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Maple Tree Issues

I recently purchased a house that has 2 maples trees that are about 30 feet tall and both are covered in black bark. The black goes all the way up the trunk and is also starting to go out on some of the branches. There also appears to be some kind of pest damage on one of them a seen in the pictures attached. The yard is usually fairly damp, and was much more so before I worked on the downspout drainage after I moved in, so I'm not sure if that would cause whatever my issue is. One of my neighbors has the same thing going on with one of their trees, though from what I can see it is much less severe than mine. The other neighbor, who has a yard that usually sits more damp than mine, has two maples as well though neither of them is showing any signs like my two. I tried taking a sample of the bark into the Homestead Gardens diagnostic booth but the person there wasn't too sure but suggested it might be verticillium. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted 9 minutes ago

Help in finding a plant

Do you know where I can buy a stephanandra incisa plant? I live in Silver Spring. Thanks

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 3 hours ago

Scale on Croton

I have a very large croton which is beginning to develop scale. It's over six feet and probably 3 1/2 feet wide. Because of its lcoation, it would be very difiicult to spray it with insecticide soap which is what I usually use without making a major mess in my living room.Your website mentions systemic products. i found Bonide Systemic Granules .22% on Amazon. I am not sure if this product would be effective on scale on croton. Also I have cats who sometimes eat plant leaves and don't know if the product woild be safe to use around them.

Howard County Maryland Posted about 4 hours ago

soil testing

what i need to do and where to send it my lawn is a mess,with more weeds then grass.

Baltimore County Maryland soil testing Posted about 5 hours ago

Diseased "Double Knock Out" Rose stems

We bought 6 Double Knock Out Rose bushes through the mail 3 years ago. They were sickly (powdery mildew and spider mites) but as a former Master Gardener, I nursed them to health. Last summer they looked quite good and bloomed prolifically so I was eagerly anticipating this season. Imagine my dismay when I noticed all the black lesions up and down their stems, and also on the other varieties of roses that we had planted around the perimeter of our home over the past 40 years. I looked on your website and it said the black areas probably came from the spread of black spot on the leaves (which they did have). My fear is that the disease is too spread and that we should just dig up all of our rose bushes and start with something new (not roses). My husband thought that we might be able to drastically prune them and douse them with fungicide. What do you recommend? Donna Logee

Frederick County Maryland Posted about 6 hours ago

What is growing in my yard?

Could someone tell me what this is growing in my yard? (see pictures) It seems to be invasive and is taking over more of the lawn each year.

Frederick County Maryland Posted about 7 hours ago

Weeding my raspberry patch

I have a productive raspberry patch where the weeds are fighting for space. There is an abundance of wild garlic/onions(?) that are gaining a foothold. Actually, they are gaining a foothold in my lawn as well. What is the best way for me to rid the raspberry patch of this onion/garlic infestation please? Is this simply going to be a get down on hands and knees and dig up this invader scenario, or is there another way? Also I would like to get rid of all the other weeds that are competing for the nutrients in this space. Thank you for any assistance.

Baltimore Maryland weeds fruit Posted about 23 hours ago

Bermuda grass

How do we control/get rid of Bermuda grass on an established lawn?

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 24 hours ago

Planting zoysis grass plugs

When to plant? With what type of fertilizer? How often and for how long do you water after planting? What type of fertilizer and how often do you fertilize when the grass is growing? What type of zoysia grass plugs do you recommend? What advice/suggestions do you have? Thanks.

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Gardening Software

Have you used/ recommend any gardening software to track my fruit and vegetable beds?

Baltimore Maryland vegetables Posted 1 day ago