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Questions asked to this group

What is it and What do I do?

I've attached 2 photos as examples of existing conditions in my lawn. Do not know what this is or how do deal with it. p[lease advise. Thanks. Byron Wolfe 301-208-1311

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 14 hours ago

Brown patch disease

What is the best approach or solution for a lawn covered with brown patch?

Howard County Maryland Posted about 16 hours ago

beans in home garden

My string beans (new seed) grew wonderfully, very lush but there are no buds and of course no beans. The rain has been plentiful. what to do?

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted about 19 hours ago

Help identifying shrub

Hello, I've seen this shrub in a few places around my neighborhood, and I'm hoping you can help me identify it. it has very distinctive long clusters of flowers. I have attached some pictures. Thank you for your help. Cheers, James

Baltimore Maryland Posted about 20 hours ago

How many hours?

I am trying to grow spearmint and chocolate mint. I know that mint plants require partial shade, but how many hours of the day should they have sun and how many hours should they have shade? I want to be sure that they get the right amount of each.

Charles County Maryland Posted about 23 hours ago

Identify a plant

This plant is coming up very prolifically in an area where I planted a bag of wild flower seeds. The area was very weedy before I killed off all the vegetation with glyphosate. There are about 4 stem that come off of the central hub. Each stem has 8-10 leaves and small white flowers are emerging from the center. Can you tell if this is a wildflower or a weed. Thanks, Gary Meyer

Dorchester County Maryland Posted about 23 hours ago

How often should I water?

How often should I water my vegetable, herb, and berry garden during hot spells like the one we are experiencing now? In the early morning the plants look ok but by evening they look wilted and the leaves droop so I have been watering them almost every other morning. Every time I do, the ground on the next morning looks so dry that you would not know that I had watered the previous morning. Most of the leaves have remained dark green but a few have turned pale green or even yellow. Am I watering too much or too little?

Charles County Maryland Posted about 23 hours ago

Weed identification

I’ve got another random weed that has popped up...can you identify please? There is a small sprig of purslane. It’s from a pile of dirt we dug up in the yard. Thank you! I appreciate you looking this up...I’ve alread looked in your photo library and I couldn’t find it.

Charles County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera )

I am at a loss to determine how to get rid of this invasive vine known as Air Potato because I am afraid to spray Round-Up because of the health risks. Live in Vienna, Maryland and can be reached at 301-943-4972. Please advise. Thank you, Charles Kropp.

Dorchester County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Suspected walnut caterpillars

My adolescent shagbark hickory has been almost denuded in 48 hours! I found a trail of carcasses on the trunk and these wooly guys munching and pooping to make it almost rain under the tree. They are too high for me to reach with a Bt spray bottle. My other adjacent plants are oaks and redbuds and are happily ignored. Am I right what it is? Are there suggestions on how to handle?

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 2 days ago