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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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Without power for hours!!!

Hi. So we were without power for about 4 or 5 hours and so that means my ball python was without heat for that long. Will he get sick?

Denver County CO reptile husbandry Posted 5 days ago

Enclosers for female BP

My ball python is still small as of now but I know she will grow in time, is it possible for me to keep her in a extra large tote or for me to even connect two totes together for her? Would be safe to use heating pads with these totes?

Clearfield County PA reptile husbandry python regius ball python Posted 5 days ago

Paralyzed American Green Tree frog

So I own two Green American tree frogs, about two months I owned three but lost one to what seemed like a paralyzed disease. Now another one of my frogs is going through it but this time becoming bigger by the day. Should I be worried about my other frog in the habitat and if so what should I do?

NY amphibians frogs Posted 6 days ago

Species of a snake I found

So, I found a baby snake a day ago, it's light brown and has sort of a white and pinkish belly, it kinda looks similar to a smooth earth snake but I'm not sure, I found it in Tshane(southwest botswana/in africa) and I was wondering if it was venomous because I keep seeing the same species of snake in the area, so I just want to know if it was venomous

OUTSIDEUS brown house snake boaedon capensis snakes of botswana Posted 12 days ago

what kind of corn snake is this?

I got this little guy from a pets mart in Gulfport Mississippi and of course they didn't know exactly what kind it is so I'm eager to find out exactly what it is. I saw a very similar picture of an Alabama corn snake but still not sure. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Jackson County MS corn snake pantherophis guttatus corn snake morphs Posted 18 days ago

Running Frog Not eating

Hello, I've had my running frog for about 6 months, and he always eats his live crickets almost immediately when put in his terrarium. However, as fall began turning to winter he lost interest and stopped eating at often, and won't eat in front of me at all anymore. He burrows a lot more now, so I've been leaving him be, but I'm starting to get really worried about him not eating for weeks possibly. I keep two live crickets in his terrarium at all times for if he decides to eat, but the crickets usually die after some time and I'll replace them. I worry that my frog may be getting to cold and this is making him loose his appetite. But I've been attempting to keep him warmer with heaters and partial covering of his terrarium but I just haven't seen him eat and I'm getting really worried. Should I be worried? And what can I do to make him eat?

Sandoval County New Mexico amphibian husbandry kassina maculata Posted 30 days ago


My female Kenyan sand boa bit my mail it look like she was trying to eat him I got them loose what am I supposed to do

Jefferson County Tennessee reptile husbandry Posted about 1 month ago


How do I tell the age of my ball python? She a foot long

Mecklenburg County North Carolina reptile growth Posted about 1 month ago

What type of snake is this

It was found in Nassau Bahamas a few feet away from lake Killarney a few feet next to the coppice forest is it venomous or dangerous is it a threat to kids. Thank you in advance

Outside United States juvenile corn snake pantherophis guttatus Posted about 1 month ago

is this snake venomous?

This snake was wondering around in my neighbour’s house, and i took a picture of it but ummm i would really like to know if its venomous or not. Since my neighbour literally picked it up like it was nothing

Outside United States flying snake chrysopelea species Posted about 1 month ago