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The Sheep CoP covers a wide variety of topics of interest to the sheep, including (among others): Sheep Management Practices;  Sheep Breeds;  Sheep Purpose (wool versus meat versus dual-purpose);  Markets;  History;  International Perspectives (how the industry differs in other countries);  Showmanship;  Wool;  Meat Products (available products, how to prepare, etc.);  Producer Profiles;  Feed Efficiency;  Genetic Selection;  Prolificacy; Seasonality; Shearing; Feeding/Nutrition;  Feedlot;  Grazing/Pasture;  Organic Sheep Production;  Natural Sheep Production;  Health;  and Veterinary Care.

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Treating ketosis in a pregnant ewe

I have a pregnant ewe that is down with what appears to be ketosis. I have started treating her with propylene glycol. She will only nibble at regular feed. Her fetuses are very active. She is alert and bright-eyed, but of course uncomfortable. She is unable to stand on her own, but will "help" when I get her up on her hind legs. Her front legs won't straighten out at this time so she uses her knees. In this position, and with me supporting her, she will move around her stall to reposition. I reposition her several times a day.
1. With her barely nibbling at her hay/grain and getting the propylene glycol will it be normal for her stool to be watery? I am assuming it is. 2. Will she hopefully go into normal labor and be able to deliver the lambs? She is due any day. 3. If she survives to deliver her lambs, what kind of after care plan should I implement with her ? Thank you in advance for any advice/help you are able to provide. Stephanie Wilson

Arkansas sheep Posted 11 days ago

AI sheep

I am looking for somebody who can artificial inseminate two ewes. I live just out side of Eatonville, WA. Can't find any body in my area to do so. Need these ewes bred in October if possible. I am new to sheep so I do not have a lot of connects thus far. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Pierce County Washington Posted 8 months ago

Micron wool analysis

Do you accept wool samples for analysis and if so how do we proceed and what are the fees please?

New Castle County Delaware Posted 9 months ago

Micron count

How can I measure the micron count of my sheep fleeces?

Marion County Florida Posted 11 months ago

Rams affect on gender production, genetic?

We are having a hard time finding out what influence a ram has on affecting the gender of his offspring. When we were living in dry Western Nevada and raised Merino sheep we had approximately 75% of our lambs were female. When we moved up to the very wet Western Washington State, we had to replace our flock with Bluefaced Leicester sheep that do very well in heavy rain climates.

We have a pure BFL ram that has produced two seasons of lambs that has produced about 66% male offspring. What determines the gender of the offspring? Is it the ram that provides the X or Y gene (and therefore he is genetically programed to keep producing that 66% male offspring) or are there other factors such as diet, climate, etc.

We have googled this quite a bit but can't find much info. Do you have any information gender production ratios in sheep or can you point us to a source that can help us?

We would greatly appreciate help and advice in this matter.


Jeff Seldomridge

Autumn Hills Woollens & Sheep Co.

Lewis County Washington sheep Posted about 1 year ago

Sheep per Acre

How many sheep per acre do you think average Willamette Valley pasture can support with minimal feed supplements?

Benton County Oregon sheep Posted about 1 year ago

Can someone help me find a Sheep Vet near me?!

Our sheep "Bella" got a cut on her nose last year, the fence was rusty and therefore the cut is infected and getting worse. I've called so many vets and no one is willing to come out to our house and examine her. She is having trouble breathing now and we are very worried about her. We have tried a lot of home remedies and even some other medicine suggested by our regular dog's vet but nothing seems to work. She has a cluster of bumps on her nose and at times they even bleed now. We live in Vista, California. We have no way of transporting her anywhere but are willing to pay the extra fee for a house call. It's very sad to see her hurting like this.

Thank you for any help!

San Diego County California Posted about 1 year ago

Sheep barn flooring

I'm building a new barn for housing sheep. I'm trying to be more sustainable and reduce purchased inputs such as bedding. I've been looking at the permeable pourable rubber surfaces used on playgrounds, and am wondering how that might work as compared to concrete? If the drainage under the surface is good I'm thinking ammonia build-up would not be an issue. I've been searching for examples where it has been used and I'm coming up blank. The cost appears to be comparable to concrete. What am I missing? If no one has done any research on this-- might this make a good SARE research project?

Deschutes County Oregon sheep Posted about 1 year ago

reindeer housed near other livestock

Hello! I currently raise sheep, and an exploring the possibility of acquiring a few reindeer. I understand though, that reindeer suffer from parasites that sheep carry, and that they should not be housed near each other. Is there any sort of solution/inoculation that could remedy this? Do reindeer have the same issues with goats?

Clearfield County Pennsylvania Posted over 1 year ago

Ewe carrying triplets excessive swelling?


I have a ewe 142 days along, carrying triplets. She has a touch of twin lamb disease and is on a glycerol precursor solution as won't eat meal but is eating grass and hay. She has a lot of fluid build up, see photo. Is there anything I can give her for this? She has no sign of infection or fever. Thanks

Outside United States Posted over 1 year ago