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What is happening to weeping cherry tree trunk?

What is happening to my weeping cherry tree trunk? Looks like the bark is peeling off. Hope you can see the attached photo. Can the tree be saved? What do I do? Thanks. Carolyn

Somerset County New Jersey trees and shrubs Posted 2 days ago

Unknown to me

What type of rock is this?

DeKalb County Georgia Posted 2 days ago

What kind rock is this?

Hi, was curious what is giving this rock the gold sparkles and the blue colors? Also inside the indentions are a white opaque/crystal type stuff.

Creek County Oklahoma rock identification Posted 10 days ago

Identify vine/ berry

Please help identify this vine for me. What is it? Looks similar to bittersweet berry but a little larger and whitish shell. Leaves are differnt from bittersweet as well. Can't find any info anywhere. Thanks!

Pennsylvania horticulture Posted 12 days ago

Canker? On maple tree branches

Can anyone tell what this is on my maple tree branches?

Fairfax County Virginia scale insects cottony camellia scale maple tree Posted 13 days ago

Will my Redbud tree live?

I was given a Redbud seedling and started growing it in a container for about 5 months. A landscaper put it in the ground about 5 days ago without telling me and it's leaves were desimated by deer. They have since put fencing around it. I've just started watering it daily. Will it come back and thrive?

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 17 days ago

Strange bark pattern

See the attached photos. My daughter and her class found this during a forestry lab. Instructor says it's a red maple but can't explain the strange bark pattern. What would cause this? I think it looks man made.

Michael Dugan

Lycoming County Pennsylvania Posted 18 days ago

Triatomine Bug

Good afternoon. This bug showed up in my house and I just want to check and make sure that this isn't the triatomine bug that is prominent in the southern states. Its got me and my fiancee terrified. Please ask back quickly.

Fayette County Kentucky kissing bug Posted 22 days ago

White Fungus (shelf?) on trunk of our japanese maple,

We have a White (shelf?) type Fungus growing upward on the lower trunk of our mature Japanese maple. See attached photo below. There is also some bark splitting/peeling on the lower trunk just above the ground level. How do we specifically treat it, and how do we save the tree or remainder of the tree?
Thanks, Chuck

Chester County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs fungus Posted 23 days ago

What are these small brown bugs I’m suddenly finding in my home?

What are these small brown bugs I’m suddenly finding in my home?

Lehigh County Pennsylvania Posted about 1 month ago