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Apple varieties

Hello, We have several old well established apple trees on our property in the Eola Hills and would like help identifying the varieties. They appear to be quite different from each other.

Yamhill County Oregon apples Posted 4 months ago

Fruit tree flower buds

What can I do to trigger production of flower buds on my 6 yr old espaliered Hetlina and Monty's Surprise apples, please? I read that a shallow knife cut around the lateral branches coming from the main trunk (at the time when flowerbuds are expected) should trigger the development of the hormone responsible for flowerbuds. I tried it this Spring, but it hasn't had any effect,

Outside United States Posted 5 months ago

Apple tree bark splitting

What is this, the top of the tree is wilting

Linn County Oregon trees and shrubs apples Posted 10 months ago

Apple tree pest/disease management

I have a few tiny apple trees (I'm pruning to keep them very small) and espaliered apples. Been in the ground, growing well, for 2 years and I have a few blossoms! Can you point me toward good, practical approaches for a micro-tiny home orchard with limited spraying? I'm not pure organic, but if good alternatives exist, I prefer them. I know I'm past dormant oil (but aphids haven't been an issue, and I believe the big issue is codling moth & cedar-apple rust). Thank you.

Washoe County Nevada Posted 11 months ago

I want to propagate apple trees in stool beds from apple scionwood. I need to...

I want to propagate apple trees in stool beds from apple scionwood. I need to know if I can put the stool beds on the north side of a building and if I can make the beds this early from dormant cuttings of second- or third-year wood.

Salt Lake County Utah Posted about 1 year ago

Apples, Grannysmith, have brown specks in flesh of fruit

My Granny Smith apples have brown specks throughout the flesh. They do not effect the texture or flavor.... just no pretty. I'm thinking a Calcium deficiency ?? am I on the right track? What can I do to amend the soil?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 1 year ago

Codling moth

Are there any good/safe sprays that can be used to reduce the population in the fall and winter?

Clackamas County Oregon Posted over 1 year ago

Spots in Liberty apples

I have a dwarf Liberty apple tree that I planted about five years ago. I do not use any sprays on it. The apples look perfect on the outside but have lots of small brown spots inside. What is causing them, and can I prevent them? Gaile Baack

Multnomah County Oregon apples Posted over 1 year ago

Apple pest

We have about 12 apple trees. This year all of our apples have very small blemished on the exterior and dark veins extending from the skin inwards. Sometimes the veins extend to the core, other times (as in the photo) the just extend a bit. I am wondering if this is stink bug damage or something else.

Marion County Oregon apple pes Posted over 1 year ago

Home grown apple disease

Hello, I bought a home with an apple tree which produced a few diseased fruit this year. (Photos attached) How do I identify the disease early & what do I do to treat it?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted over 1 year ago