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How does a leatherback turtle eat a jellyfish without getting stung or hurt?

Berks County Pennsylvania Posted 5 days ago

Female toad trembling hard

I have two American toads, a female and a male. We were pretty sure when one got atop the other. It started when we had put on some mating sounds from YouTube. When this happened, we worried because the female was much smaller then the male, and the male seemed to be suffocating her. But he got off her about four days later, when he realized she was too young to lay eggs. (At least, that's what I think. It might've been because there was no competition or not large enough of a water bowl.)

It's been almost a year since that happened , but just two days ago I was cleaning their tank and saw the male on top of our female, again. (Luckily, she is now bigger then him) This time he wasn't squeezing her, it was more like a snuggle for some reason. Today she had her right leg dragging behind her body. The leg looked broken and I started to freak out. When I looked up what she had been doing, I didn't find out anything on all the webs.

Soon after that I realized it must've been from how big she is. I have been feeding her about five to ten medium crickets a day, since she was under wait for so long. Ten minutes later, after I've done my research, the female has both legs stretched out and broken looking, but then she drags herself forward and her legs move. I see her trembling from claw to claw, with her fingers (or toes, talons, feet, etc.) are clenching and then releasing. I worry this might be breeding behavior (in the need of laying eggs) or just the normal overweight problem.

Please help me out on this one. I feel this is hurting our toad, maybe even killing her . . . Do I need to put them both on a diet, or get them a deeper bowl so they can lay eggs? This is worrying to me, please wright back as soon as you can. Thanks!

(Any incorrect words or missed punctuation is my fault. I'm sorry if there is any. Thanks, again!)

Kent County Delaware amphibians toads frogs and toads mating Posted 5 days ago

Bat bugs

Hi! We recently purchased a home built in 1901 and in an area that is known to have bats. The home was previously a rental for 10 years, with the same tenant the entire time. She moved out in March of this year and no one lived here until we moved in at the end of September. After two weeks of living here I was up in my bathroom (a master suite below the attic with an attached bath) and found what looked like a baby bed bug ( clear) sitting on my sink behind where the faucet is. Frantic, I tossed it in the toilet and flushed. I then called Orkin and another local pest company that came out and searched all beds. They didn’t find anything and said they couldn’t be 100% sure because they Didn’t have the bug to test, but said as of now we don’t have anything, but suggested from the area of the house that is known for bats to have the attic checked. We hired a local bat company who came out and bat proofed our house (said there was probably 3-4 bats living in the attic). Fast forward to now, exactly 4 weeks later I was in my bathroom again and noticed a brown thing by the vent on the floor. Going closer it looked again like a bed bug so I bagged it. I also found about a foot away another clear baby one. They weren’t moving, but that could’ve been from me grabbing them with a tissue. I called the same local pest company that came out a month ago and they took the bugs. They confirmed it was a bed bug (but said they never work with bat bugs). I just want to know what I’m dealing with. We scoured our beds, I even slashed holes through the felt part of our box springs and searched and found NOTHING in any of the beds (six of us here) My questions are 1. If we have bed bugs and been here almost six weeks, would one of us have a bite or some eggs/bugs in the bed? Or is it possible the infestation hasn’t peaked yet? 2. Why am I only finding these bugs once a month, and ONLY in the bathroom off the master? 3. If they are bat bugs how often do they reproduce? If this is an infestation how serious would it be that we’re only seeing one every month? 4. Every company we call we get a different answer. This is my literal worst nightmare. I would honestly rather lose a limb than have bed or bat bugs. I’m just TRYING trying TRYING to think logically and don’t want to spend thousands on a treatment without knowing for sure what we’re treating. Could this be an old issue and these are dead ones falling from the attic? Or how would the adult then the “baby” be on the floor? They had to of crawled right? HELP please HELP

Douglas County Nebraska bed bugs Posted 17 days ago

Identify a bug

I was writing in my note book and this came crawling towards me - the book I was using is new. Please tell me it’s something that doesn’t include bedbug lol

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Posted 22 days ago

need help sexing

I bought 6 chickens from my local tractor supply company and the 3 "cinnamons" seem to be roosters or are showing rooster characteristics like 1 crows when it gets woken up, all 3 have those long back feathers and they all look different, 1 is red brown, 1 is like a calico cat, and 1 looks like a seagull! the calico one is the meanest, and least friendly, and none have the spores on their legs!

Plymouth County Massachusetts poultry poultry behavior Posted 22 days ago

Oak acorns

I have about 20 white oak trees on my yard. Almost all the leaves have shed now and I noticed I've only seen 1 mature acorn. Previous years you couldn't take a step without stepping on a bunch. Why?

Franklin County Missouri Posted 22 days ago

very old rock my great grandpa said had value

so I have this rock from British Colombia and it was found at Francois lake up in the hills by my grandpa's house and my great grandpa gave it to me 1 year before he passed away it is dark blue has a little bit of red and green in it very noticeable if you know anything that might be valuable on this rock please respond to me.(if you want i can send you a few pictures)

Outside United States geology Posted 23 days ago

Why is water seeping after grinding stump?

Had tree stump grinded and after removing wood chips we find water accumulating. Few roots discovered after removing wood chips. Is this normal? And if it is, how long will take for the water to stop seeping?

Henry County Georgia trees and shrubs Posted 24 days ago


I found this under my skin I pulled it out with a venom extractor it's under a microscope...

The second one is from a glue trap by my bed r they associated and I do keep getting bit I do believe it's by something that flies

Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Posted 25 days ago

Identify This Bird

I caught this bird on my trail cam in northwestern Pa.

Elk County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago