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Building new house near pecan mature pecan trees

I am building a house around about 5 pecan trees that are there for many years. How close can I have my foundation to these existing trees? Should I remove them if they are too close?


Fort Bend County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Replace a large tree

See submission of 11/21/16 these are photos of my front yard
i was just wondering if you had forgotten me.. I submitted my question on11/21/16

thanks in advance
Bob Seale

Fort Bend County Texas trees and shrubs Posted almost 4 years ago

Replace large tree

I have lot which is ess shaped approx.40' long It is12'wide at one end, And 20'at the other end and is 16 feet in the middle. The builder had planted a live oak at both ends And the roots were causing much trouble after 10 years.The HOA say I have to plant a single trunk primary tree at least 30 gallons and 10 ' tall. The options are: Live oak, Red Maple,Mexican White oak(Monterrey) white Oak, Bald Cypress(Montezuma) Anacua(Ehretia Anacua) i would prefer a small flowering tree or none at all. I am under some time constraints so a speedy reply would be. Appreciated

Fort Bend County Texas trees and shrubs Posted almost 4 years ago

Vine Invasion

What is this invasive vine?

Fort Bend County Texas Posted about 4 years ago


We have azelas that are losing their leaves have a black and yellow on the leaves, we have one bed that used to get alot of sun, but our trupet tree did not freeze back so blocked alot of the sun, I used to water every day because of all the sun they got, they were doing great, now losing leaved, looks one or two are dead, maybe to much water? I spread with Cooper Fungicide, hope this helps. What would you suggest?


Fort Bend County Texas azaleas Posted about 4 years ago

Fungus on Fruit Trees

I have Guava and Lemon trees. I see white fungus and Bugs on Guava trees and white fungus unders leaves on Lemon tree but no bugs. Guava get black spot mainly on top. I like to know what to use to kill fungus and bugs. Also, like to know what to do next year to avoid this problem.

Fort Bend County Texas plant disease fruit trees Posted about 4 years ago

Meyer lemon - Leaf miners and care

Good morning- I bought a dwarf Meyer lemon tree from the Fort Bend county master gardener sale in February and planted it in a pot on my patio. It seems to be doing well, but I have questions. There is a lot of information out there, and I would like specific answers for our area (Sugar Land).

1. When should the tree start producing fruit? We had 3 small lemons that never turned yellow after 2.5 months, so I removed them.
2. The citrus leaf miners seem to love this tree as well. I've read that there is nothing that can be done, so is that the case?
3. What is the proper fertilizer and schedule to use for this tree? It seems there are 100 opinions out there about this.

Fort Bend County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

50 year old crape myrtles

Hello, I would like to get your advise on pruning my 50 year old crape myrtle trees. I have over a dozen of them but unfortunately lots of then don't look too good. Some are heavily covered with ball moss... I rarely get any flowers on them. Any advise?

Fort Bend County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

What type of tree is this?

What type of tree is this?

Fort Bend County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Pre-emergent herbicide for chickweed and poa annua

I had a couple of cool-season weeds that almost took over my back yard this past year -- the worst were poa annua and chickweed. It was totally beyond anything that I could control by hand-pulling and the poa annua probably dropped about 10 million seeds that are just waiting to germinate and sprout up into even more weeds when the weather gets cooler again. Since I can't seem to win by hand-pulling, I'm throwing in the "organic towel" and think that I'll have to resort to pre-emergent herbicides. Can you recommend a pre-emergent that would be effective for these two weeds in particular, and also what is your best advice on when to apply? Thank you very much for any advice you can provide.

p.s. -- I've also tried to research corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent, but everything I've found is very confusing and sounds like it's a complete crap shoot on whether it works or not. If there's a kinder/gentler way to stave off the chickweek/poa annua, I'd be interested in any thoughts on that as well.

Fort Bend County Texas Posted over 4 years ago