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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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Please help

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but I can't seem to find any answers. I'm a new frog owner and my amazing milk frog has had a small twig like object sticking out of his but for 2 days, I gave it a few gentle tugs to see if I could help it through but it seems to be only getting thicker, his anus popped out a little so I don't want to tug anymore and hurt him. Is this normal? Will he poop it out over time or should I find a vet

Worcester County Massachusetts Posted 4 months ago

my ball python is shaking

hello i picked up a ball python bought 3 months ago when ever he moves she wobbles up and doun slightly with his head almost 2 to 3 inches off the ground

Montgomery County Maryland ball python ball python disorders Posted 4 months ago

Snake eye

I think my snake might be blind in one eye or she might have damaged it please help me

Reno County Kansas ball python ball python husbandry Posted 5 months ago

Do all corn snakes lay eggs?

I have a female cornsnake who is about 12 years old. She has never been in contact with any other snake. I have owned her for my whole life and she has never laid an egg. Is this normal?

Outside United States corn snake husbandry corn snake breeding Posted 5 months ago

Indiana Snake? Copperhead or ???

Southern Indiana. Any help identifying would be appreciated

Floyd County Indiana pantherophis obsoletus spiloides snakes of indiana juvenile gray ratsnake Posted 5 months ago

Ashokan Resovoir

Saw this snake at Ashokan Resovoir, 10/11/20, 5pm.

Ulster County New York northern watersnake nerodia sipedon sipedon snakes of new york Posted 5 months ago

Question for snake breeders

For my first attempt at breeding my wild caught Cal kings, the eggs hatched today,(I'm a first time snake dad), and I need to know how long I can keep the babies in the same container before risking cannibalization.
Also they are so small, I don't see how they could eat the frozen pinkies I feed my other small snakes. Baby lizard season is over around here, which is what I would normally feed any purchased baby snakes. I could try hand feeding mouse tails I guess, but that's gonna take a lot of tails and time for this bunch. Recommendations or referrals please?

California snakes kingsnake husbandry Posted 5 months ago


What kind? Baltimore MD.

Baltimore County Maryland storeria dekayi dekayi snakes of maryland northern brownsnake Posted 5 months ago

I saw this pink&green tree frog

I saw this tree frog in my yard and I was wondering if the pink discoloration is a fungus

St. Lucie County Florida osteopilus septentrionalis possible cuban treefrog Posted 5 months ago

Tank not hot enough?

I have a 8W heating pad on the bottom of a 25G tank, I was told this would be fine but my hot side and cold side both are at about 72? The substrate is not even warm but the heating pad is emitting heat. Should I add in a heat emitter?A basking light? I ordered a thermostat and it is on it's way! I just got the corn snake yesterday so she is very little.

Missouri snake husbandry corn snake husbandry Posted 5 months ago