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Wild simulated ginseng: new soil every year?


Saw this on reddit that ginseng requires new soil each year due to the nutrient content:

I haven't seen this information regarding wild simulated growth. Is this relevant to wild simulated techniques?

Schoolcraft County Michigan ginseng Posted 3 months ago


I'm starting a woods grown ginseng farm how do I get set up to market me ginseng with no Mississippi program cites only Federal cites ! This information is hard to find seems no one can tell me much on this subject! Also I have one pound of transplanted on our farm that has been certified with paperwork from Tennessee ! I'm just looking for the right leaugally the steps I need to sell and export my farm woods grown Ginseng?

Union County Mississippi Posted 4 months ago

Growing and harvesting,selling ginseng in the state of Mississippi

I want to try ginseng woods grown ginseng in Union county Mississippi?

Union County Mississippi Posted 5 months ago

Black Walnut tolerent

Do you know if a Mulberry tree will grow near a Black Walnut tree?

Monroe County Pennsylvania Posted 6 months ago

Insects in inoculated logs

I’m wondering how to deal with insects boring tiny little holes in my inoculated oak logs. There are hundreds of these holes and very fine sawdust all over the logs. My question is, will these tiny little beetles have any affect on the mushroom production going forward and what if anything I can do to rid my logs of these insects. Thank You. Wayne

Hartford County Connecticut Posted 7 months ago

best time to plant goldenseal

What's the best time of year to plant goldenseal? spring , fall , both , neither. I don't think it grows here (yet) , but global warming is changing our climate here on the tug hill plateau. I'm going to try it.

Jefferson County New York Posted 10 months ago

Forest farming of mushrooms

I have a few questions below:
  • Has anyone experimented with quaking aspen totems for oyster mushrooms? Cottonwood and poplar are mentioned so it seems that quaking aspen would be a safe bet.
  • Fresh Beech logs are recommended for Hericium inoculation, but most of our beech is infected with the beech bark disease. How will this affect the process?
  • Is there a potential conflict with farming Hericium in an active sugar bush?
  • For how many years should I expect the totems to produce?

Berkshire County Massachusetts mushrooms Posted 11 months ago

Greenhouse ginseng

So can you grow Ginseng with a greenhouse in Texas would that be better and how much does ginseng usually sell for

Dallas County Texas ginseng Posted 12 months ago

Maple Syrup Bags


Could you steer me in the right direction to source the clear maple sap bags Mike Farrell uses in the demonstration below? I have spent about an hour now searching the internet with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

New York County New York maple syrup production Posted about 1 year ago

Companion plants for Wine Cap

Wondering if I can install a Wine Cap bed under and around my blueberry plants? Thanks!

San Diego County California mushroom cultivation Posted about 1 year ago