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What could this be?

I was offered one of a few different rocks that had been polished and stuff and chose this one (picture attached) any idea what it's made of? it's from the isle of wight which is between England and France, closer to England.
it was amongst gemstones so it could possibly be one but it doesn't look like one to me. Then again what do I know lol

Outside United States Posted about 11 hours ago

Plant identification

Can you please advise what this plant is called.

Outside United States plant identification horticulture Posted 1 day ago


We have 2 Robin's nests in our yard. One we can't see, the other is by our dining room window and easy to see. We noticed that they had hatched by July 6th. All was great. The female and Male were very attentive. Then on Friday july 12th ALL the birds in our yard are gone. The breading pairs are gone. Any ideas as to why?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 3 days ago

What are these caterpillar species?

I found them on my sunflower.

Outside United States insect id Posted 4 days ago

Types of grape plant

Hello how do I know what type of grape vine to plant in Pennsylvania, and where do I buy the vines ? Thank you

Berks County Pennsylvania grapes Posted 5 days ago

Baby birds

We have a nest with three baby juncos they were barely without feathers. Looks like feathers were just starting so they were still very young. Mom and dad religiously would go back to the nest and feed them. Mom would sit with them at night. One morning when I went outside with my dog there were no birds anywhere and when I checked the nest it was empty. No signs that it was tampered with. I'm guessing while we were at work a squirrel came in and raided the nest. Will the parent birds come back to the nest or will they abandon it never to return?

Washington County Oregon wildlife Posted 7 days ago

Baby birds in nest at night but no mom or dad in the nest

I have a Carolina wren nest and has 4 babies in it. I've kept my eye on the nest bc snakes are bad here. Tonight I get home from being gone for a few days and her 4 babies are in the nest but no mom or dad on the nest is this normal?

Arkansas wildlife Posted 9 days ago

I have mites breeding in my neck.. I think it's chiggars, but not sure... I...

I have mites breeding in my neck.. I think it's chiggars, but not sure... I have been digging out what I can.. may I send pics

Oklahoma County Oklahoma mites Posted 9 days ago

Organic Raised Bed

Have infestation of eastern C. killer ground wasp? Probably 59-75 holes in 4x4 bed in less than a week. Best way to rid raised bed organically.

Chester County Pennsylvania wasps Posted 10 days ago

maple tree leaking

hello, just noticed a split in my red maple about 6 inches long with a foot of black drainage below. should i trim the bark around split? should i clean out the split with anything? thank you. pam.

Montgomery County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs maple trees Posted 11 days ago