. So I need to know what I can use this winter?

Washoe County Nevada Posted 5 months ago

Wine grapes

We have a 2.5 acre lot with uprising hill in back of property. We would like to plant about 7 rows of grapes on the hill (about 1/4 of an acre). Can we grow wine grapes in Reno NV ? What kind? We have never done this before so need lots of help: all the steps required to establish a small area of hopefully wine grapes. Thank you

Washoe County Nevada Posted 6 months ago

How to establish a new pasture

We have a 2.5 acre lot and would like to establish a 1 acre pasture for hay production (not for animal grazing). The plan is to have a sprinkler system for irrigation. We have never done this before so need lots of help: all the steps to plant a new pastor. Thank you

Washoe County Nevada Posted 6 months ago

Hay Analysis

Is there a company in Northern Nevada that will do an analysis on our grass hay? Thank you

Lyon County Nevada Posted 6 months ago