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Bug identification

2nd one of these bugs I’ve found. I’ve have a few small bites I woke with. Trying to identify and learn how to rid

Hidalgo County TX Posted 2 days ago

Rock identification

Hi, I have a rock that needs to be identified. It has blue, purple, and gold colors. Where can I send a video to be identified.

geology Posted 7 days ago

Apple tree problem

I have numerous apple trees that are becoming covered with what looks like ashes. If you kind of rub at it it does come off but it is covering all off the tree. It also spreads over the buds. Seems to almost suffocate the tree branches until they dry out and become brittle and break. It prevents any good fruit from developing and is spreading threw several trees. I try to be diligent with my spraying and nothing is helping. I need suggestions so we do not lose our entire orchard.

Beaver County PA Posted 11 days ago

Bugs that look like white rice

For months I’ve been seeing bugs that look like white rice. They are every where in my home. Along with bugs that look like black pepper. My cloths are getting holes, they are in my pantry, refrigerator. On my tile floors I’m finding a clear liquid that sparkles. I’ve had two exterminator come out, they say it’s nothing. However, they didn’t bother to check the attic, my furniture, rugs. When they walk in they see a clean home. Which is why I think they don’t bother to check thoroughly. My husband thinks I’m crazy. Problem has gotten so bad I wish no longer to live here.

Riverside County CA pest identification clothes moths Posted 12 days ago


I have carpet beetle and mites. My whole house is inundated. I can’t bring any food into house or place in fridge or freezer. Also my car had bedding in for laundromat and daughter borrowed left bedding in for weeks. Now it also is infested with bug. Soon as food or drink in fully sealed containers is in car or home or fridge it is infested. I have lost 27kg in six months . They are in nose , bowel movements are infested and my hair and skin are affected. My daughter thinks I am nuts and she has told my doctor the same. They now have mental health involved. What can I do. I did have pest control spray my home plus I have let off insect bombs in house and car continually. Nothing eradicates them. I am 66yrs old and now have no money after all this. They ate through my lounge suite /deer hide , my electric recliner. Dining suite(wood) ,6ft.entertainment unit , 6ft sideboard . Bed bases and concrete statues inside and out. I am distraught.

OUTSIDEUS urban integrated pest management Posted 14 days ago

Bird mites

Why is it that when recent scientific research shows mites can and do,live off people and dogs, the American entamology community just ignores it all and still believes past garbage.

Pennsylvania mites pest insects and mites Posted 15 days ago

What is the best way of getting rid of weed seed in my garden?

What is the best way of getting rid of weed seed in my garden?

Lehigh County Pennsylvania Posted 22 days ago

What kind of insect is this?

I found this guy on my deck in Effort, Chestnuthill Township, Monroe County, Pa. What the heck is it? Thanks, Fred H.

Monroe County Pennsylvania insect identification Posted 28 days ago

Lake Superior wash up

I am running out of titles for this one.

Michigan miscellaneous Posted about 1 month ago

Is this Slime Mold?

This is on the soil of my house plant. Is it slime mold? I just noticed it last night.

Outside United States mildew and mold control Posted about 1 month ago