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What grass/plant is this?

This is taking over my landscaping! The texture feels like rubber and I CANNOT pull it out! How can I get rid of it? Thanks!

El Paso County CO Posted about 12 hours ago

Tree trouble!

We have a couple trees that are struggling this year, a linden and a pine (see pictures). We live in Monument. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

El Paso County CO Posted about 12 hours ago

Corn smut

I grow quite a bit of sweet corn every year. The last three years or so I've had common smut develop on the base of the stalks of my corn, probably about 10% of my yield.
I know some people actually eat this stuff, but I don't!
I've found that when smut develops at the base of the stalk, the corn just STOPS growing.
I've removed the stalk, (carefully) but I'd like to put a stop to it if I can.
Is there a fungicide I can safely use to stop this problem in my garden?

El Paso County CO Posted 1 day ago

Dying elm and aspire trees

Do u have a service where u come out to analyze why my trees are dying. They are well established trees that are watered regularly and deeply. They are dying from the top down. Note. My water is very hard and highly acidic- 55 acidic. I would appreciate your help. I live a mile south of falcon. 719-641-8216 Robert

Denver County CO Posted 1 day ago

Heavy Soil

I have 4’x8’ raised beds. Filled with 80%organic raised bed soil from Don’s Landscaping. The soil is very dense and heavy. How can I improve the soil to have more air and be excellent for planting. Thank you, Helen

El Paso County CO Posted 1 day ago


Strange question... I was hoping to make tinctures from some plants I wanted to purchase from some local nurseries, but I only now considered that they may be treated with pesticides and the like. Are there any good resources to educate myself on common pesticides and I can find out if there is anything I can do to use the plants in the way I had planned?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

Canadian Cherry tree winter-kill?

Our Canadian Cherry may have been affected by a second burst of Sub-Zero temperatures early tho spring. I lost leaves toward the top that turned yellow an fell off. Plus the top of the tree never produced Leaves and show no sign of life on their branches. The rest.of the tree is normal and producing new growth. What am I dealing with and how do I treat it.

Dennis LaBandt

El Paso County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

Yard insect infestation

Good afternoon!! I live in Colorado Springs and have noticed an infestation of tiny (<1mm) dark insects in the dirt and other surfaces. They have been found inside the house as well. I'm happy to send you photos or any other info I can.

Are they harmful and would it be appropriate to put down insecticide. We also have plenty of ladybugs which I really don't wish to kill.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 2 days ago


I have 2 really annoying pests; rabbits and carpenter ants. Both live under my wooden deck, and the carpenter ants have forced me to replace the deck. I am going to use composite material instead of redwood, but I must use pressure treated lumber for the under-girding. The rabbits chew up almost anything that's green. We have no children or pets, so I would welcome any solution short of cyanide poison and dynamite. I've tried Orkin, but what they really want is for me to become a customer for life.

Denver County Colorado Posted 2 days ago

Brown tops of Austrian pine

Did the late spring freeze cause the top of the Austrian pine to be brown? Does something have to be done or will the tree be okay?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 3 days ago