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what is it

A vine came up volunteer in my flower bed and it has large green leaves and really grows a lot, gets small tube like white flowers on it then they just kept falling off but now I have found a "fruit" whatever on it that is shaped like an butternut squash with a small upper part of it. Right now it is about 6 inches long and is furry. What could it be???

Jackson County MO plant identification Posted 3 months ago

Indoor plants with aphids

If I treat my indoor plants with soapy water and nematodes, do I have to completely repot with fresh soil or no?

Clay County MO indoor plants Posted 3 months ago

Can you identify this spider

Can u please tell me what kind of spider this is.

Jackson County MO Posted 3 months ago

Mimosa Trees Too Young To Bloom But They Have Seed Pods (?)

9/8/19 I have some Mimosa seedlings which I dug up from my yard. They are now about 12" tall. I have read that Mimosas generally need to be about 10 feet tall to bloom, and they need to bloom in order to form seed pods. My seedlings appear to have seed pods, but they have not bloomed. Can you confirm that these are seed pods and how that could be? Thank you very much. Photos herewith.

Shannon County MO Posted 3 months ago

Glitch in interactive tree key

Please check your tree key. I use it for my horticulture class. Try to get to Morus rubra or Hornbeam. Who do I contact to get this fixed?

Wright County MO Posted 3 months ago

Is this a brown recluse?!?

I've found several of these spiders in my house this last year and I am absolutely terrified! Half the people I ask say it's an ordinary house spider, the other half say brown recluse.. I have a 2 year old daughter & I'm very concerned for her safety at this point! Please and thank you!

Christian County Missouri Posted 4 months ago

Can you identify this plant

I was climbing in the Rocky mountains up to Crestone peak and I saw this flower, I am wondering what it is and if it would be able to survive Missouri weather

Missouri Posted 5 months ago

What type of spider is this?

Found this little guy in my classroom and am just curious as to what he is? Thank you in advance!

Missouri Posted 5 months ago

Is this a brown recluse spider?

I found this spider in my bathroom sink. I’ve posted onto this forum before, but the photo I posted wasn’t clear enough. I’ve attached it again with the two new ones i took today.

Cape Girardeau County Missouri Posted 5 months ago

concern for black rastberries

I live in central Mo. and my black rastberries late spring started turning yellow on the top and bottom part of plants as they were dying? I have probably one dozen plants and barely got a handful of berries total. Maybe I need a quick lesson in growing rastberries. My red ones are excelling and doing good. Please give me your advice. I am concerned that we might have put alittle too much fertilizer on them.

Missouri Posted 6 months ago