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How to trear Lantana that froze

If Lantana was not cut back & it experiences a freezes when should the dead, frozen part be removed?

Would this answer also apply to Salvias?

Bexar County TX Posted over 3 years ago

little mounds in lawn in the fall

Hi, i have been see a few very small mounds popping up in my lawn recently. this morning it looks like the number went up 10 fold. Mounds as about 3 inches across and 2 inches high. some have a small hole or shaft seeming down the center of the mound. Its not moles or gophers. I'm thinking worms or an insect. Looks like they are active at night.

Bexar County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Live Oak Leaf Tips

For a little over a year, my leaves on my live oak have been tipped with white/milky green. It has affected all new growth. I've also noticed more Oak ball moss on the tree this year and I'm wondering if it's sick. I live in San Antonio.

Bexar County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Sticker plant

I am trying to kill this weed on my small ranch. There are hundreds of these bushes, and spraying with with roundup or other weed killers only seem to make them grow bigger. I have been manually pulling them out of the ground or hacking them off at ground level when I can't pull them out. Is there a something to kill them without pulling them out? The horses on the property have the burs in their tails and manes. Once we get this plant under control, we will have to cut the manes and tails very short to remove the burs.

Bexar County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

Growing cotton in home garden?

Can I grow cotton in my backyard? I have seen Erlen's Green and Mississippi Brown heritage/heirloom seeds, but have learned that I might not legally be able to grow cotton due to weevil eradication efforts.
Could you please direct me to information about home garden cotton growing in the San Antonio area?
Thank you,
Stacy Fontenot

Bexar County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

what is this confused tree?

When we bought our home over summer this small tree was dropping leaves fast. Now they are growing back and tree is in full bloom. What is it should be worried?

Bexar County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

What type of tree or shrub is this?

Can you tell me what type of shrub or tree this might be? Thank you

Bexar County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Thundercloud tree

Good evening we've had a thundercloud plum tree in our front yard for about ten years up until this year it was a gorgeous tree full of life. Living in Texas drought and severe heat I always took care of it. This year I fell fractured my knee and ended with a clot. We went from winter to severe months of rain then severe drought and extreme heat. But I noticed there were these small black caccoon shaped hanging from the branches, the leaves began to fall and stopped reproducing I had my husband trim it since it was closed to the house. After a week of rain it looks like new growth was sprouting only to dry up and I'm afraid it's dying. We bought a younger one and planted it in the back full sun and we had so much rain it didn't make it in march. I loved my plum tree and everyone who visited or would drive by would admire our tree, I can attach a picture tomorrow. Broken hearted in Texas

Bexar County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Plant name unknown

What kind of plant is this?? How do I care fo it?☺

Bexar County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

st. augustine grass fungus

best way to control fungus and what products to use

Bexar County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago