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Questions asked to this group

Possible noxious weed identification

I was told this was a noxious weed but I can't find it on the noxious weed list for Nevada. Any idea what this is called and where I can look to get rid of it? It's viney with deep root system. I can't physically pull it up it's so strong. TIA

Washoe County Nevada Posted 6 days ago

Plant identification

Could you please identify this plant. The birds have planted several bushes this year that I can not identify. This plant had white flowers when it was in bloom. Thank you.

Elko County Nevada Posted 6 days ago


My rubarb is 3 years old. It is very bushy a pretty but is not growing thick and big enough to harvest. Not how I remember it growing at my grandmas anyway. I read your response to another gal, you said they don't like too much water, and I do water it very day, but if I don't it shows by the leaves drooping.
I remember at my grandmas it grew the stems pretty thick, kinda like at the stores. Mine has a lot of stems, it's very bushy, and pretty, but the stems are not very thick.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It's in full sun most of the day, we don't have a lot of high winds, I live in town here.
Thank you

Humboldt County Nevada Posted 11 days ago

Cucumber plant spider web: Diagnosis and treatment

Please advise what this is and what should be about it. About 20 cuc plants within 12' are affected and most appear to be dead (some with the webbing, some just yellow leaves and stalks). Should I pull the affected plants and burn them? Or can these plants be saved?

In the next bed, it appears no cucs (same three varieties: Socrates, Corinto and Armenian) are affected. However, what should I do to protect / treat the remaining cucumber plants? Many thanks.

Humboldt County Nevada Posted 12 days ago

Sycamore trees

We live in Las Vegas and our 17 year old sycamore tree is dropping leaves like crazy this summer. We have drip irrigation for trees as our yard has artificial turf. Is something wrong with the tree? What can we do? As you can see lots of leaves and they were swept up earlier today.

Clark County Nevada Posted 15 days ago

Fox tail or wild grass?

Can you please identify the pictures attached and let us know whether this is fox tail or a different kind of wild grass? Most importantly, we would like to know if it is not fox tail.

Douglas County Nevada Posted 16 days ago


If a bordeaux fungicide calls for 2 gallons water and add 1 quart copper solution, and the copper comes in 10 pound bags of granules, how much copper do you add to make the 1 quart copper solution?

Elko County Nevada Posted 19 days ago

Apples and oleander

Brown spots on apples and brown small spots on oleander Bush. Pictures attached. Thank you.

Clark County Nevada Posted 19 days ago

Grass problems

I have something spreading thru my grass, it started 2years ago and has spread through my entire front yard I can’t get anyone where I live to give me any answers, it looks like little silver dollar side bare spots, can’t tell if it’s a fungus or a bug. The only local person here who does pest care said fungus but when treated as directed nothing happened.help

Humboldt County Nevada Posted 19 days ago

I have three white Rosa Canina and the one on close inspections has brownish...

I have three white Rosa Canina and the one on close inspections has brownish eggs or larvae??? What is it? Cause? And how to treat woulld be greatly appreciated.

Douglas County Nevada Posted 28 days ago