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Questions asked to this group

Mothballs and snakes

Our local Nextdoor social media has a hot thread about snakes in the house and the use of mothballs to discourage snakes from being in your house. Could you provide some science-based information about this subject? Please.

Prince George's County Maryland Posted about 10 hours ago

Cutting back irises

Can I cut irises back now even if the leaves are still green or should I wait until they havee all turned brown?

Baltimore County Maryland Posted about 15 hours ago

Bush killer

Can you tell me what is killing my bush and what to spay it with?

Howard County Maryland Posted about 16 hours ago

Black Walnut Trees

A nursery recently planted cryptomeria trees next to several black walnut trees. Is this a problem?

Baltimore County Maryland Posted about 20 hours ago

HG84 in Spanish?

Good morning. I'd like to print out and give a copy of HG 84 (Pruning) to our mower, who's interested in such things. He'd get so much more out of a Spanish edition if it's available. I thought some of the publications were available in Spanish, but I haven't found them. Thanks for helping. Bob Nixon, Clarksville ###

Howard County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Where can I find a expert to identify bird mites

I desperately need help I have what I believe to be a birdmite infestation in my apartmentI apartment they have taken over they were in all my clothes I had to get rid of all my clothing,furniture moved to another apartment and they are still here the apartments I live in Will not hire a professional exterminator anything I wear twice I have to throw away. The reason why I believe they are birdmites is because the maintenance man found a dead pigeon in my air conditioning unit I had been complaining about bites long before they didn't believe me so they did nothing PLEASE HELP I LIVE IN BALTIMORE,MD no one I talk to knows what I'm talking about they stay around my eyes they are in my hair all over my phone which makes my finger itch

Baltimore Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Best Evergreens to plant

Next spring I would like to plant six or seven evergreens at the edge of the wood line of tall trees located about 20 feet from my deck. They would get late afternoon shade. Which plants would you recommend and when to plant them?

St. Mary's County Maryland plant selection evergreen Posted 1 day ago

Neccessity of routine treatment of shrubs and trees with pesticides and hort. oil

I got into using Tru Green for tree and shrub insect and disease control several years ago when I had a very bad infestation of bagworms on my arborvitae. (I also have a fungus on my cherry laurels but what they use does not make it go away anyway and so I treat only the cherry laurels with a fungicide, myself.) So! I have not had any bagworm issues for several years,probabaly at least 4. I pay for 2 horticultural oil treatments per year and two insect and disease treatments, a total of 4 treatments. I really wonder if I need to do any of this anymore. No bagworms for 4 years or so and I treat the cherry laurels for fungus myself. Would I be safe in discontinuing all applications in your opinion? (I hate using these things but am afraid of losing my arborvitae.) A big thanks for any help!

Baltimore County Maryland shrubs bagworms cherry laurel Posted 2 days ago

Mystery seed pod?

I found this pod under a flowering bush that has beautiful red flowers during the summer. Can you tell me if it is a Calyanthus seed pod?

Anne Arundel County Maryland plant identification Posted 3 days ago

Damage on Skip Laurel

Can you please tell me what is causing this damage?
How it overwinters?
And do skip laurels come back after a hard prune?

Montgomery County Maryland borer cherry laurel shrub Posted 4 days ago