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Wiregrass/Bermuda Grass

Hi, I am the president of the garden club at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Our raised beds that we use for growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs are becoming invaded by wire grass. I was wondering if you had recommendations for cheap (we're college students) ways to effectively rid our plots of this aggressive grass. Thank you!

Baltimore County MD Posted about 15 hours ago

Algae on concrete

I have persistent yellow and green algae on concrete walkways, deck, and siding. I have tried many cleaners including bleach, simple green, RD20, 409, copper salts, Method All Purpose, OxiClean, hydrogen peroxide, Dawn dish soap, and maybe something else I’m forgetting. Some work for about a week and then the algae returns. See attached picture. Any suggestions?

Baltimore County MD Posted about 21 hours ago

What is this bug?

I find these bugs every so often in my house/bedroom, usually crawling on my wall. I have never seen any larger than what is in the picture. It’s no bigger than the tip of a pen. Can anyone tell me what they are??

Carroll County MD Posted 1 day ago

Is there a particular type of fertilizer for growing herbs and vegetables indoors?

I'd like to grow lettuce, chard, and other foods indoors throughout the year. I want to be clear on what type of fertilizer to use. I only see information for house plants; does it matter that the plants I'm interested in are for food use?

Prince George's County MD Posted 1 day ago

Maple tree identification

Hello, I'm very interested in tapping any maple trees in my yard. I need some help identifying the correct ones to tap, though. Is there someone who could help me with this?

Wicomico County MD normal growth sugar maples trees Posted 4 days ago

Tomatoes for hot and rainy summers

I sadly did not get one tomato last year with which I was happy (other than a few sungolds). I've grown tomatoes for years and have never had such a disappointing year. I have a raised garden, but the rains still overwhelmed the garden and were followed by wicked heat and humidity. I'm sure I'm not alone in having a bad year, but still.... Cukes, string beans and peppers did ok. So what varieties, if any, can withstand these kinds of conditions? I start from seed, so the options are unlimited. I'd just love to know what the experts can recommend. Thank you for your help. Eileen

Montgomery County Maryland vegetables normal growth tomatoes for hot rainy summers tomatoes for wet sites Posted 5 days ago

Seasonal Maryland fruits and veggies

Good morning, I work for a community health research lab at UMD College Park. We wanted to share information on what produce is available during the spring in Maryland in our quarterly newsletter. Is there a list of fruits/vegetables that can be found at farmers markets or grocery stores in the spring in Maryland? Thank you!

Prince George's County Maryland vegetables fruits Posted 5 days ago

a poinsetta tree

what do I do to save a poinsetta tree in big planter? sorry I can't spell! lowes sold the at xmas

Charles County Maryland houseplants seasonal houseplants aftercare poinsettia Posted 5 days ago

Asparagus question

1. In my raised garden, about 10 years ago I planted three asparagus roots (with deep [15 inch] trench and cow manure on the bottom). Up until 2017, the asparagus grew with healthy and thick stalks (size of middle finger), sprouting over 3-4 weeks, and produced thick beautiful ferns, 6-7 feet tall, after the picking season was completed, usually in April. However, in 2018, the asparagus stalks grew up thin and "spindly," most to no greater than 1/2 inch in diameter, perhaps the diameter of my small finger. The stalks that were left produced thinner ferns with a height about 50% of previous years. Over all the years I have never added any extra fertilizer. Question: How can I get back the strong production of healthy thick asparagus this Spring and, later, get tall. strong, thick ferns into the late Spring, and the summer?

Frederick County Maryland vegetables abiotic problems aparagus Posted 6 days ago

Pest or Pathogen on Ficus Tree

Hi can you please help with id? Pest or pathogen? On a ficus tree in the house, which spent the summer outside.

Montgomery County Maryland houseplants insect or spider id Posted 7 days ago