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This group answers questions relating to the Affordable Care Act and its effect on people's personal finances. We help people to make informed health insurance choices and to plan for health care costs.

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Questions asked to this group

Exempt from coverage

My spouse and I combined annual income is above the maximum to be entitled to a tax credit. Reading the Affordable Care Act, I understand that if the least expensive plan available to us cost more than 8% of our income, we are not obliged to sign up and we will not be penalized. Do I understand the rule correctly? Thank you for your help.

Benton County Oregon aca tax penalty Posted 5 months ago

Can't afford health insurance through employer

Hi, I am earning $36000/year and paying $ 712/month health insurance premium for my family (myself+spouse+1 year old) through my employer. How do i lower my health insurance or can i get low premium health insurance through marketplace if yes how and what to do with employer based insurance. advise would be very very helpful ! Thanks

Dallas County Texas Posted 6 months ago

How will my costs for health care insurance be affected under the Affordable Care Act and Medicare?

At retirement, I will go onto Medicare Part B, and my current employer-paid health insurance will become secondary. I am concerned my costs will increase under Medicare. Is there any data or FAQs I could look at to help me see clearly what some of my costs will be under Medicare with the ACA effect?

Kent County Michigan affordable care act lrk Posted 8 months ago

Efficiency of Care Costs?

If a physician orders a test for example a carotid artery ultrasound how can a consumer find out the best cost they will be charged? Hospitals charge more than outpatient Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs) or if the doctor can provide this service in their office. Efficiency of care costs for the consumers who have large deductibles or co-pays should be informed on how to shop around. If the charges at the hospital are $900 and the IDTF or the physician can provide this service in their office charges $234, there is a big difference to the consumer. Will physicians be tracked on the the efficiency of care costs? A physician should understand the cost of a test and should have available recommendations for their patients.

Oakland County Michigan human health health finance health insurance affordable care act health insurance literacy access to health care health care professionals obamacare health care reform Posted 9 months ago

Adequated equity for insurance companies

Good Day.

Is there any theory or technique that can build a model related with technical adequated equity for insurance companies. According to Solvence II directions and Bassel 3 Agreement, insurance and other financial companies require to have enough solvence to respond to market and shareholders' needs.

I am researching theory related to build a model to decrease the correlation between subscription and assets risks to have a better adecuate equity value. I'm quite concerned about the lack of theory in this statistics and economics field. I hope to find some help regarding this topic.

Outside United States insurance economics business management business plan Posted 9 months ago

What's wrong with my lawn #2

See the attached photos Client does not have computer/e-mail. Name Marilyn Cook, 906-387-2421

Alger County Michigan lawns and turf Posted 11 months ago

W2 contractor employee

I am single with 1 dependent. I work Fulltime as a W2 contract employee. The firm I work for provides health insurance (medical & dental), however the cost for myself & 1 dependent is $915 a month. Can I opt out of the insurance and find my own cheaper insurance. I am under the impression that you have to accept your companies benefits if they are offered.

Maricopa County Arizona Posted about 1 year ago

Affordable care Act extension

Has there been an extension on the March 31st 2014 ???

New York human health health insurance literacy Posted about 1 year ago

Medicaid and Grandson

The wife and I are both over 65 years old and both on Medicare. We have custody of a 6 year of child who is on Medicaid. We live in Indiana. The state is reviewing our grandchild status to see if he is eligible for Medicaid. We claim him on our Federal and State taxes. We would like to know more about his status in this situation. The little I have found about it is misleading as once it says if grandparents are not filing for insurance our income would not be included and then it says because we claim him on our taxes our income is included to see if grandchild is eligible for Medicaid. Grandchild income is $21 dollars a month from social security and we get $70 dollars a week for child support from the parents.
Can you help and provide an answer?
Thank you

St. Joseph County Indiana health insurance health insurance literacy medicaid Posted about 1 year ago

Health Insurance - What do I do?

I have been given a price of $358.00/mo with $5,000.00 deductable for 56 year old female non smoker. I have Hashimoto's and am working on this through non-traditional means and paying for these services out of pocket. Now I will be paying $4,300 per year for insurance that won't cover anything I'm doing for my health. Do you have to have a major medical policy to have a HSA? And do you have any other suggestions? My tax man figured my penalty for not having insurance will be around $750.00. And, is it worth appealing on the HealthCare.gov site?

Mecosta County Michigan Posted about 1 year ago