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Help with rabbits.

Hi, I'm Nathi and my husband and I have been growing pretty much all our produce in the backyard for a while now. We love the idea of moving it into the front yard too, and we would like yo make that available to our neighbors and passer-bys but we have one tricky problem: rabbits.

We were wondering if from your experience you would suggest a couple crops that can naturally keep them away. We know they leave our onions alone: do you think if we bordered our raised bed with it would suffice? Let me know if you have any insight ...

We love growing and would like to share with our neighborhood, especially because it is so tricky to grow anything in the dryness of Colorado.



El Paso County CO Posted 8 days ago

Edible Landscaping


I live in southern Colorado Springs between the broadmoor area and Ft. Carson at a little over 5800ft in altitude. I'd like to turn my backyard into an edible landscape that uses drought-tolerant plants, bushes, and trees that would fit in with xeroscape principles. How would I go about doing this? Are there edible plants, bushes, and trees that you could recommend and would tolerate our Colorado sun, wind, and hail?

El Paso County CO Posted 10 days ago

Mulberry trees

I live on the Colorado plains in zip code 80808. For the past seven years I've been trying to grow mulberry trees (Illinois everbearing). None of them live a full year. Do mulberries grow in Colorado? What types are recommended for the harsh conditions of the eastern plains? Are there any special planting tips to help them survive the bitter high winds of winter and the intense heat of summer?

El Paso County CO Posted 15 days ago

Potentilla pruning

How do you prune a potentilla, and when to prune

El Paso County CO Posted 21 days ago

Sad Looking Christmas Cactus

My wife took a clipping from her grandmother's Christmas Cactus a long time ago, and while it has survived, it has never looked very healthy. It looks rather pitiful, in fact, and rarely blooms. Any suggestions for reviving this plant, and helping it thrive? I'd like to be able to tell you what we used for soil, but I don't recall if we used general potting soil, or one specifically for succulents. Any help would be appreciated.

El Paso County CO Posted 26 days ago

El Paso County Colorado Posted 28 days ago

Hydraulic Oil Spill

Hydraulic lift on a deliver truck in our driveway sprayed hydraulic oil over the entire front yard. Entire front yard is garden - 25 years of garden soil and thousands of perennial, including bulbs and annual flowers/plants.
What do we need to do to bring the garden back to life? Replace soil? Will the plants survive?

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

Trees Budding Out in November

Hello. It is November 18th and my trees are budding out! The buds are moderate sized, no leaves yet. I normally water the newbies twice a month in the winter and the established trees once a month in the winter. Do I carry on, increase, or decrease the watering in this situation? Anything else I should know?

El Paso County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago


I am wondering if you ranunculus bulbs grow well here? I have not never planted them before and am curious to see what the research on this flower is? Could you give me your best tips: such as when to plant and sunlight and the basics?

Thank you so much and hope you have a fabulous Friday :)

El Paso County Colorado Posted 2 months ago

Maple tree pruning

I have an old maple that needs pruning. I was just fold Nov is not the right time. So when is the proper time to prune a maple tree in colorado springs?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 2 months ago