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The Community Nutrition Education Professional Community of Practice will keep implementers at Land-Grant Institutions informed on the fast-paced and nuanced rules, regulations and complexities of SNAP-Ed; provide a vehicle for mentoring and professional development and function as a collaboration tool to continue to evolve, strengthen, and sustain SNAP-Ed within the LGU system.  While serving as a repository of materials the site will also facilitate internal communication within the system as it relates to Community Nutrition Education, especially the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education (SNAP-Ed).

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Questions asked to this group

Soybean allergy

I’m having an allergic reaction to eggs and chicken that are feed soybean. This should be on labels for people like me. Both my pancreatic ducts enlarge and I suffer for days from all the bile and hormones that get into my system. I can’t eat solids until my pancreas calms down. Please add a label to soy feed chickens and the eggs they produce. Thank you

Baltimore County MD Posted over 1 year ago

Antibacterial soap ban - Will is increase foodborne illness?

I just read about the FDA rule about antibacterial soaps. I would think is a good thing, but I just read some comments from the industry that say otherwise. What do you say?

MT Posted about 6 years ago

Hard cooked eggs in the oven

Our educators across the state have been asked about the new way to cook eggs that is all over Facebook and Internet. Mini muffin pans, lay eggs on and bake at 325 for 30 minutes. My concern was them blowing up in the oven and the food safety. What do we tell them?

Centre County PA food safety Posted over 7 years ago