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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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Do snakes musk more (to attract or mark) when same species males & females are housed near enough to smell each other's presence?

Forsyth County North Carolina Posted about 2 hours ago

What kind of snake is this?

Hello! Can you tell what kind of snake this is? I should have taken a picture of the entire body, but I did not.

Posted 1 day ago

VivaTerrarium Height43,3 Width17.7 Lenght23.6 - How much Depth Layer would I need ?

Hello People. how much depth layer, (these includes pebbles charcoal and soil substrate) I need for my Height43,3 Width17.7 Lenght23.6 inch glass terrarium? Im gettin panther chameleon and I wanted full bioactive jungle rainforest enclosure.
BioActice Vivarium -Terrarium Glass good ventilation Panther Chameleon.

Outside United States reptile husbandry panther chameleon furcifer pardalis Posted 2 days ago

Outside United States Posted 2 days ago

How long can a Ring Necked Snake get.

My question is how long can a Ring Necked Snake get and the length.

Miami-Dade County Florida Posted 4 days ago

What kind of kingsnake do i have?

Wondering what kind of king snake i have guys petsmart didnt know lol

Otsego County Michigan california kingsnake lampropeltis getula californiae Posted 7 days ago

Found Snake Skin in the attic

What are the steps to see if the snake is still there. I also seen mice droplets. I moved into this house one year ago. I don't see any mice droplets no where else in the house but the attic.

Prince George's County Maryland snakes Posted 8 days ago

Snake scales bitten off

Im afraid my snake will get infected cause the rat we fed it bit my snakes scales off and i dont know what to do

Houston County Texas reptile injury and treatment Posted 9 days ago

What frog is this and is it poisonous

Is this frog I found poisonous

Volusia County Florida toads toads of florida southern toad anaxyrus terrestris formerly bufo terrestris Posted 10 days ago

My Baby Ball Python can't retract her tongue fully

I normally never use these kinds of websites to ask for questions but since I can't find help anywhere I'll ask here since I hope that someone will have an answer .

My baby ball python is a pastel champagne and sadly has a bit of wobble but she looks healthy and eats fine in general. What does cause me a bit of concern however, is that sometimes she is not able to retract her tongue fully and leaves the tip of it hanging out of her mouth. I have thought of the possibility of it getting stuck because of the tightness of the scales on top of her mouth. But it also seems like her fork is somehow stuck together in a way. I hope it's nothing too concerning. Thanks for reading

Outside United States reptile husbandry python regius ball python Posted 15 days ago