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colorado lawn care

we moved to Colorado in Aug 2018 from Michigan. we live in Peyton - just east of Colorado Springs. we have an inground sprinkler system. we have an established lawn about 10 years old. we have numerous bare spots and some weeds.

in Sept 2018, I applied fertilizer and weed killer. I also tried to top dress the bare spots in front lawn.

as we begin 2019, I am most anxious for info on proper Colorado lawn, shrub and garden care :

1. lawn care schedule - what/when chemicals to apply. how best to fill in my bare and thin spots

2. garden planting schedule - when can she start planting outside

3. my wife is interested in elevated beds to grow produce. also how best to protect them from the frequent Colorado hail storms

4. recommended watering schedule with my sprinkler system - how frequent and time length of each zone

5. how often should I fertilize my shrubs and pine trees and with what

6. any other recommendations, etc

I am familiar with Michigan lawn care, but not Colorado with its higher elevation, shorter growing season, more intense sun, dryer weather, etc

Please send me any info and publications on these various subjects, etc.

My son graduated from CSU in Turf Management

thanxs, Dave Mezger 9975 Rockingham Dr in Peyton, Colo 80831

El Paso County CO Posted 7 days ago

Rocks in flower bed

I am going to put rock around my rose bushes in a 8 x8 area. Will thee heat kill the bushes. I intend to keep the rocks about 4 inches from base of plant

El Paso County CO Posted 9 days ago

Japanese beetle populations inEl Paso County

Are there Japanese Beetle populations being reported in El Paso County? Is there an up to date map of counties that have reported Beetle populations?

El Paso County CO Posted about 1 month ago

Attracting wildlife to yards

In plant talk #1702 Austrian pine is suggested as a tree to attract birds. Why not ponderosa? Is it because ponderosas are harvested from the wild? Do you have a favorite resource with information on how create yards attractive to wildlife in Colorado.

I have just found the Colorado native plant gardening guides, and the Front Range Wild ones. I imagine these will be very helpful.

Thank you. David

El Paso County CO Posted about 1 month ago

clematis vine being eaten to bits

on trellis for over 12 years with nary a problem. However, recently, there has been many little sticks on the ground and the entire vine is being dived into by ????? as if it wants the plant for a nest. Any ideas what this could be. I have lost so much of the plant due to this bird/rat/raccoon's deisre for a snack or ???

El Paso County CO Posted 2 months ago

Replanting local seed in Monument

I purchased a house on 5 acres in Monument, CO. The rebuild and former owner left many piles of debris, now removed, which killed large patches of grasses and local plants. I wanted to replant with local seed/wildflower/other plants. How/where can I obtain the plant seeds? I don't want to plant an invasive species!

El Paso County Colorado Posted 2 months ago

Clover Mites

Should you spray for clover mites now as a preventative measure? or wait until you see signs of infestation in the spring?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 2 months ago


I live in Colorado Springs and have woodpeckers putting holes in my house. Do you know of the best deterrents?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 3 months ago

walla wallas over winter

I planted walla wallas onions this last spring and they just didn't get large enough. There is a heat tape in the ground with them. I have covered them with 9 inches of straw and a tarp. to winter them. I worry about them rotting before summer . I check the ground water weekly and pray they don't freeze. Do you have any suggestions. to successfully get them to summer harvest. I also fertilized with bone meal. in July this last year.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 3 months ago

Planting Evergreens in the Fall (El Paso County)

Hello. I recently received as a gift 4 trees. 1 is a Japanese Black Pine and 3 are Dwarf Alberta Spruces. I read in a book called "Growing Points" that planting Evergreens in the fall is not recommended because the fresh roots don't do well in the upcoming frosts through the Fall/Winter. Is this true? If so, how do I care for the plants until Spring?

Also, the Japanese Black Pine's needles turned yellow! Someone at the Garden Center at Lowes told me it might be due to malnutrition so I added manure/plant food to the planter it is in. Is it dead? Thanks!

El Paso County Colorado Posted 3 months ago