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church serving food for free or donation

does a church that is serving food free or donation have to have a food handlers licence

Cabell County WV Posted 4 days ago

Slug like object

I found this on the wall in my mud room this morning and I have no idea what is is.

Allegheny County PA Posted 6 days ago


I don’t know the name of the rock, is it worth anything?

Essex County NJ Posted 8 days ago

Tiny black flies

We had an issue with phorid flies last June.. since we had the plumbing done we haven't had any issues. A few weeks ago I noticed small black flies, the phorid fly we had were brownish in color and you could clearly see the hump. These little things (in my opinion) don't look similar at all. Can anyone please help. Thanks

Bucks County PA black fly-like insect Posted 10 days ago

Tiny bug

Can you help identify I have hundreds on my siding outside the house. Thank you Tony

Atlantic County NJ insect identification Posted 14 days ago


I would like to know how to prune my strawberry vanilla hydrangea

Mifflin County Pennsylvania Posted 15 days ago

What organism

What organism when mature has a dark ring around it? It likes water and starts with the letters ph

Polk County Iowa miscellaneous Posted 16 days ago

Grape jelly-like globs on fallen oak branches

I have 2 big pin oak trees in my front yard. One has had many fallen branches recently and when I've picked them up I've noticed jelly-like globs on many branches. They are like purplish in color. Are they insect eggs? What should we do?
Thank you,

Lancaster County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs pin oak Posted 26 days ago

Bird mire on the human body i

In 07 i was renovating a library a ga southern college re doing the HVAC mechanical duct work. 2he i stwrted talking old equipment out started with just a running nose and eyes when i started cleaning the coils some debri got on my arms the next day my arms were covered in a crusty like scab the company sent to th dr they claimed couldn't find anything but nt health hqs failed since then. Im constantly having problems with itchy rashes stuff seems to under the skin around finger nails 8t makes the skin yar and dry around pi can go on and on about it the mayo clinic tried to convince me wws in my head some should look my arms and scars purple looking spots .my primary dr found q mite in the exam rm i use just qfter i used the room he no longer has a private practice it was a bird mite he found havnt bee able to get new dr ft. O listen to me about it living in a q total hell from this

Bryan County Georgia Posted 27 days ago

Leyla cypress looks dead in middle

There is an abandoned house next door. It appears a person from bank may have sprayed for weeds and overspray landed on our trees. A line across middle of trees is brown and limbs appear dead. Will they produce any new growth??

Middlesex County New Jersey leyland cypress leyland cypress dying Posted about 1 month ago