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The Sheep CoP covers a wide variety of topics of interest to the sheep, including (among others): Sheep Management Practices;  Sheep Breeds;  Sheep Purpose (wool versus meat versus dual-purpose);  Markets;  History;  International Perspectives (how the industry differs in other countries);  Showmanship;  Wool;  Meat Products (available products, how to prepare, etc.);  Producer Profiles;  Feed Efficiency;  Genetic Selection;  Prolificacy; Seasonality; Shearing; Feeding/Nutrition;  Feedlot;  Grazing/Pasture;  Organic Sheep Production;  Natural Sheep Production;  Health;  and Veterinary Care.

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avalanche awareness and survival

Do you have a publication or podcast on this subject by the Snow and Avalanche Lab

King County WA Posted 2 days ago

Controlling buttercup

I have a problem with buttercup in pastures. What is the best way to control this weed without killing all of the clover? I know over grazing is an issue in the horse pasture but in others not so much.

Carbon County MT Posted 5 months ago

Best sheep for weed control in western mountains.

I am curious about having sheep on my property and hoping they can help take care of some of the cheat grass and leafy spurge. I would also be interested in the meat, and then finally the wool.

Larimer County CO Posted 8 months ago


I have a farm that deals with our animals and also integrates VA veterans and the community, for mental health reasons. We have milking sheep that we do milk. We have geese, an alpaca, many chickens of different breed and collect eggs for sale, a variety of ducks, and several horses that we grassfeed. The Va brings a van load of vets for group, or individual benefit. We have had several large donations, one being HomeDepot who built our horse shelter last year just before winter. Lowe’s is in the pipeline for a project this year. My wife and I run the farm free of any charge to anybody. We operate under a non-profit under JCF. I have my personal military related health issues that limit what I can do in any given day, and VA healthcare is my only option. My question is, are there any grants to hire our farmhands, or laborers to help move along this operation, make the farm the safest it can be, all the while, managing the animals, etc. for more information on the farm, see us on Facebook at #TheRockingTreeFarm.

Lewis and Clark County MT Posted 8 months ago

Nutritional + Herbal Care for Sheep (Books? Resources? Research?)

I'd like to raise my sheep with as little medical/pharma intervention as possible. What resources would you recommend? I'd love to know what books and websites you'd recommend. Thank you!!

Yamhill County OR Posted 9 months ago

Eating culled so with respiratory infection

I'm having trouble finding the answer to this question. We have a sheep that has a chronic respiratory infection and we need to let her go. We are wondering if you can consume the meat. Thank you

Jefferson County Washington Posted 9 months ago

Copper levels in sheep rations

What is the recommended safe level of Copper in sheep rations?

Outside United States sheep Posted 9 months ago

Weak ewe

Ewe not eating , weak, after giving birth to triplets, 2 lived. Given a shot of calcium boroglutinate abt 40 mls. Lambs are 10 days old. She is still very weak and eating a little but not enough. Can another shot be given or anything to help her?

Carlton County Minnesota Posted 9 months ago

Treating ketosis in a pregnant ewe

I have a pregnant ewe that is down with what appears to be ketosis. I have started treating her with propylene glycol. She will only nibble at regular feed. Her fetuses are very active. She is alert and bright-eyed, but of course uncomfortable. She is unable to stand on her own, but will "help" when I get her up on her hind legs. Her front legs won't straighten out at this time so she uses her knees. In this position, and with me supporting her, she will move around her stall to reposition. I reposition her several times a day.
1. With her barely nibbling at her hay/grain and getting the propylene glycol will it be normal for her stool to be watery? I am assuming it is. 2. Will she hopefully go into normal labor and be able to deliver the lambs? She is due any day. 3. If she survives to deliver her lambs, what kind of after care plan should I implement with her ? Thank you in advance for any advice/help you are able to provide. Stephanie Wilson

Arkansas sheep Posted 9 months ago

AI sheep

I am looking for somebody who can artificial inseminate two ewes. I live just out side of Eatonville, WA. Can't find any body in my area to do so. Need these ewes bred in October if possible. I am new to sheep so I do not have a lot of connects thus far. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Pierce County Washington Posted over 1 year ago