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Garden this year

I live in the Fountain area. Nights are still very cold and I know people have lost tomatoes etc. to frost. Does anyone know when this cold weather is going to let up? Especially the cold nights. I have a garden every year but I have never experienced this kind of weather here. Even with covering plants some people have still lost them. Help :)

El Paso County CO Posted 2 days ago

Tree repair

We lost 2 large branches from our Ohio Buckeye in the recent snow storm. There are open wounds from where they cracked and fell. Should they be painted over with a substance?

Also we repaired one branch that was cracked but not broken with screws. It did not meld back together completely. Should the branch be wrapped with burlap? Or is there a better product?

El Paso County CO Posted 2 days ago

Did Heavy spring snow kill off hummingbirds?

It was May 21th 2019. Just prior to the storm, I had frequent visitors to my hummingbird feeder. We had a heavy spring snow of about 5 inches, and it didn't melt until about twenty-four hours later. Now, I have almost no hummingbirds coming to my feeder. I know hummingbirds can withstand cold temperatures, and it only got to about 30 degrees overnight. I'm wondering if the snow covered their food sources and my little friends starved to death.

El Paso County CO Posted 2 days ago

Potted Flowers and the Cold Weather

I have some perennials and some annuals that i've put in my front yard and my back yard. The weather today is snowy and in the 40s. Should i do something to protect these flowers, or are they safe in this colder weather?

El Paso County CO Posted 5 days ago

Pruning a Ponderosa Pine tree

We have two mature (40-45 feet tall) Ponderosa Pine trees. We would like to cut off several large live branches that hang too close to our house. These branches are growing primarily on the south side of the trees. What is the best time of year to do this type of pruning? We live in Monument, Colorado.

Thank you very much for your help.

amy & alton

El Paso County CO Posted 8 days ago

Turf, lighter and darker green areas

Dear Sir or Madam,
I took over an account last year and the grass was even in color a deep rich green. I did not fertilze in the fall. I fertilized a couple of weeks ago. I water using rotors x3 per week.3-inch mowing height.

The lawn is quite uneven. I have wondered if the uneven nature of the soil has favored one speices?,variety of grass that was in the original blend of sod both the light and dark patchesseem to be flowering evenly now.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 9 days ago

White flowered erodium circutarium

I've seen white-flowered erodium circutarium blooming along a 1/4 mile stretch of monument creek trail (Colorado Springs) where over a great length of the trail there are the usual pink-flowered plants. I've not found any reference to any thing but pink flowering plants. Yesterday I was surprised to see white flowered plants for sale at Phelans Nursery. Question, at last: are the white flowered plants along the trail a known natural variant?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 9 days ago

what to put under mulch application

Please advise what material is best for lay under mulch to prevent weed growth? In the past I have used newspapers with great success but I do not have access to that much newspaper anymore.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 9 days ago

What to do about dandelions in a native grasses area of a xeriscape garden?

I have no regular grass, but my xeriscape garden stretches across the entire front of our home. I have been pulling dandelions out of the xeriscape, but there are way too many to pull from the native grass area. I am an Audubon “Habitat Hero,” and hesitate to use poisons to kill the dandelions. Is there any alternative for dealing with them? Thank you!

El Paso County Colorado Posted 10 days ago

Grass or weed?

This is growing in my lawn. I'm having difficulty identifying it. My lawn consists of perrenial ryegrass, tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. I was thinking quackgrass, but the auricles don't wrap around?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 18 days ago