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Shrub ID

Please identify this non-evergreen broad-leafed shrub. It is growing in a clearing with dappled sunshine, in a mature deciduous forest in northern Calvert county. The shrub is about six feet tall and has spread (by runners?) over a 25-foot patch. It currently has white flowers with four petals, about 1 3/8 inches in diameter, slightly fragrant. The branchlets are twice(?)-compound, opposite, with reddish, papery, woody stem. The individual leaflets, 1-4inches long, are pointed elliptic, slightly wavy-edged with few widely spaced, very shallow bristle-tipped teeth. The veins on the underside sport tiny stiff hairs. Leaf veins somewhat parallel leaf edges. The twigs all lack a central end bud at the tip. Is this a Garden Mock-orange, Philadelphus coronarius L.?

Calvert County MD Posted about 4 hours ago

Scale found on my pawpaw tree

I have an infestation of some ugly fat scales on my two pawpaw trees. How can I be rid of them? Will they spread to other vegetation if left untreated? Photo attached. Thank you , Irene MacDonald MG

Howard County MD Posted about 6 hours ago

Unusual Fly

Found the fly in the attached picture reproducing in my garden. Never seen this kind before. What is it and is it a pest?

Harford County MD Posted about 10 hours ago

Peas yellowing

My peas are yellowing from the bottom up. I do see little green bugs which I think are aphids. How do I control the aphids? I know ladybugs would help but where do I get those? Are there any other organic solutions? What are the not organic solutions? Could there be another problem? It's probably too late for this season but I want to know for the future. Thank you.

Calvert County MD Posted about 12 hours ago

Peas yellowing

My peas are yellowing from the bottom up. I see little green bugs. I think it's an aphid problem. Could there be another problem as well? What can I do? What are the organic options? I know lady bugs would help but how do I get them? It's probably too late for this year but if like to know for the future.

Calvert County MD Posted about 13 hours ago

Tree Stumps

Tree Stumps I have a large white ash tree, Tall 40" inch in diameter tree located in the front yard. I have gathered quotes from tree services in the county, Montgomery County, to remove the dead tree. And grind the stump. Many of the tree services are asking me to contact Miss Utility. Is this my responsibility or the responsibility of the tree service? And if it is the responsibility of the tree service, does the tree service charge a fee? I would like to leave myself options going forward. I have not decided if I will plant another tree in the same place as the removed tree or if I will grow grass in that space. Which will give me the border options – Stump and Surface Root Grinding or Tree and Root Removal? If Stump and Surface Root Grinding is the best way to go, how far below soil level should the tree service grind? Some services will fill the hole with wood chips and place top soil on top of the wood chips. Will I have to wait for the wood chips to disintegrate before grass will grow n that space. Or will filling in the hole with topsoil only allow me to more quickly grow grass in the space? If stump and root removal is the best way to go, does the tree service haul away the debris as a result of their work? Does the tree service tend to hole as a result of the tree stump and root removal? Will all wood and root pieces be removed from the hole? Is the hole filled with topsoil? Who supplies the topsoil, me or the tree service? Should the topsoil match the type of soil that already exist in the yard? Who determines the type of soil already in the yard? Oh, is there good and bad topsoil? If it is my responsibility to purchase the topsoil, where do I purchase quality topsoil? Thanks.

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 16 hours ago


I keep losing leaves to redness. I think it's a virus? Can I harvest and use our is all lost? Also caught this bug on them.

Calvert County Maryland vegetables Posted about 24 hours ago

I live in Kent county md and have applied granular weed and feed for...

I live in Kent county md and have applied granular weed and feed for crabgrass. When will I know if it has worked and should I reapply

Kent County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Insect or disease?

I've read up on there various lawn care issues Maryland, and I still can't determine if this is casued by and inset or disease. In the picture you can see the grass is browned and died in large patches. I arated and overseeded last fall, but the area still looks rough. How so I go about treating this area further. I already applied a nitrogen Fertilizer for spring.

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Where do I report sightings of giant hogweed?

I walked around Font Hill Wetland Park near Rte. 40 in Ellicott City when I saw at least half a dozen of these plants. I understand one should report them but I don't know to whom.

Howard County Maryland plant identification Posted 1 day ago