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This group answers questions about home gardening, landscapes and lawn care in Kentucky. Questions will be answered by certified Kentucky Extension Master Gardeners with assistance from County Extension Agents, and State Extension Specialists. If you have a question about commercial fruit and vegetable production, nursery production, or other commercial horticulture enterprise, please contact your local county Extension office directly.  An interactive map of Kentucky county Extension offices can be found here:

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Questions asked to this group

I need help identifying a butterfly

A beautiful little critter landed on my knee and blessed me with his presence I would like to know what kind of butterfly it is. please help

Scott County Kentucky entomology insect identification butterflies and moths Posted over 3 years ago

Gardening; Rose bush not thriving

I have a yellow rose bush which always grew very well & had many blooms. The last two years it has not grown over about 3 inches tall; it still produces blooms but very weak & small. It has developed 4, what looks like to me, crowns in the ground. My thought is that it needs to be divided. Please help...

Campbell County Kentucky rose bushes campbell county kentucky horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Zoysia grass

Was wondering how zoysia grass would do in the mongomery county area of Kentucky

Montgomery County Kentucky lawns and turf zoysia grass horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

fruit trees

Last year I lost some fruit trees do to late winter- this year the same thing is happening. Late December, record high temps, fruit trees budding. How can I protect these fruit trees when winter finally hits- or can I ?

Washington County Kentucky fruit trees Posted almost 5 years ago

What kind of vine can we use on our indoor/outdoor deck?

The deck is open all the way around but the vines need to be on the shadier side. There is a roof overhead and lattice growing in the open space and in winter it gets closed in with clear plastic and electric heaters are run to keep our customers warm. It is in a restaurant. We have some confederate jasmine but it is doing really bad. There is black stuff on the leaves. The stems have been pretty bare all summer. This is zone 7a. thank you in advance for your help!

Giles County Tennessee trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 5 years ago