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Questions asked to this group

Cherry Tree inquiry

Hello, I have a cherry tree that is experiencing some bacteria growth. Not sure how to cure it, there are visible growth of mold/bacteria on several branches. In addition, most of the cherries that are growing out are now rotted. Many leaves are now yellow or with brownish spots throughout. Planning to use copper fungicide to help cure it, please let me know if thats a good option. Thanks!

Howard County MD Posted 17 minutes ago

Peach Tree Inquiry

Hello, I have a peach tree and it grew healthy peaches last year. There are several leaves on the tree this year that is turning yellow or brownish spots very close to the peaches. Planning to use copper fungicide to cure or rid disease. Please let me know your opinion on how I should move forward with this. Thanks!

Howard County MD Posted 21 minutes ago

Plant ID

The plant with the green lobed leaves has appeared in my garden. It has tall stems and lavender flowers. What is it?

Anne Arundel County MD Posted 26 minutes ago

Weeping cherry looks lame

Our mature weeping cherry (15 years old) had very sparse blossoms this year. Now the leaves are also very sparse. Do you think it will recover to its usual beauty or did this cold winter finish it off?

Harford County MD dieback trees ornamental cherries Posted about 1 hour ago

Leaves dying after leafing out

A number of trees and shrubs leafed out this spring, then started dying back from the tip back toward the trunk. The leaves are brown and crispy. Most affected are ornamental cherries and birches. No obvious signs of infestation. What could be causing this?

MD disease issues shrubs trees Posted about 2 hours ago

three rose problems

Hello there,

I have several rose plants and I think that there are three distinct problems going on. Would you please let me know what you think is wrong and what the best ways to treat the is?

On my climbing Graham Thomas rose, there are reddish spots on the leaves, but they don't look like what I'd expect rust to look like. On my Wollerton Old Hall rose, as well as several others, there's a black substance on the leaves that wipes off. I treated it today with neem oil. Finally, my Jude the Obscure rose has some leaves with a sort of mottled yellow and green appearance.

Thanks for your help!

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 2 hours ago

Wild strawberries removal

do you have tips on how to get rid of wild strawberries? thanks!

Anne Arundel County Maryland lawns and turf mock strawberries Posted about 3 hours ago

Lawn brown spots

Over the past couple of weeks, I've began to notice what appears to be some sort of mold/fungus on clumps of the grass in my yard, early in the morning when the grass is wet. By the afternoon when the sun has dried the grass, the area where the mold/fungus was earlier has turned brown. So I now have these nasty brown areas all over my yard. Sorry, I've attached pictures of the brown spots, but I haven't taken any of the mold/fungus for reference. I'm hoping that because of the area, you've had experience with this and know what the problem is and can suggest a solution. Is there any way to green the yard back up for this season? Or will these brown spots mean that my grass is going to permanently die and I've got to replace it?

Howard County Maryland lawns and turf disease issues Posted about 3 hours ago

We live in a wooded area with the front and back "yard" moss...

We live in a wooded area with the front and back "yard" moss covered because of the shade. For a couple years now, areas have appeared that look like round circles in the moss which are brown in color and spread outward. We fear this is some sort of fungus that will eventually kill all the moss. Please advise as to what these strange circles are and what we can do to save our moss yard.

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted about 3 hours ago

barrier type planting for privacy

about 10 years ago I planted about 20 leland cypress cross the back of my lot (5-6 apart) to block out my neighbors messy barn etc. They have done wonderfully as a barrier and are now 40 to 50' high. However, they now are browning badly from the bottom up and so seem to me will be lost eventually, I assume it is canker or / and spider mites etc. the full sun side is still green, Within a couple years more I think they will be totally brown. I have been looking at replacement or just planting another barrier row of something I am wondering what you would recommend. I am in Western Howard and the trees have full sun on one side and lesser so on the back north side.

Howard County Maryland Posted about 3 hours ago