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Rhododendron blooms turn to empty shell

I have a Rhododendrons that has bloomed profusely for years. This year just a few blooms. The bloom pods opened & were empty with just finger like edges.

Greene County Missouri rhododendrons Posted 26 days ago

Tomato leaves curling

What is causing the leaves on my tomatoes to curl?

Jackson County Missouri Posted about 1 month ago

Sycamore trees are sick looking

What is wrong with the Missouri sycamore trees this year?

St. Louis County Missouri Posted about 1 month ago

Too much rain

I planted 3 New cherry trees 3 to 4 weeks ago. I live in the very most south west corner of Missouri, we have had rain about five days a week since then. The leaves are turning yellow and dropping like flies, can I take them back up and wait until this rain stops. Or any other suggestions?

Newton County Missouri Posted about 1 month ago

Leaves falling off

My sycamore tree is at least 60 years old and has always done its usual drop of leaves and sticks, but this is different. This year it’s dropping NEW leaves and isn’t filling in well. Could they have gotten frostbite when we had our last freeze? The tree was coming out just fine. Then we had a couple of nights in the low 30s and the weather patterns have not gotten back to normal. I’m worried about it. I’ve attached pictures.

St. Louis County Missouri Posted about 1 month ago

Brown Recluse Spider?

What time of spider is this? How do I get rid of it?

Camden County Missouri Posted about 1 month ago

Lilac Blight

Does the whole bush PLUS ROOTS need to be dug up after blooming ?

Cass County Missouri lilacs Posted 2 months ago

Vinca Removal!

I have a beautiful bed of hostas and Japanese Maples. When I moved hostas from my friends house, obviously a small bit of vinca was mixed in. Now it's all over the bed. I'm trying to pull it out after raining. What a chore. Trying to keep it from going up under the shingles because of termites. Can I smother them with newspaper and compost?

Boone County Missouri Posted 3 months ago

What are the soil nutrients required for ginsing and yellow root? I am organic.

What are the soil requirements for yellow root and ginsing? I'm in the Ozarks. Poor depleted, acid soil. I'm organic so should I build my soil before attempting planting? how far north will they grow? They grow wild in Tennessee but have never seen them here.

Webster County Missouri Posted 3 months ago

dry beans with mould

how can I dispose it

Outside United States agronomy Posted 5 months ago