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Pine trees and fruit trees

I recently removed pine trees from my yard and I would like to know if I can put fruit trees in the same place where these pine trees were growing such as pears and apples.

Wayne County Pennsylvania Posted 1 day ago

apple and cherry trees in potter county pa.

My friend has some property in northern potter county pa. he don't think apple and cherry trees will grow in potter cause of the weather. there has to be a apple and a cherry tree growing somewhere up there. we are both from lebanon county pa and he wants to plant tree on his land for wildlife but he dont think they will grow . now these tree wouldn't be for humans to eat but for wildlife . what kind of apple and cherry trees do you recommend for this reason to draw wildlife in like deer and birds anything that would benefit from having these trees ??

Potter County Pennsylvania Posted 2 days ago

What is this rock

We would like to know what this rock is is extra heavy. We found it in a creek in east central Indiana.

Fayette County Indiana Posted 3 days ago


I’m a lawn care and landscaping company,, I want to apply fertilizer to customers lawns, weed control, crab grass,, what will I need to optain to do these ,, I do residential only

Wyoming County Pennsylvania Posted 3 days ago

Round rock

I found this rock in my flower bed. It is unusually round. It looks like a fossilized seed embedded in it. I thought it was an old Indian Medecine stone. Is this natural or man man?

King County Washington Posted 5 days ago

Myself and dog get sm black spots in skin. What is that mite

Myself and dog get black spots in skin. What are these flat round tiny things that bites and leave scars

Madison County Indiana urban integrated pest management Posted 9 days ago

Carpet beetles in PA

I had never encountered carpet beetles until I moved to Chester County, PA. Once I discovered what they were I starting noticing them quite frequently in my house and other homes. Are carpet beetles increasing in number or are they more common than most people realize?You can share my question but I’d prefer to keep my email private. Thanks!

Chester County Pennsylvania Posted 10 days ago

Pennsylvania snakes

Was curious about this snake and its habits.

Thank you
Mike Jensen
Fleetwood Pa

Berks County Pennsylvania Posted 11 days ago

What kind of insects are these?


I've been finding these bugs for a week or so now in my room. they are on the wall next to my bed, and under the planks of my books. I hope the pictures are good enough

Posted 11 days ago

Pine beetles

We had 12 very large pine around our property. In the last 2 years we have cut 6 down. 3 due to pine beetle killing them. Others weather damaged. We have 1 more dead & another almost dead. That leaves 4. Should we just cut them all down? Will these beetles shift to our arborvitae trees?

Franklin County Tennessee pine beetle Posted 12 days ago