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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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So i have a boa i got from a friend and ive only had it about a week now but I've noticed that when im moving around he watches my every move like really watches and if i change his water he always comes to the opening to see whats going on

MI boa constrictor boas Posted 3 days ago


I have a photoshoot with two snakes soon. One is a constrictor and the other a python. However, my period came down. Is it ok to still do the photoshoot. I’ve been googling for answers but haven’t found anything yet.

St. Charles Parish LA snake handling Posted 4 days ago

what kind of snake is this?

what kind of snake is this. I live in Richland Wa and I found it dead in my garage .

Benton County WA pacific gophersnake pituophis catenifer catenifer bullsnake Posted 6 days ago

What kind of baby snake?

Can you please help me identify this baby snake found in my yard? Hoping it's not a venomous juvenile! Thanks so much ... Cheryl

Luzerne County PA heterodon platirhinos eastern hognose snake juvenile eastern hognose snake Posted 7 days ago

Snake ID

My dog almost stepped on this snake at the dog park here in Daytona, FL. Can you identify for me?

FL dusky pygmy rattlesnake sistrurus miliarius barbouri venomous snakes of florida Posted 8 days ago

Snakes with venomous fangs.

Many snakes with long fangs can fold them back.
But a King Cobra's fangs look pretty long. Why can't we see them when their mouths are closed? Their fangs cannot fold back.

Outside United States king cobra ophiophagus hannah venomous snake fang length solenoglyphous snakes proteroglyphous snakes venom delivery in snakes Posted 10 days ago

Snake hugging

Why does my ball python hug tightly to my palm with his face and open his mouth slightly when doing it

Sevier County Tennessee ball python ball python diseases and treatment Posted 11 days ago

Force of a Snake Bite

Do you know the newtons of force associated with a snake bite, specifically a rattlesnake?

Harris County Texas rattlesnake bites Posted 11 days ago

what kind of snake is this?

what kind of snake is this?

Manatee County Florida lampropeltis getula californiae california kingsnake morph Posted 20 days ago

Is this too big for my ball python

Hi ive got a baby ball python about 9 weeks old i think not sure on here weight or length and i was just wondering if a small mouse about 14 grams is to big for her. Thank you in advance

Outside United States ball python husbandry Posted 20 days ago