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Identify a new weed

Please identify a weed that is proliferating where I removed wild multi flora rose and autumn olive. It grows over 6 ft high

Howard County MD plant identification Posted about 17 hours ago

Sporobolus heterolepsis care

Greetings Masters ~

I recently planted a full-sun, parking lot corner with Sporobolus that were a good and healthy size (1 gal); several were blooming. The post-plant bed was spread with Leafgro and then topped with organic mulch They were hand-watered in but also the bed is on an irrigation system.

I'm nervous about dethatching at the right time since this is it's first season. Worried that if I take it back too early it won't survive (I read conflicting information about it). Is it best for me to wait for new growth beforehand? I'm wondering if the crown needs winter protection and therefore I should avoid doing it in December, January or even February...

Many thanks!

Baltimore County MD Posted about 17 hours ago

Maple tree shoveled leaf with black coloring drop

Suddenly our mature maple tree is losing leaves heavily. The levels are shriveled with black, gray color Please what is the problem and can it be treated.

Montgomery County MD trees and shrubs brown leaves maple diseases Posted about 17 hours ago

Trees/large shrubs rapid browning

We had 12"+ rain in Shady Side in July. In the last 3 weeks - 2 redbuds have died and a very old juniper. Pictures attached. The redbuds, one of which was puny, may have suffered from root suffocation from water as it is wet there. The juniper is in a well drained sunny spot. So maybe fungus? I'm figuring all of these are goners, likely. Agree? Are you hearing similar reports from other East Coast/midAtlantic folks? Thank you.

Anne Arundel County MD Posted about 18 hours ago

Woodland "weed" - or friendly?

This plant is growing aggressively in a portion of the woodlands where we are trying to control invasives.
Is it a friend or foe?

Catonsville Presbyterian Church

Baltimore County MD wildflowers and native plants plant identification Posted about 18 hours ago

Lawn and soil

Our house in the Two Rivers development in Odenton was built 3 years ago. We found out that the site is a former quarry. The clay that they used to fill in the quarry is horrible. It is a challenge to dig the soil in order to plant things and then get them to grow. Because the clay is so dense, it holds water, so plants that don’t like wet feet are not going to make it here. Sod for the lawn was laid right on top of this clay and is struggling. Right now, the developer is in the process of digging around the foundation of the house down to drain tiles and will be water proofing the foundation along with adding soil that will drain and not push against the foundation. In the process of doing this, there is a muddy path (road) where heavy equipment has rolled over. Parts of the lawn will be resodded. We read about a product Aerify Plus that can be sprayed on the clay to break it up. It sounds like it might be something that would help, but we would like to know if the Extension Service has an opinion about this product. Also, what recommendations would you have in order to establish a lawn that will grow. New sod will be laid. Anything we can do to the soil before this? Also, any recommendations as to how to go about remedying the rest of lawn—it is in bad shape.

Anne Arundel County Maryland lawns and turf lawn renovation Posted about 18 hours ago

Oak Tree - top turning brown

Over the past 2-3 weeks, my oak tree has begun to brown. Full branches at the top are turning. Is it dying? Is it oak wilt? Is there anything that can be done to save it? Where should I start? Please see pictures. Thank you!

Calvert County Maryland Posted about 19 hours ago

How to remove lawn ivy

Hi, our yard has been overtaken by lawn ivy, which I’ve also seen being called creeping Charlie and gill o’er the ground—I’ve been pulling it in a big monthly weed, but it comes back very quickly and seemingly more aggressively. I’ve read that it can be killed by applying a mix of dish detergent, white vinegar, and water, but I wanted to be sure that’s safe for everything else! I’d appreciate suggestions for eliminating or at least reducing the ground ivy in a safe way. Many thanks, Jill

Prince George's County Maryland lawns and turf creeping charlie ground ivy Posted about 19 hours ago

Viburnum with extreme distress

My formerly healthy viburnum is showing extreme distress as shown in the accompanying photos. It's approximately 3-4 years in the location and has done very well until now. Rhodies and azaleas surrounding are doing well. They face in a general easterly direction but shaded. Thanks in advance for any help.

Baltimore County Maryland Posted about 20 hours ago


I understand that picking the bags in fall and applying Bt (kurstaki strain) in spring is the prescribed method of control. My daughter has four tall trees (arborvitae Thuja) that can't be reached by hose sprayer--need to spray 40 ft high. I don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a commercial sprayer. Is there an alternative systemic soil drench that work--I hate killing beneficial predators but... My daughter lives in Virginia and I live in Howard County. Thanks

Howard County Maryland trees and shrubs bagworms Posted about 20 hours ago