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This group answers questions relating to the Affordable Care Act and its effect on people's personal finances. We help people to make informed health insurance choices and to plan for health care costs.

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Arborvitae Trees

I noticed this not in the gardening section....please disregard this questions. Sorry for the mix up

Hello, I planted a few arborvitae trees last year and was looking at them in some detail today and noticed the tips looked a little different. I was wondering if this is normal during new growth or if something is going on that I'm not aware of. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Isabella County Michigan Posted 3 months ago

26 year old

Hi. I lost your last response. This site informed me that my son, who turned 26 in January, can stay on the healthcare from my employer for the entire calendar year. Now my employer tells me that is optional and they choose not to honor that. Help. Are they right?

Ingham County Michigan Posted 3 months ago


In regards to Healthy Michigan eligibility, is it proper for the DHHS to include the full amount of an inherited annuity payment, counting it as unearned income, when only the interest or dividend (the taxable) portion, is considered as income under IRS rules? Would this not be in non-compliance with the MAGI eligibility guidelines?

Oceana County Michigan Posted 5 months ago

Hi! My husband and I are both turning 26 in the coming months and are going...

Hi! My husband and I are both turning 26 in the coming months and are going to be kicked off our parents' insurance plans. I am a part time teacher earning 36,000 a year and my husband is a student. I can get insurance from my school district. For just me the price is reasonable at 100 dollars a month premium. This is well under the 9.5% of income. However, when I add my husband to the plan (he cannot get insurance from his work), it jumps up to $467 a month which is well beyond that limit. However, because it is affordable for just me, and because it is technically offered for him (even though not at a reasonable price), I don't qualify for government subsidies? We can go through the marketplace but the cheapest is still $216 a month for bare bones catastrophic insurance. Is this our best option? I feel like we should be able to qualify for subsidies. Another choice if for me to take the insurance from my school and for my husband to get covered through the marketplace. Would he qualify for subsidies even though he has the option to be covered by my plan? Thanks!

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 5 months ago

Unemployed and 26

My son's roommate kicked him out and, rather than be homeless, I am letting him live with me. He does not work, is on social security disability and turns 26 on January 28, 2016 so can no longer be on my health plan. Is there a real person that can meet with him or does he have to figure things out related to the ACA on his own on line?

Ingham County Michigan Posted 8 months ago

Red maple sapling

When should I plant and di I need to add anything to soil

South Carolina trees and shrubs horticulture Posted 9 months ago

training for use of Smart Choice curriculumn

Has anyone in NY state been trained to offer the health insurance literacy program? Is there a fee for training and who is the proper contact person to discuss further?

Westchester County New York health insurance Posted 10 months ago

meridian medicaid of michigan

I enrolled into meridian medicaid of michigan and they told me that they sent my new member card out in the mail on may the 1st 2015 and today is may the 9th and I still have not got my card and when I call the after hours on call people to get my member I.d. number so I can go to the emergency room since I donot feel good and my asthma is bothering mr they refuse to give me my information to me so now what do I do do I just stay at home sick or do I need to take this stuff to suprime court and get money for pain and suffering

Genesee County Michigan Posted about 1 year ago

Exempt from coverage

My spouse and I combined annual income is above the maximum to be entitled to a tax credit. Reading the Affordable Care Act, I understand that if the least expensive plan available to us cost more than 8% of our income, we are not obliged to sign up and we will not be penalized. Do I understand the rule correctly? Thank you for your help.

Benton County Oregon aca tax penalty Posted over 1 year ago

Can't afford health insurance through employer

Hi, I am earning $36000/year and paying $ 712/month health insurance premium for my family (myself+spouse+1 year old) through my employer. How do i lower my health insurance or can i get low premium health insurance through marketplace if yes how and what to do with employer based insurance. advise would be very very helpful ! Thanks

Dallas County Texas Posted over 1 year ago