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Our Community of Practice is dedicated to disseminating useful and applicable information including eating behavior insights, interventions, and practical steps to promote healthy food choices in school food environments.

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Eating breakfast and how it impacts school performance

Do you have any numbers to prove that eating breakfast increases school performance? any proof ?

Alameda County CA Posted about 2 years ago

Mrs. F

My school sends a survey to parents twice a year asking to rate our school on quality of education, environment, security, etc. We like the paper format since it provides parents with anonymity and ease if access. However, I’m in charge of compiling all the responses and creating a graph for later analysis by the administration and it’s a tedious job counting all surveys manually. My question to you is: is there a machine that would scan sheets of regular paper to make counting totals easier. Please help!!!

Union County NJ Posted almost 3 years ago

1st Step

I am a Health Educator that works for a Hospital while working in a school district, primarily with the teachers but trying to work into the lunch rooms and make some changes so the kids have healthier environments to be in vs the minimum federal regulations as they are now.

I am looking to get help with how to first start this process, who to begin talking to ect. Any advice would be most helpful, thank you!!

IN healthy food choices in schools Posted almost 3 years ago


I used have a heart trap with big success. I took the trapped g/h 5 miles away. But new families moved in quickly. I found a way I doubt anyone else tried It works. I took my Signal Horn and one blast in the hole a week ago I have not seen any ground hog it worked

Cortland County NY pest management home integrated pest management Posted over 3 years ago

Initial equipment for smarter lunchroom strategies

We are applying for a grant for smallwares for the front line of our school cafeteria. I know we need display equipment, but I am needing specific suggestions and resources and items. We have signage covered under a different fund. We have a salad bar and would like some enhancements for that as well

Alger County MI healthy food choices in schools Posted over 3 years ago

Healthy Suggestions for Parents packing breakfasts and lunches

Do you have a list of recommendations to give to parents that want to make their children healthy breakfast and lunches? I am looking for a list, similar to the list of healthy school celebration ideas. We would like to help our parents be able to pack a lunch that is just as nutritious as our school meals.

Sonoma County California healthy food choices in schools Posted over 3 years ago

Recess before lunch

Hello! We are in the process of revising our District Wellness Policy and trying to convince some of our schools that recess before lunch is beneficial. Could you send me a link or some information regarding how this can be beneficial vs. the cons that come with this change? Thanks!

Cache County Utah healthy food choices in schools Posted almost 4 years ago

student survey

We are interested in surveying students and possibly parents regarding their school lunch experience or suggestions. Do you know of any surveys that have been done in the past that we could use or adapt for our use? This is for a middle/high school in rural upstate NY.

Saratoga County New York school lunch healthy food choices in schools Posted almost 4 years ago

Want to Start a Program in my Area

I am interested in helping facilitate an improved school breakfast/lunch program in my community in Upstate South Carolina. Do you have someone with the appropriate knowledge of this process to answer some of my questions and assist in potential planning for this effort? Many thanks, Pam Strickland

Oconee County South Carolina smarter lunchrooms movement healthy food choices in schools Posted over 4 years ago

How to control a noisy/disrespectful K-5 lunchroom

Our lunchroom is out of control and we need advice to control the 1) noise level, 2) reinforce good behaviors, and 3) consequences for breaking the rules that do not involve taking away recess. We have three lunch periods of two grade bands each. Each lunch period is approximately 130 kids total. Lunch is 20 minutes and takes place before the recess. We have on average two adults providing supervision.

King County Washington school lunch school meal program Posted over 4 years ago