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Questions asked to this group

Grape - The fruit is falling off ?

Fruit falling off Grape vine

We had lots of healthy looking bunches of grapes on our 2 year old white and red grape vines then the fruit just fell off leaving only stalks ? they have been getting lots of sun and water, we fertilise them with liquid fertiliser twice a month and they predominantly face west. Regards Neil

District of Columbia Posted 1 day ago

What type of shrub?

What type of shrub is this? It is growing alongside the trunk of a tree in St Inigoes, MD.

St. Mary's County Maryland Posted 1 day ago


I planted crocus bulbs in containers,stored them in garage for winter. How often should they be watered? Do you have suggestions for other type bulbs? Thank you.

Prince George's County Maryland Posted 2 days ago

Planting Cherry Trees

I live in St Mary's county. I want to plant a couple sour cherry trees. I have been given two recommendations, Montmorency and Dwarf North Star. Do you agree with those recommendations or do you have a better recommendation. I'm looking for something easy to grow. I have very little experience with fruit trees. I have mostly clay soil. What would I need to do to the soil to give the cherry tree's a good chance of surviving and thriving? Finally, do you know of any nursery's in Maryland that sell these tree's? Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

St. Mary's County Maryland Posted 2 days ago

How Big

How tall do arborvitaes grow? How big around? I have two that have been growing for about 20 years. I prune them every 3-4 years but they now are 10 - 20 feet tall and about 4 feet in diameter. How much taller will they get? How much larger in diameter?

Charles County Maryland Posted 2 days ago

End of growing season for fall crops

How long can you harvest broccoli raab and Swiss chard after a hard frost even when leaves are still green?

Howard County Maryland Posted 3 days ago

Rodents or What?

Hi, I am a resident of Montgomery County and have noticed a fairly significant hole not of my doing that is adjacent to the foundation wall of my house. I called Washington Gas (someone suggested that gas lines could result in a sinkhole) but they the hole said \was not due to the gas lines. I then feared that it could it be (or have been) rodents and that is what directed me to the UMD Extension Services. Attached are a few photos. I dumped a bag of rocks (which can be seen in one of the photos) and was surprised to see how little it filled the hole. I then measured the length of the hole and it was about 3 feet. Can you advise on a possible cause and plan of action to fill it. Is this something I as a homeowner can do (more rocks?) or do I need a contractor? If the latter, what kind of contractor does this type of work? Thanks.

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 3 days ago

Fig Tree Wintering

We planted a fig tree, Chicago Hardy, 2 years ago. It is doing well. It is around 3 feet high and wide. We are wondering what we need to do to have it survive a cold winter. It has been recommended that we encase it in leaves, so we put our ground up leaves around the tree just before the first frost, intending to remove the dried leaves in the spring and use them for compost. However, others have suggested this might not be good for the tree because it might lead to mold and insect damage. What do you think? Will this be harmful? Is there a better way to protect the tree from a long cold spell?

Baltimore County Maryland fruit plant care winterizing fig Posted 3 days ago

Knock out rose pruning

I have a knock out rose bush that has done amazingly well, but it's getting much bigger than I anticipated and I'm wondering if, when, and how I should prune it back, beyond the normal trim back (about 25%) I do in very early spring.

Harford County Maryland shrubs plant care pruning knock out roses Posted 3 days ago

pruning back

I'm never sure whether my plants are best pruned back in late fall/early winter after the first frost, or late winter/early spring before everything starts growing/blooming again. In particular, I have a couple of shrubs (butterfly bush and St. Johns Wort) that are prolific and tend to get leggy, some vines like clematis and honeysuckle, a couple of ornamental grasses, and a bunch of perennial flowers. Can you give me some guidance?

Harford County Maryland shrubs plant care pruning flowering shrubs and vines Posted 3 days ago