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Codling moth

Are there any good/safe sprays that can be used to reduce the population in the fall and winter?

Clackamas County OR Posted 2 months ago

Spots in Liberty apples

I have a dwarf Liberty apple tree that I planted about five years ago. I do not use any sprays on it. The apples look perfect on the outside but have lots of small brown spots inside. What is causing them, and can I prevent them? Gaile Baack

Multnomah County OR apples Posted 4 months ago

Apple pest

We have about 12 apple trees. This year all of our apples have very small blemished on the exterior and dark veins extending from the skin inwards. Sometimes the veins extend to the core, other times (as in the photo) the just extend a bit. I am wondering if this is stink bug damage or something else.

Marion County OR apple pes Posted 4 months ago

Home grown apple disease

Hello, I bought a home with an apple tree which produced a few diseased fruit this year. (Photos attached) How do I identify the disease early & what do I do to treat it?

Multnomah County OR Posted 4 months ago

Apple tree grafting

Last night the beavers came and cut down two of my best young apple trees. One they had cut down a few years ago but it had grown up from the bottom and was loaded with fruit. The other was another young tree which again was loaded with fruit.
In both cases the stump that is left is about 30 cm's high and the top, fruit bearing part was left. They just took a short length and chewed off the bark and also took a few apples.
My question is: is it possible to graft these branches back onto the stumps and if so when should I do it, straight away or in the spring? If in the spring, how should I store the branches? Regards and thank you in advance, Michael (Location: Poland)

OUTSIDEUS apple trees grafting Posted 4 months ago

codling moth and bats

Do bats eat codling moths? Have bats been used to determine if they control apple damage by moths?

Crook County Oregon Posted 5 months ago

Dying tree

There is a big apple tree on the property where I hunt. Last year there were a lot of apples on the tree. The deer were feeding very heavily off the tree. There are other apple trees on the property, but had very few apples. The deer were there so often that it looked like a cow pasture. Now this year there few to almost no apples on the tree. The bottom of the tree has no leaves and branches appear to be dying. Do you know the problem and what I can do to correct it

Chemung County New York Posted 5 months ago

Type of apple

Is it possible to identify an apple type?
The leaves have always curled like this.
What are the best options for deterring birds and squirrels from eating all the fruit?
Thank you,

Douglas County Nevada Posted 7 months ago

homemade oil spray

I made the mistake of using grape seed oil to mix with potassium bicarbonate to spray my flowering apple trees, and that has affected the flowers, and leaves--no fruiting, and some leaves are browned and dead. Have I killed my trees, or will they bounce back next spring?

Erie County New York pesticide safety fruit trees blossom thinning Posted 8 months ago

Bad Apple

I was eating a nice juicy apple and 1/2 through it was a open brown pit, the size of a small walnut. This is the first time I bought produce from a particular store (a chain market). The apple was firm on all sides with no holes in it. I washed it before eating it.

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 8 months ago