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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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my pet frog hoped into chlorinated water while doing cleaning what do i do and will he be ok?

Arapahoe County Colorado frog husbandry Posted 3 days ago

Feeding while in "shed"

The only reason not to feed a snake "in shed" (cloudy/bluish eyes, not yet cleared) is if they don't want to eat it, right? If they will eat, that's okay, right?

Forsyth County North Carolina snake shedding Posted 4 days ago

Ball python

How to raise humidity in snake terrarium?

Spokane County Washington ball python ball python husbandry Posted 5 days ago

Corn snake companion

I got 2 corn snake from store that grew up together since they were approx 8” long. After 5 years together one snake dies of a prolapse and the other is doing fine. Is it ok to reintroduce another adult corn snake in same tank since they are considered communal? If so how should this be done?

Wake County North Carolina corn snake corn snake husbandry Posted 6 days ago

What type of snake?

I found this snake in my back yard, it's only about 18 inches long, hopefully someone might know what type of snake it is.

Pasco County Florida kenyan sand boa eryx colubrinus gongylophis colubrinus snakes of africa Posted 7 days ago

California Snake in NY?

On June 20, 2020 we saw this snake in Boutwell Hill State Forest, Cherry Creek, NY. It looks like a 2-striped garter snake, but our internet search says that the range of the 2-striped garter snake (Thamnophis Hammondii) is Southern California. Can this be right?

Chautauqua County New York eastern gartersnake thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis snakes of new york Posted 7 days ago

What kind of snake?

I think I ran over this snake today with the mower. It doesnt have a head and is on its back... but I dont think I've ever seen a snake like this before. I am in northeastern PA

Wyoming County Pennsylvania snake identification lampropeltis triangulum triangulum snakes of pennsylvania possible eastern milksnake Posted 9 days ago

Frog relocation

We have a bunch of these frogs in our yard, and they’ve been hopping in our pool, we don’t want them dying to the chemicals in the pool is it possible to relocate them to a local lake?

Suffolk County New York frogs gray treefrog hyla versicolor frogs of new york Posted 9 days ago

What kind is this?

I almost stepped on this snake one morning sunning on a landing at my house. As you can see, the snake was just as startled as I was.

Chester County Pennsylvania pantherophis alleghaniensis black ratsnake eastern ratsnake snakes of pennsylvania Posted 13 days ago

What kind of snake?

Live in Durham north Carolina. Saw thid guy sunning on a rock. New out here curious to what kind it is.

Orange County North Carolina carphophis amoenus eastern wormsnake snakes of north carolina Posted 13 days ago