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Mahonia aquifolium or bealei?

Hi there! I intend to purchase 30-40 of mahonia bushes if there were the native version. The mother plants is now about 10’ tall. Thanks!

Howard County MD Posted about 16 hours ago

Trying to identify tree with red berries

Hi Folks,
We're clearing out overgrowth and have a tree (or large shrub?) with red berries and distinctive vertical striped bark. Can you help us ID?
Thank you!

Montgomery County MD plant identification bush honeysuckle Posted 2 days ago

Fig Trees

We have mature fig trees that were planted about 30 years ago. We had a terrific crop this summer. The trees have never been pruned, and occupy a space about 12' x 12'x 12'. Covering them for the winter has been an ongoing challenge. Would greatly appreciate knowing of pruning experts for these trees ( if it's advisable to prune them now) and advice / suggestions / help with covering the trees for winter.

Prince George's County MD Posted 3 days ago

Misshapen Apples

I have 4 apple trees and the resulting apples are misshapen and covered with spots. Can you tell me what is happening to the fruit and how I can prevent it from happening next year?

Frederick County MD fruit abiotic issues pest insects and mites Posted 3 days ago

Top of Sugar Maple is dying off

The Sugar Maple pictured is dying at its top and end of some branches. Earlier in the year leaves
were too yellow and a nursery advised giving it iron. We did so with a product called Iron Tone by Espoma. This worked some with the application of a 1/2 bag every month. I have also been advised that is could be Verticillium Wilt and my only option is to plant a resistant species or feed the maple and see if it fights off the fungus. Pictures are attached. Thanks for any advice.
I have more pictures if needed.

Anne Arundel County MD disease issues abiotic issues trees Posted 3 days ago

Puckering Leaves: but not the kissable type

Hello, I have a 3 year old Peace Lily plant which I adore, however for at least a year now I have noticed long puckered streaks on both old and new leaves. The puckers or wrinkles.. (I will include photos) will eventually pull on the leaf enough that it tears/rips and eventually destroys it.
I can think of nothing different that I did or has happened during the time this began happening. I have searched every leaf with a magnifying glass and see no indications of mites or bugs. I changed the plant pot and soil, I started keeping the window blind closed on the side closest to plant in case it was too much sunlight, I keep the leaves cleaned at least bi weekly. I took an effected leaf to the agriculture department in my area and everyone is as puzzled as I am. Help please!

Maryland houseplants abiotic issues Posted 3 days ago

House flies

Do house flies cause myiasis?

Prince George's County Maryland pest insects and mites Posted 3 days ago

House flies

Do house flies lay eggs into our mouths while we're sleeping?

Prince George's County Maryland pest insects and mites Posted 3 days ago

Lantana seeds

I have a lantana plant I want to get seeds from. Some of the berries have turned black & I thought I could get seeds from them. However when I tried, all I got was liquid. What am I doing wrong? Should I have waited longer? How do I know when black berries are ready to harvest the seeds?

District of Columbia flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials lantana propagation from seed Posted 5 days ago

Identify a plant.

I believe this is a perennial. Plant in nursery pot at end of season. Name has faded. No sign of a flower. Low and spreading. Can you identify it. Thx

Anne Arundel County Maryland plant identification Posted 6 days ago