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Seed started citrus

I recently got some Organic Meyer Lemons from Trader Joes. They were excellent and had many seeds.
I have sprouted many. Will these grow into viable producing trees or will they be foliage only, unable to produce Lemons??? I am in Summerlin NW Las Vegas and citrus do very well indeed here!
Horst Yoder

Clark County Nevada Posted 2 days ago

Photinia bushes are ill

Hello... purchased a new home late August with mature landscaping .... there are 5 large Photinia bushes (among many other healthy shrubs and trees) ..... one Photonia shrub was in worse shape than they others but now has advanced considerably to the whole bush and looks like it is dying but the branches still flex and feel alive... I gave them Arizona Best 13-7-7 plant food about 4 weeks ago .... no help. In fact they all look worse as the others only had it on the tip top. The bushes are far apart ... it appears there may be two different things possibly going on ... unless it is a different phase of the same thing - please advise .... I love the look and they are as tall as the fence. Two images same shrub; the last one is a different shrub same variety

Clark County Nevada Posted 3 days ago

Creepy crawly

At night I have these tiny sharp thing that seem to be all over my bed crawling up. They are not bed bugs. So I’m thinking rat mites due to construction next door. They pinch when they bite. These are up side down on tape please help thank you

Nevada Posted 16 days ago

Native Wildflowers

Can anyone tell me some wildlfowers native to southern nevada? Or point me to some books that give me that info? Thank you!

Clark County Nevada Posted 25 days ago

Some Branches Dying of English Laurel Bushes

We planted an English laurel hedge about a week ago. Some of the bushes have individual branches that are completely drying off and dying out. Some are smaller some bigger. The leaves remain green but they completely dry out. I pruned a few of them. Are we watering too much? Too little? Is this just stress from the plant being planted? We are watering about every 2-3 days.

Washoe County Nevada Posted 28 days ago

Potassium permanganate

I have not received an answer for this question that I submitted over a week ago. I have a well with a green sand filter that uses potassium permanganate to clean the filter. Every 3 days the system does a back flush with a potassium permanganate solution and that water is just pumped outside. My question is is it safe to use that back flushed water to irrigate vegetable plants and fruit trees? There is approximately 100 gallons of a diluted mix of water and potassium permanganate that is pumped out during the back flush.

Washoe County Nevada Posted about 1 month ago

How do I winterize my raised garden beds?

I have wine barrels and raised garden beds that need soil amendments. When I pull the crops from this growing season what should I do to enrich the soil for the winter months? Where is a good place in Reno to get organic soil and compost?

Washoe County Nevada Posted about 1 month ago

Weeping from trunks of Chinese pistachio ornamental

I have pictures of sap oozing from various places on trunks of my multiple trunk Chinese pistachio ornamental.—on trunk, on lateral branches, on new small twig branches. I have pulled bark and have seen no sawdust under but have found some web type matter. The sap pattern is in a line going from trunk toward ends of branches where the sap oozes on side branches. A few yellow leaves but mostly a vigorous looking tree. I have multiple pictures of the whole tree, also for an overview. There are several larger blemishes on the main trunk.

I plan to feed the tree and extend watering ring and hopefully hear from you if there is an insect or bacterial problem and if so what to do.
The tree was about 3years old when planted and has been in the ground about 3 years. We water once per week for 15 minutes with bubblers.

Nye County Nevada Posted about 1 month ago

Winter Protection?

Hello! I asked a couple months ago about what to do with my newly acquired nectarine tree - your advice was very helpful and that tree is doing very well now. But now I have a question: I have a dwarf nectarine in a large plastic tub, and I have three blackberry plants (Prime Ark Traveler & Triple Crown) in 5 gallon plastic pots. What do I need to do to protect them this winter? I could move them into my unheated shed, or I could leave them outside (east side of my house) and cover them with straw. They are varieties that should be hardy to this zone, but I know the pots won't protect the roots as well as the ground would. Thank you for your time!

Pershing County Nevada Posted about 1 month ago

How many years is your certificates good for per class

My boss is wanted me to retake these 2 classes again this year since I already took them last year.
Recognition and Response for Child Abuse and Neglect
Signs and symptoms of illness w/blood borne pathogens

Clark County Nevada Posted about 1 month ago