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The feral hogs group is made up of feral hog experts from federal, state and private organizations from across the United States.

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Questions asked to this group

Found wild pig/hog/boar

Hello, We found small piglet running around farm highway in Tomball. We took it home. I never had a pig in my life. I am not sure how to take care of it except we bought Mazuri mini pig feed. I have other animals at the house (cats and dogs). I am worried about diseases that this little created may carry. Please help me ! Is there anything like dewormer for pigs ?

Harris County Texas feral hogs Posted over 2 years ago

Nut grass

I have feral hogs that go after nut grass in my pasture and fields and the nut on the root is what they are after. They root deep holes in wide widths causing extensive damage. What can I do to get rid of this grass because no matter how many of the hogs that you kill or trap they keep coming back. Thanks for the help!!

DeWitt County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

Wild hog trappers

Need a licensed hog trapper to get rid of my wild hog problem

Coahoma County Mississippi wildlife damage management feral hogs Posted almost 4 years ago

selling feral hog

Is it legal to sell dead feral hogs in the state of Texas?

Van Zandt County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Feral hog trapping

My name is william luther ph#936-933-2716 pointblank texas 77364 i am trapping feral hogs on farms taking them straight to control stations spending all my resources on corral traps doing everything just like Texas a and m and usda is there any help for buying goat panels and 2x4s for doors.like to meet with an agent

Thanks William Luther

San Jacinto County Texas feral hogs Posted over 4 years ago

Feral Hog managment

We are a small HOA located just north of Fischer Texas. We are starting to have feral hogs show up on some of the peripheral properties. Do you have anyone who could come out and give us come advice on what we are up against? I am most interested if it is possible to keep out hogs with our high peripheral fencing, and how important it would be to maintain this fence line by the owners.
Jim Powell '71

Comal County Texas wildlife damage management feral hogs Posted over 5 years ago

wild pig Posion

Can you give me an update on the studies being done on this product ?
Seems like a long time since the study was started . we need to get this product on the market !!



Texas wildlife damage management feral hogs Posted over 5 years ago

Removal of Scent Glands from Feral Hogs

Can you supply a diagram showing locations of all scent glands to be removed when field dressing and butchering feral hogs.

Harris County Texas feral hogs feral hog biology Posted over 6 years ago

Building a hog trap: need specific info on the gate design

I'm a rancher north of Witchita Falls and have been fighting the hogs for years. I have little traps but I want the kind of trap you have on your website, but I can't find any information about the gate design. How can I get specific diagrams about the gate design? Thanks very much. Raymond Reeves

Donley County Texas feral hogs feral hog trapping Posted almost 7 years ago

cattle guard a.k.a. Texas gate for feral pigs?

Has anyone looked into scaling and designing a 'cattle guard' to make a vehicle pass that blocks feral pigs? Also any designs for feral pig fence crossing flashy seasonal streams without causing debris jam? thank you

Sutter County California wildlife damage management human-wildlife issues feral hogs Posted over 7 years ago