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Classes for growing native plants in Maryland

I have a brown thumb, but I would like to do my part to grow some native plants in my Maryland yard next year. I'm particularly interested in planting milkweed to attract monarch butterflies. Are there any local classes that are geared to absolute beginners? Thank you!

Prince George's County Maryland Posted about 1 hour ago

Invasive grasses in lawns here in Salisbury

We have three weeds/grasses taking over our fescue lawn. We have identified two: nuthedge, wire grass or Bermuda grass and a third that appears moss like--very green and compact in appearance but pulls up easily by hand. Can you please identify this one for u s. Thank you.

Wicomico County Maryland Posted about 2 hours ago

chips from stump of diseased dutch elm

Can I use the chips from the stump of a diseased dutch elm to use as mulch? Thank you,

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 8 hours ago

Weeping Cherry Oozing Sap

We have a Weeping Cherry that is oozing large amounts of sap. Do you know what is causing this issue and how to stop it?

Montgomery County Maryland Posted about 9 hours ago

Scale Infestation on Laurel bush

Just before I went on vacation a few weeks ago, I noticed some brown leaves and scale (I think) on a laurel bush in the front of my house. I removed the dead branches and I sprayed some Neem Oil on other parts of it, but it has been untreated for three weeks. In the meantime, the scale has increased and I don't think I can treat it with the small bottle I have. Is there a source where I can get this in larger quantity and then spray it with a larger professional sprayer, if in fact, this is the best way to treat it? Would it be better to use something more systemic? These are two 30+ year-old bushes that I hope I can save. If the treatment you recommend doesn't work (how long will it take?), is it okay to replace these with the same type of plant or would they also become infested? Would I have to wait until after freezing weather and then plant in the Spring? Thanks for any help you can give....!

Howard County Maryland Posted about 9 hours ago

Please help identify this bug

Please let me know if this is a kissing bug, the kind I saw on the news this summer that can cause heart disease in dogs and people. I found two of them recently and put them in a jar. The first one has since died and the second one I am surprised to see has hung on to life pretty well locked in this jar. Please send me an email asap if it is no danger to animals or humans and I will set it free.

Prince George's County Maryland insect or spider id Posted about 23 hours ago

Loss of real grass in my yard. Due to several vine type weeds.

My grass, dying in sections, some small, White ,tough spindly & wirely that become like hay and have no substance. You can pull it off the ground. It's barely holding on. Also the tall thin grass appearing after starting out like clover, then skinny grasses. White is the give away. They destroy whatever they wrap around. Crab grass too galore. I believe my yard is gone. It is awful to see after you've invested so much physical work and money into it. I'm sure I cannot afford a gardener/landscape professional to fix this or help us fix it and get back the yard. Any ADVICE?

Montgomery County Maryland weeds plant care lawn dying Posted 1 day ago

Small bugs eating magnolia tree

Hello, I have a 30 year old magnolia tree in my backyard that did not bloom for the first time ever this year. I recently noticed what seemed like a powdery white substance on the trunk. On closer inspection I found these insects and an almost sandy powder I am assuming is wood. Any ideas on what these are?

Howard County Maryland insect or spider id Posted 1 day ago

Grass I.D.

This is growing in a small area in front yard. Not spreading very fast.

Baltimore County Maryland lawns and turf plant identification Posted 1 day ago

Erosion protection

My friend s Annapolis home is hilly and subject to erosion What ground covers would be good Any other suggestions

Anne Arundel County Maryland groundcovers plant selection erosion control normal growth plants for steep slope with erosion Posted 1 day ago