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Bind weed control among lilacs

Please help , I have bind weed in flower beds and lilac hedge, I would like to get rid of it without damaging perennials and lilacs

Laramie County Wyoming Posted almost 2 years ago

is a 3 gallon container okay for growing roses

i have some bare root hybrid tea roses coming in the mail and I was going to plant them in containers as the soil around Rock Springs can hardly grow anything. Will 3 gallon containers be okay or should I get 5 gallon containers.Thanks,Al

Sweetwater County Wyoming flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted almost 3 years ago

Pine needle discolor

Long needle pine (older) Tree had large branch torn off by wind about 3 years ago. This year an excessive amount of needles turning to yellow then to brown. What is this? What can I do?

Richard Henderson

Park County Wyoming Posted over 5 years ago

Rosebush fungus

My rosebushes have a mossy looking growth everywhere. Any idea what what it is or how to cure it?

Teton County Wyoming Posted over 5 years ago

North Privet Bareroot Hedge

north privet hedge in zone 5 are these wind tolerant? We are between Cheyenne and Laramie Wy and are wanting to plant this hedge on West side of home as a privacy fence and the conservation district is not familiar with this hedge to see if it would withstand our winds here??

Laramie County Wyoming Posted almost 6 years ago

fungus on pine tree

hello, I was hiking in the Vedauwoo/Blair area, up above Middle Fork of Crow Creek July 12, 2013 and observed these growths on the bark of the pines in the area. They were about 2-3 inches diameter, off white, relatively soft to the touch, and, when broken, appeared to be full of spores like a puffball. When broken, it felt much like "puffing" out a slightly immature puffball. They did not stick out very far from the surface of the tree, perhaps an inch, but there was no stem or shelf. The growth was more flush to the pine bark. A couple of photos are attached. It doesn't seem to be a conk or polypore mushroom - too flush to the surface - or a cryptoporus volvatus - too soft and puffy. The times I've found cryptoporus, it's pretty tough and hard. What is this? Thanks, Sharon Kubichek

Albany County Wyoming Posted over 6 years ago

sprinkler irrigation design

I am looking for help designing a sprinker irrigation system. I need determine the volume of water needed and the size of pump necessary to operate a 1/4 mile of 4 inch wheel line with approximately 50 ft. of elevation head. 30 ft of head would be in 600 ft. of transmission line and 20 ft. of head through the wheel line its self. Thank You, Joe Hicks

Park County Wyoming irrigation and water management Posted almost 7 years ago

Soil testing

Can you tell me who to see about getting the soil in my vegetable garden tested?

Albany County Wyoming soil soil testing Posted about 7 years ago