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2 Unusual looking rocks

I have 2 different kinds of rocks the 1st rock is a large rock with every kind of type of mineral inside of the larger rock the 2nd rock is a medium size rock with black stuff,siver and gold conbined together if you would like a picture to figure out what it is

Sacramento County CA Posted 1 day ago

Mites bites

I have a tiny white flake that keeps biting me, all of my pores are filled with eggs and when I can get the mites out it's a little red mite that looks like a bird mites. I can feel a pinprick bite and have sores covering me from head to toe, in my ears, nose, they are even hatching in my mouth. I have taken samples to my extension office 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard a word from them. I was wondering if I put everything in storage here in Nebraska will the cold weather kill them.

Red Willow County NE urban integrated pest management Posted 2 days ago

getting rid of monkshood

Hello, My mom and I recently removed some monkshood plants from the yard. We were careful to wear gloves and long pants etc. However, we accidentally stepped on parts of the plant with our shoes/brushed up against parts of it or parts of the shovel used to remove them. Afterward, we left our shoes and the shovel out to wash in the rain and will wash our clothes in the washing machine. Will this be enough to wash all of the poison off our clothes, shoes and shovel or do we need to get rid of those things? Also, one of the plant's flowers was leaning over into our compost pile. Can the dirt where the plants were growing and the compost still be used for our vegetable garden without it being a problem? I know people grow this plant in their flower gardens and are just careful to wear gloves when handling it so maybe I'm overthinking. I don't know how poisonous the plant is . Just wanted some advice on how careful we have to be. Thanks!

Carbon County PA Posted 3 days ago

Rhubarb plant - relocating?

Hi, I have a 1 year old rhubarb plant which is doing well...planted last Spring, haven't harvested any yet. I am going to have to move the plant by next Spring...I know it's not a great idea but it is required or I will lose it. Any suggestions on timing, method, etc.?

Thanks in advance!

Allegheny County PA horticulture Posted 5 days ago

Zelkova Tree Roots

The Zelkova tree in my front yard (planted in 2010) and about 20 ft. tall now has large roots-about 2-4 in in diameter-at ground level radiating about 8-10 ft from trunk. This causes problems with mowing and ascetics. Any ideas?

Lancaster County PA Posted 10 days ago

What's the first step?

Looking for a bit of guidance on starting a lawn fertilizing , pest control and broad leaf weed control... I have 4 yrs experience with a past employer and current boss subs his fert work out and he's not interested in doing themselves... So do I need to get my own business going to start with the licensing process? Would I be able to be licensed and certified before I'm invested into my business and spending money i really don't have if I'm unable to be licensed. For example I don't past the core exam then I would a fertilizing company that can't fertilizer... That's what concerns me... Thanks for any help you can give and have a good day... Ken B.

Northumberland County Pennsylvania Posted 17 days ago

Lantern Flys

Will the cold air kill the Lantern Fly?

Lancaster County Pennsylvania spotted lanternfly Posted 22 days ago

found a rock with something embedded

I found a rock with something stuck in it. My question is, is it a tooth, or a shell or something.

Attala County Mississippi rock identification Posted 23 days ago


I have a Blaze Maple tree that is approx 25 ft. Tall. For the last two years the leaves just turned yellow and dropped with out turning red. I have always limed the area beneath and around the tree. Could this be a problem. I live in the poconos.

Carbon County Pennsylvania Posted 24 days ago

new Leyland Cypress

Hello I purchased several of these and they were totally great and looked very health I had them in front of the garage for a couple days kept them watered and looked great I moved them to the side of the house until I had time to get them planted as I take care of my mother and she had several Dr. appointments and after the first day I thought hmm it looks like they got burnt and the 2nd day they looked more so but only on the side the sun hit not on the other side I moved them into the shade for the time being 2 of them had fallen over and they looked great as they didn't get nearly as much sun could it be that the sun burnt them? I have 4 more different type cypress I got at the same place before I had seen them turn brown I have kept them in the front of the house and they don't get much sun but look great. any ideas or did I waste my money here. I do not have pics right now to upload but can if you would like to see them. It is 2am when I seen you site. Thanks, Dennis

Columbiana County Ohio trees and shrubs Posted about 1 month ago