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Black seed gunk falling from my Ash tree?

I have this black gooey seed stuff falling from my mature ash tree. I have never seen this before and it's staining my lawn furniture and patio... I always get yellow seed pods this time of year, but never this...
They look like bird droppings from cotoneaster seeds.... Is this normal? I have had this tree over 20 years... It's gross.
Thanks so much..
Leslie Medina

El Paso County Colorado Posted 4 days ago

Pine needles turning yellow

I just noticed that some of the needles on my pine tree are turning yellow. Should I be concerned?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 5 days ago

Tree selection

Our HOA needs to replace ten trees. We are in Monument Colorado at 7300 ft. Our landscaper suggested the Maple Autumn Blaze. I looked it up and it gets to 40 ft and 25ft wide. Is there anything like that or do you have a suggestion on a tree that is smaller? We are in a detached patio home circle. Our yards are not large, and we have very high winds. We did have ash, most died this year.
Thank you,
JoAnn Farrell

El Paso County Colorado Posted 6 days ago

Old CO Blue Spruce dying from top down

We have a very old spruce that suddenly was brown in the very top. The top looked a little “sad” last summer but by this past spring the top was brown. As summer progressed the brown quickly spread down the tree. A very small percentage of the tree has live green needles now. We are so sad and didn’t dream that the tree would die this fast. We did a wait and see approach and it may have been the worst plan. We figured it was stressed from the winter burn that many trees have had recently. We are pretty certain the tree is not saveable. But we want to make sure if it is diseased it won’t spread to our other very healthy spruce. We don’t see any signs of the white sap I’ve heard of with the canker disease. The tree got covered in tons of new growth this spring so we figured it might be ok. But that quickly died before the brown sores down the tree. I attaching photos.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 8 days ago

How to help a ponderosa pine with yellow/brown needles at branch tips?

We just moved in. Our neighborhood was made in a ponderosa pine forest. We have two trees on our property. One large and mature, with a smaller one wrapped around its trunk about 1/3 the size. The smaller pine has needles at its branch tips that are yellowing and browning. How can we help this tree?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 9 days ago

lawn soil problem

my lawn has and is getting worse, hard lumps making it hard to walk on without twisting your ankles. can you tell me what is happening? the soil is very hard and the bumps are just making it worse.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 9 days ago

when to oversee a lawn

I live in the Briargate area of Colorado Springs near N. Union and Research Blvds. When is the best time of the year to overseed a lawn? If we do it now, September, will the fallen leaves from some large trees suffocate the new growth since we probably shouldn't walk on the new growth? Should we wait until spring to oversee?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 9 days ago

Aspen mixed small/large leaves

Good morning!

We have two Aspen in our backyard. We have only lived here for about 2 years, but the last couple of years we didn't notice what we're seeing this year. One of the two aspens has very inconsistent leaves. They are also darker than the leaves on the other one. The aspen with the dark leaves has several leaves that are large and several leaves that are very very small even on the same major branches. I'm attaching a few photos. Any input you can give on the health of these trees and what we might be able to do to better care for them or treat them would be appreciated.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 22 days ago

Juniper bushes dying

  • Hi,
  • My juniper bushes (branches), about 33 years old, are turning brown in the middle and dying.
  • What do I do to fix it?

El Paso County Colorado Posted 23 days ago


Is there a honeysuckle that stays green all year for Colorado Springs? I need a privacy ‘fence’ on my chain link fence.

El Paso County Colorado Posted 26 days ago