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Lumpy yard

After 20 years of annually aerating, not to mention nesting deer and rabbits, my yard is 'lumpy'. I seem to remember from my time in Alabama that I could use sand to smooth it out. Is that appropriate here in Colorado, and if so, what sand should I use? The dirt under the topsoil is rock and clay.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 4 days ago

Perennial Growing season

This may sound like a weird question but I have an elderly friend who needs some gardens cleaned and mulched in Colorado Springs, CO. I am traveling from Wisconsin to do this for her. I would like to lay fabric to keep the weed growth down. I need to be out there when perennials have started to grow so I can see where they are and do not cover them with fabric and mulch.

when will perennials start to make themselves visible in Colorado Springs??

El Paso County Colorado Posted 6 days ago

Tree Pruning

About 5 Feb 2019 (1 month ago) I pruned back some lower branches (small - 1 inch max diameter) of my Autumn Blaze Maple tree . It has been leaking sap ever since. I didn't give enough thought to time of year to prune a Maple tree. I'm very worried about it causing too much drainage of the tree sap and killing my beautiful tree. It is about 20 ft high and about 9 inches in diameter at the ground. Would you please advise me as to what I should do to correct the problem?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 12 days ago


I want to grow onions. What's the best way to grow them here and what type do I grow?
Seeds or sets?
Plant seeds under row cover or no?
If row cover, then what kind?
Thank you in advance!

El Paso County Colorado Posted 15 days ago

lawn care

what is normally the earliest time to either sow grass seed or sod our lawn. We will be starting a new lawn, front and back.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 19 days ago

Timing for starting vegetable seeds

When do I start seeds indoors on the following. I have heat mats and light.
Sugar snap peas, spinach, kale, beans, tomatoes, winter squash.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 20 days ago

Trees that do in Pueblo, CO

Want to replace a fruitless apple tree that died last year, apparently winter kill. Do you have a list of trees that thrive in Pueblo??

Pueblo County Colorado Posted 25 days ago

I am new to Pueblo

I bought a house hee in Pueblo in 2017. Through the years in America and abroad I have seen may trees. But I have never seen these trees that overtake my yard during the summer. I have dug them up, cut them down and pulled them while young but they keep coming back. I have pulled root sections that are 10 to 20 feet long. What is the best, Safest and effective way to rid my yard of this tree? I asked some neighbors what it is called and they refer to it as a Junk Tree.

There seems to be one main tree. it was approximatly25 feet in height. The bark is very smooth and light in color. There are no or very hard to see growth rigs. Where new shoots form and grow, there is a large Bulbous section of the root were new saplings grow. The leaves are long with a spearshape to them.

III am not a big fan of poisons in my yard as I grow many edible plants and flowers as well as what some folks call weeds that I use in my diet along with a vefetable garden and my pets who roam the yard.

Pueblo County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

what weedy grass grows best in Colorado?

I am at wits end trying to find a way to restore a two acre tract of open land with something that looks like grass and can thrive in a very harsh climate. Most of the information I find discusses finding the best approach to either have a great lawn or have a pasture that will grow hay or some other type of forage for animals. My goal is simply to get something that looks like grass and will be perennial without irrigation.

I will describe below the circumstances of my predicament. I live at 7200 ft. elevation in Monument CO on two acres that are what I would consider a micro climate. I live on a hill with a valley (400 ft to the bottom) on the south side and Mt. Herman immediately to the west. High winds are the norm and gust get up to 90-100 mph every year. Snow does not accumulate on the open field as the wind blows most of it away.We receive about 8-10 inches of rain per year. Because of the geographic location of our property spring and summer rains usually go around us. The soil has lots of clay and PH of about 7-8. Two years ago I started an aggressive campaign to get rid of the weeds and improve the soil. I got a tractor and used a ripper tooth to plow 18-20 inches deep to loosen up the clay soil. I have plowed with a"bottom plow" two or three times at 16 inches deep as well as discing the two acres. Additionally, I have hauled in about 220 cubic yards of dry horse manure and used a disc to incorporate it. Last year I pulled by hand or poisoned every weed that grew. Now I am ready to plant and really need to make a decision. My research has indicated that a Dry Land Pasture mix would probably be the best. However, If there is a weed that will thrive and still look like grass I am OK with that as well. I don't have live stock and don't want any. I have some crabgrass, and rescue grass growing in a ditch and there is another grass that grows well in the ditch but the soil there is much better. Could you please provide a recommendation on what would be best? I MUST stop the wind erosion. If a weed is the best contender for my environment, then which weed looks the most like grass? Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I need to plant this spring.

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago


Can Milkweed be started by seed indoors or should I try to find plants? I had a hard time finding any in the Colorado Springs area.

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago