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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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Ball Python

So my husband got a baby snake so they said we got it from pets mart for free because they said that it wasn’t leaving and that had to force feed it. Well we took a vet they said it had a infection and to give medicine every 3 days and feed a pinky at the same time. It’s done with the Anita biotechs but we still have to force feed by hand. My question is how much longer do we have to force feed it and will it eat on it’s own?

El Dorado County CA ball python ball python husbandry Posted 1 day ago

What kind of snake is this?

Hello! i want a snake tattoo but i cant figure out what kind of snake this is. could you help me in identifying what it is? Thank you.

OUTSIDEUS snake tattoo Posted 4 days ago

Having some trouble with feeding snake

Hi, I recently got a baby corn snake. I have him in a 10 gallon tank with an adjustable heating mat On the bottom and a small one on the side. I have a hide on each side and also a branch. I’ve had success with keeping a warm side and a cool side with one around 80-85, the other between 75-80 and a basking spot of 85ish sometimes warmer. I have had alittle trouble keeping the humidity up, but I have aspen substrate and I also added moss to try and add humidity. I spray down the cage as much as I can to try and keep it up as well. The feeding chart I got from the pet store showed he was eating every week on Thursday, most times 2 f/t pinkies, atleast 1. I tried this Thursday and didn’t even have success with one. I tried again today(Saturday) with no success. I tried to thaw right before in warm water and made sure the pinky was fully thawed. I also tried to leave it out to thaw and then just warm it in warm water right before feeding. He is active and seems to be comfortable. He is drinking water as I witnessed this. His scales are nice and bright, he is nowhere near shedding. He seems to come out and actively hunt as far as I can tell by his behavior. I made sure to wait until he was doing this when I tried to feed him. The first time I think I may have woke him up by accident and then attempted to feed. The only thing I can think of is that it is due to the humidity. Or I may have handled him to early as I was trying to get him used to my scent and I had thought it would be important to get him used to it. I did allow him time to get used to his home beforehand for a day or so. I also have stopped handling so much in prep for the feeding I tried today. Anyways I’m concerned as he is on the small side to begin with. And I’m just not sure because he seems to have zero interest which seems strange since he was said to have no trouble in the pet store.

Worcester County MA reptile husbandry snake husbandry Posted 4 days ago

What am I

Can someone please tell me what this baby is?

AR snake identification ball python ball python morphs Posted 14 days ago

Snake not eating.

Hello! I have an albino California King Snake. He is about 10 years old and I got him this summer. He hasn’t eaten since around late September, at first I thought he was going into shed but after constantly offering him food he doesn’t eat. Are there any explanations as to why he wouldn’t be eating. My mother is a vet but she doesn’t specialize in herpetology so she isn’t sure either. Thank you!

Cook County IL herpetology snake husbandry Posted 15 days ago

Ball can’t get mouse down throat

My ball python likes to sometimes eat mice butt first. She has currently been trying to get a mouse down her throat for the last 3.5 HRs. It looks like the mouse became balled up in her throat and she can’t get it down. Any suggestions?

Kanawha County West Virginia ball python husbandry Posted 16 days ago

Feeding a King snake

So I recently acquired a chocolate banana California Kingsnake and im in love with him. Hes very active and easy to handle, aside from being a little shy at times. Hes a year and half old (roughly) and close to 3 feet long. I was told by the reptile shop I got him at that he should be eating hoppers, however for his size I feel as if theyre a little too small for him. What is the best way to determine how big of a mouse he should be eating? Any rules of thumb to listen to? Ive heard feed them a mouse about the width of their body, but wasnt ever sure how true that is. Anything would help, thank you.

Norfolk County Massachusetts snakes california kingsnake snake feeding kingsnake husbandry Posted 21 days ago

What kind of snake do I own

Just would like to know what kind of snake I own his color is beautiful

St. Johns County Florida snake morphs Posted 23 days ago

what snake is this

how do i know what snake i have ?

Kern County California snake identification snake morphs Posted 26 days ago

ball python shedding with no eye caps? help.

I just got a new baby ball python On Saturday it will be two weeks that I’ve had him. This is my first time having a snake and he is in a cage top 10 gallon tank considering he isn’t too big (ofc I will get a bigger tank once he’s a bit bigger) I have a 40 watt heat lamp for him and a 4 watt small heat pad for him on his basking side, and the temp stays about in the 80’s on that side, anyways I mist his tank a couple times a day, it is hard to keep the humidity high bc of the cage top but I think I’ve figured it out, I put a damp towel on top of half the tank and it seems to keep the humidity in the 60-70 range,(if u have any better tips please feel free to give me some) but yesterday overnight his skin got super dry/dull colored and wrinkly even tho since I’ve got him he was super smooth with bright colors, now Ik he is going into a shed right now but...he is already starting to shed with no cloudy eyecaps, the shed isn’t past his eyes yet but I don’t know if he has retained eye caps or what because they are COMPLETELY clear and doesn’t look like any skin is over them and I’ve never seen this before. What could this mean? Should I wait a few more days and see? Because he just started shedding today, just half of his head not his whole body yet it hasn’t gotten past his eyes yet but like I said, they are completely clear and doesn’t look like any skin is covering his eyes, he drinks plenty of water and I have a big water dish in there for him so idk..

Mahoning County Ohio snakes ball python ball python husbandry Posted 29 days ago