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Fall Gardening

I am So Happy to find this resource, because I am unable to get precise information about what I can plan still in Carlisle, PA during this last week of September.

Also, the frost dates and other information on different site all day different things, so I hope you can help. Lastly, I had a Divine season and I wanted to know the best way I can save flowers, herbs and spices, and I'd LoVe to save at least one tomatoe,band pepper plant, if at all possible.

Cumberland County Pennsylvania Posted about 6 hours ago

Bumps/ridges on maple sapling

Can you tell me what these brown bumps and ridges are? They are on the bark and branches of a maple sapling my neighbor gave me. Believe it’s a sugar maple.

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Posted 1 day ago

Ivory Halo Dogwood Mold?

Good morning,

This morning I was pruning my Ivory Halo Dogwood next to my house and discovered what appears to be a mold substance. There is quite a lot of it. Any idea what it is, why it is there and care instructions? Thank you so very much for your time and expertise!

Chester County Pennsylvania horticulture Posted 3 days ago

What kinda insect is this

Me and my wife found these tiny lil bugs on my dog and we don’t no what they are can someone please help identify them.

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Posted 3 days ago

Edible Parts of Bean Plants

I just read an article about getting your greens from unusual places and it mentioned edible bean leaves. This, like other articles I’ve read over the years, uses somewhat non-specific language like “common beans” or, makes a general statement and then begins talking about one particular variety, like fava beans, or just starts talking about Asian cuisine. I have never been able to find firm, expert statements that “all” are edible or even, hardly, that a specific variety is okay to consume. I feel I’m walking through the dark, here. Can you direct me to a rule-in/rule-out list resource of the typical dry bean varieties we eat, here in the US, where the top leaves are consumable? Think the “15-bean soup varieties,” cheap staples on the shelf everywhere, locally. Pinto, black, black-eyed peas, navy, butter/fava, kidney, etc. I specifically would like to make pestos, to freeze fresh, or I want to cook up a pot southern collard-greens style. Cooking up a bean soup and throwing in chopped leaves, too, ...sounds...nutritious and delicious. Growing and harvesting young plants throughout the winter, using lights, sounds fun. My concerns are whether there are any toxins that require boiling and draining, etc. because, just as I find the vague pro statements, I also find vague “mildly toxic” statements. Thank you.

Mercer County Pennsylvania beans Posted 4 days ago

Blackened Milkweed

What has blackened my milkweed and shriveled all of the milkweed pods? And there are little yellow aphid-like bugs on the plants - are they related to the blackening? What can I do to control this occurrence next year?

Bucks County Pennsylvania Posted 5 days ago

Leaves dying on lilac bush. White striping on branches

White striping looks like someone put adhesive tape randomly throughout the bush. Leaves have all turned brown and most have dropped. It's a flat white stripe. Unlike a raised fungus

Cumberland County Tennessee trees and shrubs Posted 8 days ago


What kind of spider is this

Washington County Pennsylvania Posted 10 days ago

Black bug on egg

I get my eggs and wipe off at night and in a couple days these appear in my egg trays. Usually one under each egg. Not sure if it’s a mite or what? I do not see them on my chickens and showing know sign of feather loss or anything please help

Hernando County Florida weevils Posted 10 days ago

What is this?

Can you please tell me what kind of animal is this? And how do I get rid of it?

Outside United States insect identification Posted 11 days ago