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The goal of the Marine Aquaculture Community of Practice (CoP) is to facilitate technology transfer and address emerging issues facing the marine aquaculture industry by providing unbiased research-based information while serving as an online clearinghouse for the public. Marine aquaculture is diverse in species cultivated, culture techniques utilized, and in its policies and regulations. The CoP Leadership Team has expertise representing all aspects of marine aquaculture including finfish, shellfish (molluscan and crustacean), marine plants, business planning, policy and regulations, and marketing.

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Possible whale vertebra

Hi I found what I think is a whale vertebra on the beach in Cape Ann. It is approx 11 inches in diameter. Could you help me identify it?

Essex County Massachusetts Posted over 1 year ago

Lobo Marino vs Leon Marino (seawolf vs sealion)

Hi I was in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay this week. I watched the sea lions by the light house. Very interesting animal! Never saw them in the wild before. Really a great experience. I came across the sign there(attached picture), stating there was different species there: Lobo Marino and Leon Marino. Translation to sea wolf and sea lion respectively. It was hard for me to tell difference between animals as they seemed to be living together. I could see that some individuals seemed to have an upward pointing nose though. There is no wifi in Cabo Polonio, so now checking after getting back I find it hard to find any information about sea wolves? Can you clear it out for me: What is the difference and do they live together or what? Thank you in advance! Christoffer

Outside United States marine mammal ocean science Posted over 1 year ago

Blue Whale Vertebrae 14.5 Inches in diameter

I found a freshly washed up vertibrae and its quite large, 14.5 Inches in diameter and 4" in height. I am thinking it is a blue whale vertebrae. I found this in Port Hueneme California. Are there any placed that may be interested in it?

Ventura County California Posted over 1 year ago

Unusual bug found Oregon coast

I found this bug on the Oregon coast and no one has been able to identify it at this point

Marion County Oregon invertebrates insect identification Posted almost 2 years ago

Whale bone identification?

I found this large bone on the beach in NC and believe it is a whale vertebrae. Are you able to confirm this or otherwise identify this bone/fossil? It measures about 12" x 8"

Carteret County North Carolina bone identification fossil identification Posted almost 2 years ago

Black gills on dungeness crab

I bought 3 dungeness crabs from a retailer in Pike Place Market last Saturday. When we went to clean them....2 of the 3 crab had TOTALLY black gills. Looked like old motor oil. The black went all the way down into the meat. These were crabs bought from Oregon Indian tribes..... since the commercial crabbing season won't open until 1/15/2018. What were these crabs eating? I threw the black ones out.

King County Washington Posted over 2 years ago

Can you help identify? Whale bone?

My son found on A New Zealand beach. It looks like a whale dorsal vertebrae to me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Martin

Outside United States Posted about 3 years ago

Ash Content of different Feeds

Where can I get a feed tested for ash content? I need to compare the ash content of different lots of brine shrimp cysts. Can you recommend a lab that can do this ? I also would like to know if there is a company that offers toll processing to irradiate fresh seafood to increase shelf life for third party producers?

Klamath County Oregon shellfish seafood feed analysis Posted over 3 years ago

Land crabs

We have a property in Jamaica where there are land crabs which dig into our lawn which creates a walking hazard. We have not found an effective pesticide yet that will work. Since we are by the sea, we need to be careful of any runoff which could affect the coral and fishes.

Outside United States shellfish crabs Posted almost 4 years ago

how to make seafood waste material as fertilizer & removing any plant harmful salts

I would like to know how to best utilize waste sea scallops/shrimps complete with clam like shells, prawn/shrimp & unwanted offal & damaged fleshy bits.As all these materials complete with seawater are combined in the disposed waste, I need to know how to best prepare this waste into a usable fertilizer and not have any salts in the finished product that will harm the plants when applied.
I am open to a dry or wet end product.
There is a heat treatment method for an end dry product & some wet treatments.
Do either display more benefits for better plant growth?
Currently the quantity I have access to in its raw state is equivalent to approx 4-6 tonnes per week.
I am in Australia.
Also can I bulk it up with other materials to end up with more of the final product to sell?
Henry Sapiecha

Outside United States waste management marine aquaculture fertilizer shellfish aquaculture fertilizing Posted about 4 years ago