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Unusual early little black bug.

This spring, these little black bugs were out very early. They seem to collect on the leeward side of impressions in the snow, as shown in the pic. Wondering what they are.

Bedford County Pennsylvania Posted 1 day ago

can grey snow mold be composted

I have grey snow mold in my vegetable garden on the cover crop. I raked out the mold patches. can I turn the crop over, can I compost the debris and return the compost to my garden or should I burn it?

Dauphin County Pennsylvania Posted 4 days ago

when to treat

when do I start putting the tape and treating the roots of my trees for lantern flies

Chester County Pennsylvania Posted 9 days ago

Gifted rock

I was given this rock as a gift. I have no knowledge on rocks,the person that gave it to me said that it’s made naturally from high winds in the desert somewhere,would you happen to know what kind of rock this is?

Solano County California Posted 19 days ago

What. Kinda of rock is this???

Wonderin if this is gold.....

Lake County California geology Posted 19 days ago

Silver flecks in rock.

I found this rock at the beach in Torbay. It is black and white tiger strips but is covered in silver flecks. I think it is stunning.

Outside United States Posted 19 days ago

New Horse Pasture too soft

I replaced a horse pasture last year (Sep 2018). I tested the soil. Applied the required fertilizer and lime to correct the soil. I tilled the fertilizer and lime in about 4-6 inches. Planted orchard grass blend and ran a cultipacker over the seed and got a good growth/covering. The problem is that the ground is really soft. I have good drainage no wet spots. Do I need to roll the field again this spring?

Venango County Pennsylvania Posted 23 days ago

Twin Ash Tree Problem

I have a twin ash tree that I just noticed has a gash/hole through the bark. My concern is that it might be emerald bores. I'm hoping it isnt because we really like the tree shade. We live in a wooded area and I do have 3 or 4 ash trees in the back of my house in the woods that are dead and need to come down. I haven't noticed any holes in them. What I could see anyhow. I am attaching pictures hoping you could tell me what's going on with my tree.



Bucks County Pennsylvania Posted 24 days ago

Need help for my Friend

M friend things that he is being covered with Bugs, it has consumed his life, he gets to my house and says there all over him , then he gets out his fogger and sprays all over He says they follow him in his car, everywhere, he feels them crawling on his face! But there I no marks on him of any kind , Nor is anybody else experiencing the bug problem. Please advise me on how to help him


Sacramento County California Posted 29 days ago

Outside United States rock identification Posted about 1 month ago