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The Animal Welfare Community of Practice is a team of experts that includes state, regional, and county Extension educators and research and teaching professionals, who have: 1) expertise in the application and implementation of farm animal welfare science, 2) expertise in farm animal production, and/or 3) interest in current farm animal welfare issues and their impact on animal agriculture.

(This group currently has 6 experts available to answer questions)

Questions asked to this group


I burn black walnut in my outdoor furnace,are the ashes from my burner toxic to horses?

Delaware County Ohio horses Posted about 1 year ago

Plants that are toxic to llamas and alpacas

Are photinias toxic to llamas and alpacas

Marion County Oregon pastures and forages camelids llamas alpacas alpaca pasture weeds Posted over 2 years ago

Whether or Not

I have two "complete" 2+ year old male alpacas. They seem to enjoy neck wrestling, running and mounting and love-biting each other's ankles. They seem ok with their situation. Then one day one of the alpaca boys began to charge the resident hens. Initially it looked like a game but I soon realized the hens weren't having any fun. Began researching behavioral issues among alpacas and castration was suggested but without a guarantee that aggression would end. A local vet gave me a few options: 1. just castrate one. 2. castrate neither and work on training techniques to discourage interest in the chix. 3. Separate alpaca boys from hens as alpacas are territorial and may be unhappy sharing their space. Has anyone had non-breeding, "intact" male alpacas living in peace and harmony? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Colorado camelids llamas alpacas Posted about 3 years ago

rat mites

if the carcass of a rat is inaccessible will mites stop reproducing with time or is there a better way to prevent bites from continuing?

San Joaquin County California rodents rats urban pest management Posted about 5 years ago

Crossbow and dogs

is Crossbow for scotch broom toxic to dogs?

Santa Clara County California Posted about 6 years ago


How much forage do a rabbit and a sheep eat in a system in which forage is the only food?

Outside United States sheep rabbits Posted almost 7 years ago

Doe bleeding 5 days after birthing

My 2-year-old doe birthing for the first time had twins with no problems and has been doing great. But this morning I noticed some bright red blood on the straw in her pen and on her tail. Is this normal, or is this something I need to be concerned with? This is my first experience with breeding and birthing goats so I am at a loss as to what this could be. She still seems fine, her eating is fine and letting the kids nurse fine. Not acting distressed in anyway.

Butler County Missouri livestock goats Posted about 8 years ago