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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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How do I clean up snake venom

Just picked up a toad in my yard that was bit by a rattlesnake worried if the snake Venom gets on my hand how do I clean it up off of my hand

Pima County Arizona snake venom Posted 4 days ago


Hi my name is Om and I need help convincing my parents to get a snake. The reason they said no is because one my mom doesn't like snakes she's not afraid just doesn't like them and secondly my dad is against the idea of bringing a "wild" animal into the house. He thinks that bringing a wild animal into the house is like taking me and slapping a collar on me put me in someone elses house or something. Please can you help me convince my parent into getting me a snake. (Btw I'm 13I forgot write my age at the start)

Denver County Colorado Posted 6 days ago


Can coachwhip snakes be crossbred with another type of snake?

McMullen County Texas snake breeding Posted 6 days ago

What is this insect bite mark

25 year male found dead in farm with the mark if bite on hand.what this insect is?

Indiana forensics Posted 7 days ago

Jumpy big dog

Since last nite my Pit has acted scared to the point of trembling....Today she was very hesitant to walk across the kitchen and laundry room...I had to unplug an extention cord before she would come back inside....we are concerned that it could be a snake. Our next door neighbor killed a Diamondback Rattler in his yard next to us. She has encountered a rat before and chased it. She thinks all animals want to play. This is the first time she has reacted like this. Any ideas?Is there a way to get the snake, if that is what is out without actually finding it?

Alabama Posted 9 days ago

No reptiles

I have not seen any frogs, toads, grasshoppers, turtles or other creatures in my yard garden since moving to Wilmington Manor over 10 years ago. Is there something I can do to draw them or purchase them? Had to buy ladybugs a few years back.

New Castle County Delaware reptile and amphibian habitat Posted 9 days ago

Found a shed snake skin in basement

Can you please help us identify if its venomous?
Thank you,

Monmouth County New Jersey eastern gartersnake thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis snakes of new jersey Posted 9 days ago

Garter Snakes

I have not seen one Garter Snake this year. Is this a climate or cyclical thing or should I be concerned?

Douglas County Nebraska garter snakes Posted 10 days ago

Cali king snake diet

Hi! I’m a very new snake owner and I’ve done loads of research on the snake before purchasing. So just to cover my bases he is approx one year old and almost a foot in a half long. Should I still feed him pinkies or is his size big enough for Furries?

Hartford County Connecticut reptile husbandry Posted 11 days ago

Snake identification

What snake genera or species has very pronounced occipital scales. I’m trying to identify a cast model of a snake. I’ve looked into the families colubridea and elapidea with little luck. The only snake I’m aware of with this feature is the king cobra but the cast replica does not match the rest of the king cobra’s scalation.

California Posted 17 days ago