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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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Garter snake playing dead

Just found a little guy, he was fine when being handled he escaped my hands and dropped onto the sidewalk ( give or take 3-4 feet) not aure if its dead or playing dead?

Outside United States snake behavior eastern gartersnake Posted 3 days ago

What kind of snake is this?

Can you please identify this snake located in Tucson, Arizona?

Pima County Arizona snakes of arizona sonoran gopher snake pituophis catenifer affinis Posted 5 days ago


A little over a year ago I got a hypomelanistic corn snake. It’s it now 3ft 8 1/2 inches. I recently started feeding him 3 fuzzies. I went to the store to go up a size but it look a little bigger than what I’m feeding him now. Should I move up or stay. I don’t want it to get constipated because that’s what happened to my last ball python and I had to get it surgery cause to got too constipated and the python’s insides coming out.

Brevard County Florida corn snake snake husbandry Posted 8 days ago

Ball Python Scale Rot

I have had my ball python for about 4 weeks now and was wondering if this is scale rot or something else?

Ohio ball python ball python husbandry ball python diseases and treatment Posted 8 days ago

Snake identification

Curious as to what snake this is.

Hamilton County Tennessee midland watersnake northern watersnake x midland watersnake nerodia sipedon sipedon x nerodia sipedon pleuralis nerodia pleuralis Posted 10 days ago

Will this harm my snake?

I have a plant called a “Dracaena Lemon Lime” I cant find anywhere if it’s okay to plant in my ball python’s enclosure. Would it be okay to plant it in there or no?

Los Angeles County California Posted 12 days ago

My snake won't eat.

I have an adult California king snake. She is approx 4' long. I'm concerned because she hasn't eaten in about 2 months. I've put several mice in for her she will take a couple strikes at them but then has no interest in them. The mice end up dying and I'm not sure why. Could she be detecting something wrong with the mice? I'm just starting to worry because I can't imagine buying 3 mice at 3 different times from 2 different suppliers could all be sick.

Santa Clara County California snake husbandry Posted 14 days ago

Snake more docile then normal

I’ve had my ball python for around a year and the past few months whenever I’d come near his cage he’d come and look to see what’s happening I thought it was a feeding behaviour but he’s not aggressive when he does it. Is he scared or something?

Outside United States ball python Posted 16 days ago

Snake resting different then normal

I’ve had my ball python for 2 years and recently he started resting very weird in his cave where his head is slight tilted on a angle never seen him do it so it could be normal but I’ve never seen him also I moved around his enclosure and changed it a bit last week around when it started. I could just be paranoid I just want to make sure.

Outside United States ball python ball python diseases and treatment Posted 16 days ago

Mexican king snake

Why is my Mexican king snake hiding under water bowl coiled up or in the sand in the cage ,he hasnt eaten since I bought him a week ago but loves to be held still ....when in the cage he just burys himself and hides all the time

Contra Costa County California mexican milk snake lampropeltis triangulum annulata Posted 16 days ago