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Help My Hawaii Ti Plant is dying!

I purchased a Hawaii ti plant at the end of july. The plants has been growing beautiful for 5 months, with alot of beautiful green foilage at the top. I keep my plant in the house, and would bring it on the patio for sunlight for about 4 hours, then bring it back in the house. Sometimes I just keep it in the house and give it indirect light from the sun. I have been watering the plant with rain water that I catch outside when its raining, since I had the plant. The plant was doing amazing. I stop taking the plant outside once it got cold. I notice my plant needed to be repotted bec I could see the roots coming up from the top of the soil. I finally replanted my plant in a well drainage soil with perlite and bark in it. Now the leaves have started turning yellow and their falling off. It started from the bottom slowly, now its rapidly dying from the top. I barely have any leaves now and I don't know what happened. I mist my leaves everyday with rain water. There are no pest on my leaves. It was thriving for like 6 months and I don't know what happened. Please help, I'm devastated! Update, I just look at the soil and notice these tiny worm looking insects. I don't know what they are but I have attached a pic below. I didn't have any insects until I used new soil. This is what I was apprehensive about when replanting my plant. Please help!

Baltimore County Maryland houseplant ti plant Posted 5 months ago

Is this a kissing bug?

Found this fellow in Columbia MD on Saturday 11/21, lounging on a sidewalk; over 1" in length. Thanks for your help, stay well!

Howard County Maryland insect identification Posted 5 months ago

Laurel Disease

What may I use to combat white powdery looking inner branches on our Atolewkens. ( Mountain Laurel } I have already lost one shrub and i and one other has the same thing but hasn't lost it's leaves as yet. Help there are 5 more mature shrubs. Craig

Maryland shrubs pest insects and mites Posted 5 months ago

What is it?

So I heard buzzing around and thought it was a fly. I then I felt it land on me and saw this. What is it and is it harmful? Thanks

Maryland insect identification Posted 5 months ago

Annual Fall Weeds

How can I control this weed In the attached pictures. It comes up in my lawn and shrub beds in early fall. It grows very long, dies in the spring, has been spreading over the last few years, and is unattractive.

Prince George's County Maryland weeds plant identification Posted 5 months ago

curly willow tree borders.

I first noticed bark coming off this summer then later saw dust.By close observation this fall I see small bore holes. Can I treat it now in the fall. looks bad.

Baltimore County Maryland curly willow trees pest insects and mites Posted 5 months ago

Edible green?

I planted seeds from a Spicy Salad Greens packet. I'm not sure if the plant in the attached photo is one of those greens or a weed. Is this edible?

Baltimore County Maryland vegetables plant identification Posted 5 months ago

natives with a purpose

Are there low maintenance Maryland native plants that are evergreen, deer resistant, do not have a high flammability rating, and are either: (1) a 6-8 foot shrub for a living privacy fence or (2) ground cover under 7 inches high that forms a mat to reduce weeds. I can't seem to find either. I would appreciate any help

Montgomery County Maryland shrubs plant selection native Posted 5 months ago

Unidentified yellow wildflower

I would like to identify this yellow wildflower, which is growing in several low-lying (and generally moist) spots on my property, mostly in substantial shade, even under black walnut trees. The flower and foliage photos were taken on 27 September, and the seeds were collected in October. The plants are as tall as perhaps 4 ft. The largest leaves are maybe 7 in. across on a plant that size, but many are smaller. The stems have a hexagonal cross section and have a narrow hole running down the length. The crushed leaves have no particular odor. I believe the plant must be a perennial, as there are very small and very large plants in the same area. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Maryland plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 5 months ago

What is Epsom salt used for plants? How (timing, quantity) should we use it?

What is Epsom salt used for plants? How (timing, quantity) should we use it?

Montgomery County Maryland fertilizer Posted 5 months ago