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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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Can you tell me what kind of snake this is

Yancey County North Carolina juvenile black ratsnake pantherophis obsoletus juvenile Posted 3 days ago

What kind of frog did I find?

Hello! How are you? I live in Chicago, IL and last week I purchased plants at Home DePot. To my surprised it came with a frog. I would like to know what kind of frog it is and if it’s possible to keep as a pet?

Cook County Illinois pseudacris crucifer possible spring peeper tree frog Posted 4 days ago

What type of snake is this?

Front lawn in Bunker Hill Village area. Thank you.

Harris County Texas snakes snake identification Posted 7 days ago

Humidity problems

I have a corn snake. my son built me a tank and I can not get his humidity up to where it should be and his sheds have been in pieces I have tried everything I even put him back in his ten gallon tank once he was in blue this last time and empty his big tank of everything that is removable (his back ground is not)and used a water based sealer it has not help I was thinking a mister might help my sons says i should get a fogger i don’t really want fog but if it would help I hate to have to get a new tank but if I can’t fix this I don’t see a choice any advice would be appreciated

Stevens County Washington snake shedding corn snake husbandry Posted 8 days ago

What kind of snake is this

I found this at my work in pa dose anyone know what kind it is they are all over at my work

Dauphin County Pennsylvania black ratsnake juvenile snakes of pennsylvania pantherophis obsoletus juvenile Posted 9 days ago

Baby snake

What kind of snake is this? I found it in the bottom of my pool. It was dead

Pennsylvania lampropeltis triangulum triangulum snakes of pennsylvania juvenile eastern milksnake Posted 10 days ago

Ball python eye problems

My ball python is about a year old and has had stuck eye caps in the past but this looks different. I usually keep his humidity around 60% but bumped it up to 80% in hopes that would help. Is this more than a stuck eye cap? It almost looks like an eyelid in the first and third photo. It is only on one of his eyes. It does move back into his head when his eyes rotate when they rub against my hand.

Franklin County Ohio ball python husbandry Posted 11 days ago

HELP snake not moving!

My snake has had some balancing issues the last 2 days. I think he may have had a seizure. But right now hes unresponsive and not moving but is not cold. I've read this happens and theh are moving again the next day

Summit County Ohio snake illness - injury Posted 12 days ago

Is my snake sick?

I'm a new snake owner and don't know much about ilnesses snakes can have. I've had my corn snake for a little less than 2 months now. I noticed that he'd started drinking less since last week and I got a bit worried but couldn't find anything wrong.

So while I was feeding him today I noticed the inside of his mouth seemed a little greeyish. I thought it could be stomatitis (mouth rot) but he seems perfectly fine (eating like normal, very active, no swelling or excessive saliva and no yellowish or bloddish pus substances).

Does my snake have stomatitis, and if so what could have caused it and should I go to the vet?

Outside United States corn snake snake husbandry Posted 14 days ago

baby snake type

I found this baby snake on the back patio today, almost stepping on it. It was not skittish, did not try to flee, instead curled up started striking at my stick. As its young, there are probably more around in the garden.
Is this species venomous?

Broward County Florida snakes of florida everglades racer juvenile coluber constrictor paludicola Posted 18 days ago