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White spots

My parsley in hydroponic garden’s leaves are turning brown/white. I read it’s from a sucking insect, but do not see any. How do I take care of this and get rid of these?

Lehigh County Pennsylvania Posted about 3 hours ago

Blossom end rot on tomatoes

What is the best treatment for blossom end rot in its early stage?

Washington County Pennsylvania Posted about 9 hours ago

Tomato Plant Issues

All the tomato plants I have grown this year have terribly misshapen leaves-- thick and tightly curled both side-to-side and end-to-end from the time the plants were several inches tall and including most or all of the leaves on the plant. While perhaps a little pale green, I don't see any discoloration or bugs and don't think the plants have ever lacked for water. They have received a little fertilizer and Epsom salt and were planted with some compost. Do you have an idea if there is a remedy? The plants continue to get bigger but the misshapen leaves remain misshapen and few if any normal leaves have been generated. I have used seeds from the past year's best tomatoes for a few years now after buying some commercial heritage tomato plants. I tried to upload an image, but was worried about security issues in doing so.

Westmoreland County Pennsylvania Posted 1 day ago

trunk swollen

Can you identify this? see pic

Clark County Nevada trees and shrubs Posted 3 days ago

Powdery White Substance on Lilac

Hello. I just discovered a powdery white substance on the branches of one of my lilac bushes. The leaves are not affected. There is a previous post on here with a very similar appearance. Unfortunately that person did not receive a posted diagnosis. I have been told it could be powdery mildew however that usually affects the leaves and not the stems. Another person told me it was a scale insect but this appears more powdery and less scaley. Any ideas on what this is and how it should be treated? I live in SE PA. Thank you for your help.

Delaware County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs scale Posted 4 days ago

Horse Chestnut tree

Thank you for the resources you have to educate people on nature.

I have a Horse Chestnut tree, about 40 years old on our lot where we are planning to build a house. It is in the middle of the property. I would love to save the tree. How far close can the foundation and the height of the house go so it will not damage the tree?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Posted 4 days ago

Wind direction


I chanced to see this website while browsing for information on wind direction. I live in Cheltenham, PA 19012. Have a small piece of land 100 ft by 150 ft on Walden rd in Montgomery County. Am working on a house plan which will incorporate the sunlight and wind for comfortable living and less use of energy. Have few trees. What is the wind pattern in this region, so I can position the windows for free flowing wind?

Much thanks for your input.


Montgomery County Pennsylvania sustainable gardening and landscaping landscaping Posted 4 days ago

Turtle geode

I'm almost positive I have geodes formed from dead Turtles. They decompose but the hard shell traps the gas where other minerals can be deposited.

Missouri rocks and minerals rock identification Posted 5 days ago

Mite Identification (strange behaviour)

Hello, I'm from Spain, and I have a problem with mites. My neighbour is demolishing his house and the other day at night really tiny bugs began to exit through the plug socket (strange). They were around 0.5mm, brown and they seemed to jump. (When I tried to kill them, some of them suddently appear in my hand, arm etc). I was afraid that they were fleas or they were dangerous. I managed to capture some with tape and the next day I took a look into my microscope. Here I attach you the photo that I made. Thanks for your help.

Outside United States urban integrated pest management Posted 5 days ago

Dwarf umbrella tree

Why are the leaves turning brown on my dwarf umbrella tree (dwarf weeping cherry tree)?

Is it dying?If so, how can I Save it?
thank you

Sussex County Delaware trees and shrubs Posted 6 days ago