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Would like to know what bird species like bird houses. Building a birdhouse and not sure what size to make the entrance hole. Prefer not to have territorial (mean) birds. Do Cardinals like birdhouses?

Bremer County Iowa Posted 8 months ago

Qualifying Life Event - IRS Section 125

I'm losing health insurance coverage from my father's employee plan when I turn 26 this month. The plan covers medical, dental, vision, and prescription benefits. My current employer does not offer medical, only dental and vision through a PEO company. The PEO is telling me that I am not eligible for dental and vision because of IRS Section 125. Basically my fathers plan is all-in-one and I'm not eligible for standalone plans although me losing coverage is a life event. I would only be eligible if my fathers plan had dental and vision as separate coverage. Does this make sense or am I being jerked around?

DeKalb County Georgia Posted about 1 year ago

What is the Policy Rationale for Excluding Lower Income People from Obamacare Subsidies?

Obamacare only provides tax credits to subsidize premiums for people with incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL), which is currently $12,140 per year for individuals.

I've been insured by an Obamacare policy for the past five years because it's my only health insurance option. During all but one of those years, my income was below 100% of the FPL. I was ineligible for any subsidy for four out of five years and had to pay 100% of my premiums myself.

HealthCare.gov tries to steer people with incomes below 100% of the FPL to Medicaid; however, my state's Medicaid eligibility criteria exclude me for having assets in excess of $2,000. Having to pay such an incredibly large percentage of my income for health insurance is a burden for me, and it bothers me that people making much more money than I do pay little or nothing after tax credits.

I can see the rationale for denying subsidies to people with incomes above 400% of the FPL, but denying subsidies to people with incomes below 100% of the FPL doesn't make sense to me.

What's the rationale for this minimum income threshold for subsidies? Did the policymakers who drafted Obamacare make the erroneous assumption that everyone with an income below 100% of the FPL would be eligible for Medicaid? If it was such a massive oversight, why hasn't it been corrected? Do they just not care?

Shelby County Tennessee Posted over 1 year ago

FMLA and short-term disability

Hello I've been on short term disability since 7:16 2018 my FMLA expired on 10:5 2018 I have 3 weeks to return back to work the employer has informed me that my position may not be available because FMLA is no longer protecting it but I also believe that they piggyback my FMLA on top of this short-term disability ran consecutively is that legal in the state of Nevada. My understanding was that short term disability ran for 12 weeks and then that extinguished FMLA kicked in for 12 weeks. My insurance provider for that is a Liberty Mutual

Lyon County Nevada Posted over 2 years ago

Red mold on a corkscrew willow

My corkscrew willow has red jelly fungus on the trunk and leaves have been turning yellow and falling off. I have used a fungicide which seems to have curtailed the fungus somewhat. Any thoughts on fixes or likely problems and/or ramifications of this activity

Cumberland County Pennsylvania Posted over 2 years ago

Diplodia tip blight (INJECTION vs SPRAYING) treatments

Hello. We have eleven (diseased) pine trees on our Condo Association Commons area. Two arborist services have given a diagonis of diplodia tip blight. Treatment by company (a) said they would INJECT a solution into the cambria around the base of the tree one foot above the ground.The injected solution would then be taken internally to help the tree. Cost starts at $112 per (6" diameter) tree. Application would last two years. Treatment by company (b) said they would SPRAY all eleven for $175 ($16 per tree). Three separate applications will be needed. Because our trees are in such a bad condition, a yearly spraying program would be appropriate until the disease gets under complete control. We are trying to make an informed decision. The cost-only approach says company (b) should be selected. Unfortunately, we are uncertain about the optimum PROVEN effectivess of SPRAYING verses INJECTION. Request your insight.

Wayne County Michigan diplodia Posted over 3 years ago

Tree of Heaven explosion!

What is the best way to eradicate seedlings! Capstone, Vastlan, and Garlan 4 ultra have all been suggested. Are these say for home use in a lawn? If a commercial application is needed, what type of company should I look for? Thank you!

Washtenaw County Michigan Posted over 3 years ago

Tree of heaven explosion

How to eradicate seedlings. Capstone, vastlan, Harlin 4 ultra are all suggested. Are the safe for home use? I can't find a place to buy them. Do they need a commercial application? If so what type of company should I look for?

Washtenaw County Michigan Posted over 3 years ago

insurance dilemma

I am currently pregnant. My birthday is in May, and I will turn 26. Baby is due in Feb/March. My parents insurance will NOT cover the baby after the hospital visit. So my boss has enrolled me and paid for the premium in the marketplace (with caresource) starting January for both my husband & I, and so I can add our baby once she is here. Now, my parents could not REMOVE me early from their policy without being penalized and paying even more for my sister until I age out, which again is in may. So my name will remain on the policy until then. NOW, should I began just using ONLY the caresource from marketplace as my primary come January since it is in my name? Or do I use both, as a primary and secondary until may comes just for myself? With this benefit me or disadvantage me???

Cuyahoga County Ohio Posted about 4 years ago

Health care

I am 22 years old, recently married and in college. My father kicked me off his health plan. I do not want insurance because I do not really want it right now nor do I want any extra payments that I cannot afford. So my question is how can I get around the health care penalty, without getting coverage? We all know this law is unconstitutional and not what this country was founded on. All this does is put college kids like me in a tough spot when trying to go to school and pay for books and room and board when your parents kick you off because you no longer live with them and married. So with that being said, what are my options.

Ohio personal finance health insurance Posted over 4 years ago