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easy veggies/fruit for a balcony garden

Dear HGIC Team, We live in a condo in Rockville, and we are getting ready to plant a small balcony garden. So far, we have planted a few herbs--rosemary, mint, sweet basil, chives, and thyme. What are the easiest veggies and fruits to grow in a pot? We saw a small strawberry plant at the local nursery. Would that work? By the way, we are gardening novices. Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 16 hours ago

Plants for very damp conditions

I have a place in my yard that doesn't drain well. I am looking to plant some flowers that would attract pollinators and help to break up the clay soil. I know that over time I am going to have to build up the soil but I don't have the money to do that all at once now. What suggestions do you have? Currently the location has grass and gets morning sun but afternoon shade. It grows grass well but it is hard to maintain.

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 17 hours ago

crown vetch invasion of juniper

can Lontrel or clopyralid be used safely on juniper? If not what do you suggest for a safe post emergent herbicide?

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted about 18 hours ago

Rain barrels & composters

Hi, Do you have any recommendations for rain barrels and composters? I know our neighborhood has experienced an uptick in the rat population and need something pest-proof.

Baltimore County Maryland Posted about 19 hours ago

Comment on Baltimore Sun Garden Q&A

Per Ellen Nibali answer: A bird can be a vulture or a buzzard but not both. In Maryland we have turkey vultures and black vultures. In Africa they have buzzards. In Maryland we have vultures. A coyote is not a wolf, you really cannot use the names interchangeably.

Howard County Maryland Posted about 21 hours ago

Service berry blooming

Hi, I received and planted Service berry seedlings from the State Ayton Nursery. How long will it be before they typically bloom? Thanks. Gary

Frederick County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Old flower bed

I have a flower bed which has been taken over by weeds. I dug out all of my perennials & sprayed the bed with roundup. Once the weeds are dead, should I pull or rake them out of the garden, or just turn them over and mulch the bed? Thank you

Anne Arundel County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Dwarf globe blue spruce

I have had two dwarf globe spruces in my garden for quite awhile. One of them is beginning to grow much faster than the other and is now outgrowing it’s space and spreading out over the garden border. Can I safely prune it? If so, when is a good time, and how do I do it? The three pix show 1) both plants, 2) the larger plant outgrowing it’s space, and 3) the back of the larger plant Thank you for any advice you can give me. Thank you for providing this service despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

Baltimore County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

What weed is this and how to combat

Attached is a weed in my lawn. I’m annoyed, but get when it takes over the shade sections where it’s really taking over. But it’s also showing up in parts of my sunny lawn that actually pretty healthy. Last year we started a multi year effort to improve the lawn using eco friendly means. We got a soil sample. Aeroated. Compost tea and other amendments. Seeded in the Fall. But I’m not sure what This is or what to do with this. It’s so intertwined and think I don’t even no how to hand weed other then taking it up almost like they must remove turf at sod farms Thanks for help

Montgomery County Maryland Posted 1 day ago

Are these little evergreens?

Are these little evergreen trees? If not, what are these plants?

Prince George's County Maryland Posted 1 day ago