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The Farm & Ranch eXtenision in Safety and Health (FReSH) Community of Practice (CoP) is a collaborative effort between universities, industry, and government to provide user-friendly information for the general rural population, agricultural producers, and agricultural safety and health professionals.

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What is fire protection classification for PVC flooring

What is fire protection classification for PVC flooring

Somerset County New Jersey Posted almost 3 years ago

becoming a instructor

how does a person become a instructor i want to teach tractor safety.

Clark County Indiana Posted over 3 years ago

PTO entanglment survivor

Are there any programs for financial help with in the agricultural industry or on any federal and / or state government level? Any help would be life saving, I am a survivor of a horrific life changing farm accident "full body PTO ENTANGLEMENT' spinning around on the shaft until help could react to the accident.I was a very young boy when this happened laid in a hospital for nearly a year most of the time i was in traction, keeping alignment of spine, legs, ankles, toes fractured or broken also right arm 70%severed at the shoulder, Multiple head fractures and concussions and internal injures requiring operation after operation and removal of my spleen that's a short overview of the trauma i suffered. I can no longer work from the crippling effects or these injuries takes a new forms of complications. i am 52 years old now and have never looked for help before other than my family and they are elderly and cannot help. If anyone has knowledge of any programs that understand my trauma and can help me fanatically pay basic bills please refure me to them James Carter 803-824-9268 8425 lodge hwy lodge Sc

Colleton County South Carolina farm safety and health Posted over 5 years ago