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Pre-pruning grapevines

Last year I pre-pruned my vineyard to 6-8 inches once all the leaves fell off. It just makes it easier to do the final pruning end of winter. This year I would like to pre-prune as soon as possible because we need to do some landscape work in the vineyard. Will it hurt anything to pre-prune now (September), we just harvested yesterday?

El Dorado County California Posted 3 months ago

Cane side shoots

I have been growing Tempranillo wine grapes from cuttings since 2017. I am a novice and learn from reading and the internet. Except for this year, I have let the canes grow from the cordones to the highest wires and almost to the ground before topping the ends to keep them from touching the ground. Once topped I would get side shoots from each leaf and kept the side shoots to a minimum by pinching them off. This year I tried another method, I have seen, and trimmed each cane at the 14th or 15th leaf and for the first time I am getting (almost) no side shoots. Would this be normal for the difference in cane lengths or something else I do not understand. Any response will be helpful. Thanks, Bret Ward @ 909-573-6084 (cell) or

Riverside County California Posted 6 months ago

Tennessee Posted 6 months ago


Hello: I'm attempting to track down a non-patent non-gmo non-cloned cutting/stock/bare root/potted Ribier Grape. Seems this varietal is disappearing. I seek it for juice, but also want to try my hand at improve- ment*. Any idea where these may still be hanging on in a home vinyard? I don't need 1,000 (that quantity I could get) just a few to see if they take to this climate. Thanks in advance!


* As I plan to cross pollinate, etc, to develop an improved type, I don't want to step on anyones' patent

Cochise County Arizona viticulture Posted almost 5 years ago

re: variety of grapes

hi, I planted my grape vine about 20 years ago. I was busy, and had small children, so i didnt pay attention to the attached tag which said the name of the variety. They are sweet with a slight tartness, small, light green grapes. Is there any way to find out what variety it is, so I can read up more about it? Also, what can I do with the grape leaves? I have heard that tea can be made from just putting the new leaves into hot water, is that true? thanks in advance for your help.

New York County New York viticulture Posted almost 5 years ago

Burn on white grapes.

Got burn on some white grapes. Property is extremely hot and dry and peak months it's gets into the high 90's and stays in the 80's until 6-7p.m. How to prevent avoid burn. The weird thing was the burn happened after berries were fool size.

Orange County California viticulture Posted almost 5 years ago

Wine smells like raisins

I am taking a wine class and I need to answer the following question; my red wine smells like raisins and prunes. What can I do in the vineyard next year to prevent this? I cannot find an answer but I suspect it might have to do with sunburned grapes. If anyone can help, that would be great.

Norfolk County Massachusetts viticulture Posted about 5 years ago

post harvest vineyard management

What are some steps that can be taken in the fall to prepare the vines for a better outcome next year?

Cleveland County Oklahoma viticulture Posted about 5 years ago

Is this a grape vine and are these grapes edible? If so, how can I do...

Is this a grape vine and are these grapes edible? If so, how can I do anything to make them grow bigger and to improve the taste?

Hennepin County Minnesota viticulture Posted about 5 years ago

What insect/disease leaves peelable, brownish gray, irregular shaped, angular...

What insect/disease leaves peelable, brownish gray, irregular shaped, angular edged, patches on grapevine leafs? I have seen this on the top and underside of the leafs on both my vinifera and frontenac grapevines. In peeling back the patches, I do not see any insect eggs and the patch seems to peel off fairly cleanly.

Onondaga County New York grapes viticulture grape insects Posted about 5 years ago