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Type of apple

Is it possible to identify an apple type?
The leaves have always curled like this.
What are the best options for deterring birds and squirrels from eating all the fruit?
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Douglas County Nevada Posted about 1 month ago

homemade oil spray

I made the mistake of using grape seed oil to mix with potassium bicarbonate to spray my flowering apple trees, and that has affected the flowers, and leaves--no fruiting, and some leaves are browned and dead. Have I killed my trees, or will they bounce back next spring?

Erie County New York pesticide safety fruit trees blossom thinning Posted about 1 month ago

Bad Apple

I was eating a nice juicy apple and 1/2 through it was a open brown pit, the size of a small walnut. This is the first time I bought produce from a particular store (a chain market). The apple was firm on all sides with no holes in it. I washed it before eating it.

Maricopa County Arizona Posted about 1 month ago

Heritage apple tree rescue

We lost our 75 year old apple tree during the snow storm in February. We took multiple cuttings from the smaller branches with the hope of rooting. We followed the typical instructions found online which included scraping the bark on a few inches of each cutting, dipping in rooting hormone powder, placing in a planting medium of vermiculite, sand and potting soil, and finally bagging them to create a small greenhouse environment. Most of the cuttings had leaves within several weeks of planting (from the small nodes on the stem) but ultimately all of the leaves whithered. Some of the cuttings are outdoors under a porch roof, some are indoors next to windows, and some have been under a seedling grow light. We have only 1 cutting left that has small green leaves and it has been in a plastic bottle with water next to a window (no soil). Can you provide any ideas since this is our last chance to save a cutting from the tree? - Scott Duckett, (512) 461-1998 or

Lane County Oregon Posted about 1 month ago

Preserving hierloom apples through grafting

I have about six or so apple varieties that I want to preserve. The trees are old and with rotted out cores and limbs falling off during snow, ice, and wind storms. Grafting them onto new more resistant root stock seems like a good idea, but I know nothing about grafting. Where can I get rootstock, learn to graft, or find somebody who will do it right the first time? I would probably want 3 trees of each variety so my daughter could have one set and I could have a backup. I have 20 acres, so space is not my issue, I would rather opt for disease resistance and hardiness.

Linn County Oregon grafting fruit trees Posted 3 months ago

Grafting an apple tree

Hello. I have apple seed that I am trying to sprout in the fridge. I want to grow apple trees from them. Do I need a scion branch from the same tree to graft them when they grow to about 30 cm in height?

New York Posted 4 months ago

Apple tree pest or virus?

I have 4 espaliered apple trees (3-4 yrs old). Recently, I noticed these marks that first looked like burn marks. Upon further inspection, I see that the bark is being eaten away and perhaps there is some type of borer pest. It is at the grafted joints. What can I do to prevent further damage and save my trees?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 7 months ago

Is this apple tree chancre?

Howdy from Veneta----I have a Gala apple tree, around 5 years old. It is a good producer and appears to be in good health, but as you know, requires lots of attention...spraying, etc. I had some apple scab problems with it for the last two years, which I gather is pretty common with Galas, but now seem to have that under control. Over the summer I noticed some kind of lesion or chancre in several places--three photos attached ((please let me know if they don't come through). I fear they may have been there longer and I just missed them. Can you identify what this is and tell me what to do about it? I thank you...

Lane County Oregon Posted 7 months ago

Apple tree

This year we had a couple issues with a few Apple trees. Wanted to know what might have caused it. One tree is a chehalis Apple and the apples were rotting on the tree in August. We water every 2-3 weeks for 12 hours with sprayers at the base. We also have a pink lady Apple tree and the apples and brown dots on the exterior-on half the Apple. It didn’t go deep into the Apple when I peeled them. This was watered 20 minutes at the base each day. I have attached pictures of both trees for your reference. Thanks. Lisa

Marion County Oregon Posted 10 months ago

Apple tree worms

What may be used for worms on Golden Delicious apple tree?

Franklin County Tennessee Posted 11 months ago