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This group answers questions related to reptile (crocodilians, lizards, snakes and turtles) and amphibian (frogs, salamanders and toads) identification, distribution,  behavior and natural history.

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My mom is scared of snakes but I want one

How cane I convince my parents to get me a snake even though she is scared of them and my sister is scared of them too?

Maricopa County AZ Posted 10 days ago

Snake identification?

Can you identify this snake for me? It’s very small and was on our front porch bannister last night. This morning it’s gone, but now we’re concerned it might be a water moccasin. Having a hard time identifying it with pictures online!

Suffolk VA snakes of virginia juvenile black ratsnake pantherophis obsoletus juvenile Posted 13 days ago


Just curious what this little guys name is. He lives under my porch and I see him occasionally when it warms up sleeping on fresh pine straw. How big will it get and will I have some babies to deal with next year etc.... it’s a bad picture but it’s about 2 foot and light brownish color. I also saw it the other night when it was rather cold out and thought that was odd for a snake.

Aiken County SC corn snake pantherophis guttatus snakes of south carolina Posted 14 days ago

Snake slithering upside down

We found a baby garter last year. He was injured, a smush and twist in the middle of his body. We took him to a snake shop and they said he probably wouldnt survive...but maybe. We have nursed him back to health. He is plump and healed. He eats perfectly and sheds well in one whole piece. He has clear eyes and has grown considerably. ect.
But.... he slithers around his habitat all day and often while "standing up" or trying to crawl up sides he puts the top half of his body and head upside down. He doesn't do this while slithering on bottom, is that normal? I saw it may not be, in certain circumstances. Jack is our buddy, want to make sure we do the best for him.

Cook County IL snake injury Posted 15 days ago

Spring Peeper

My girlfriend puts her plants out during the summer and brings them in when it gets cold.
This year a Peeper came in with a plant.
She is trying to maintain the creature until spring and then release it.
What is the best actions to take.
Can we just put it in some soil covered with leaf litter and put it say in her garage (unheated) until spring? Will the animal go into hibernation being in a cold environment?
Please advise. We live in New Hampshire. Thanks.

Hillsborough County NH spring peeper pseudoacris crucifer Posted 17 days ago

Help to identify

Please what snake is this

Outside United States python regius ball python Posted 18 days ago

Vietnam snake!

Help! What the snakes 1 and 2?

Outside United States chrysopelea ornata chrysopelea species snakes of vietnam deinagkistrodon acutus chinese moccasin Posted about 1 month ago

What snake is this and will it kill me?

Hi, The proprietor on my vacation place caught this and we are trying to identify it. Any help is appreciated. We are in Popoyo Nicaragua.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Can you identify the snake in the attachment, please? I am concerned as we...

Can you identify the snake in the attachment, please? I am concerned as we found this in our flower bed in Lewis Center. I does not appear to be a garter snake to me... Thanks!

New York County New York northern brown snake storeria dekayi dekayi Posted about 1 month ago

Is this poisonous

This snake was on our patio in murrells inlet, South Carolina. Is it poisonous ?

Horry County South Carolina possible eastern garter snake Posted about 1 month ago