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The Sheep CoP covers a wide variety of topics of interest to the sheep, including (among others): Sheep Management Practices;  Sheep Breeds;  Sheep Purpose (wool versus meat versus dual-purpose);  Markets;  History;  International Perspectives (how the industry differs in other countries);  Showmanship;  Wool;  Meat Products (available products, how to prepare, etc.);  Producer Profiles;  Feed Efficiency;  Genetic Selection;  Prolificacy; Seasonality; Shearing; Feeding/Nutrition;  Feedlot;  Grazing/Pasture;  Organic Sheep Production;  Natural Sheep Production;  Health;  and Veterinary Care.

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Questions asked to this group

Pocket Gopher Repellant

I have cold climate grape vineyard in Southeastern Montana. I get many pocket gopher mounds/ I have trapped & used sulphur smoke bombs. Both seem to work to some extent. I would prefer a non-lethal method of control. I am considering placing moth balls in the tunnels, hoping to drive them out of the vineyard. They are welcome to the rest of the 40 acres. It worked on the voles. Is this reasonable plan?

Rosebud County Montana Posted 3 days ago

Grasshopper damage to blue spruce

Grasshoppers have stripped 10-15 of my ~25 ft. tall colorado blue spruce trees and all of the caragana trees planted in a shelterbelt. Is there anything that can be done to save them?

Golden Valley County Montana Posted 15 days ago

fire blight

Is it best to cut out blight and do you spray for it in spring

Flathead County Montana Posted 16 days ago

Supplemental feed

Hi, We have six sheep (two older rams and four older ewes) on four acres rolling topography that consists mostly of brome grass. About 3/4 of the property was cut in late July to reduce fire danger and manage weeds, although there really aren't many weeds on the property. I'm trying to gauge how much hay to feed them during the winter. I was figuring a flake of low-protein grass hay per sheep per day from October - May (or until the grass starts to green up in the spring) - but I want to make sure I'm on the right track. Thanks!

Gallatin County Montana Posted 17 days ago

Seeding clover and bluegrass when irrigation is shut down

We recently moved to a new property where the hay fields have been neglected. We planned to seed bluegrass and white clover to give the fields a boost and make the future pastures more viable. However, our irrigation, like many, is already off for the summer. Should we still seed?

Ravalli County Montana Posted 21 days ago

Poplar leaf spots

Can anyone tell me from these two photos what might be infecting these brooks poplar leaves and what I might do about it?

Madison County Montana Posted about 1 month ago

Post harvest cleanup

What are good chemicals for post harvest cleanup of cherry orchard?

Lake County Montana Posted about 1 month ago

black widow w/ egg sacs in our window well

We've been observing a mama black widow in our window well for over a month now. She has an elaborate web and three egg sacs. Now my husband and kiddos are starting to freak out that the babies will be born soon. They want me to kill her, but I can't bring myself to do that. I tried to catch her with her sacs in a tupperware to move them somewhere else, but she is REALLY fast. Do you have any suggestions about what we should do? THANKS.

Missoula County Montana Posted about 1 month ago

Haying 20 acres

Hi There! We have 20 acres of land on Johnson Road that is badly in need of being hayed. Do you guys know of anyone who would be interested in doing that? Thanks! Trinjia Dell'Aglio 406-690-6893

Ada County Idaho Posted about 1 month ago

Besides aphids

On Apple tree. What’s going on ? Only 1 tree of 2 have this issue and I have been using dormant oil To chase down aphids. The trees are only about 11’ apart. I am house sitting in Helena.

Lewis and Clark County Montana Posted about 1 month ago