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The primary purpose of the Creating Healthy Communities CoP is to provide resource support to professionals and community leaders working to improve community health. To help them make positive impacts on their communities, our efforts are focused on providing resources supportive of the following goals: 

  • Improving the Health of Vulnerable Populations
  • Developing Community Engagement and Leadership Skills
  • Fostering Informed Health Policy Decisions
  • Advancing Healthy Community Environments
Therefore, you feel you have a question that relates to any of the above issues please feel free to send us a question. Our membership is quite diverse and may be of assistance.

(This group currently has 9 experts available to answer questions)

Questions asked to this group

I have several large mature black walnut trees in my yard that need to be...

I have several large mature black walnut trees in my yard that need to be removed. What dollar amount can I expect for each tree.

Clermont County OH urban forestry Posted 6 months ago


My mom found this GROWING on her baseboard of an interior wall. it's so strange looking. Any idea what it is?

Chesterfield County VA fungus household mold Posted about 4 years ago

Construction and a very large oak tree

I just found out that the property, The Unity church of the Valley, 2817 Montrose Ave, La Crescenta, CA 91214 was sold. The plan is to build a 27 townhouses. Who do I need to contact so that they can inspect the oak tree and make sure that nothing happens to it during the construction of these townhouses. Thank you,

Los Angeles County CA legal topics urban forestry Posted about 4 years ago

Meth Lab Identification

Is there a way to test for whether or not a home has been used as a meth lab? If there aren't any obvious signs, could there still be leftover toxic chemicals if meth was manufactured in a home? If I am buying a home, I would like to be sure that meth was not manufactured there. Is there a way to do that?

human health healthy homes Posted over 4 years ago

Managing diabetes in a child care centre.

What is the importance of addressing individual dietary needs and preferences in a child care centre in relation to diabetes?

OUTSIDEUS diabetes education healthy food choices in schools Posted about 5 years ago

how can i cut 20 feet branch from over my green house with out it falling on it

how to cut branch over green house with out it falling on the green house, tHANK YOU

Outside United States forestry urban forestry tree pruning Posted over 5 years ago

Is there Lead in my home.

Recently I saw an episode on HGTV that involved a home with lead in the kitchen tile. The person that tested the tile had an electronic lead tester. Your site about lead in the home recommends buying lead testing kits from Home Depot, Lowes, etc.. . I have tile in my bathroom that looks like the tile in the home on the TV program. What should I do. We are renovating a 1913 home here in Pueblo. I am concerned about the possibility of lead. What do you recommend I do.

Colorado home ownership healthy homes Posted about 6 years ago


Thee is a GREAT need in the community for transportation, especially in the outlying zones. medical opt.s are covered by medicaid for the ones associated with this program. But going to the groc. store or picking up necessities .food banks or any other services are totally off limits to a great many citisens, that could be contributing to our community even volunteering. I personally have exhausted every outlet to find some type of community transport but have come up nonplused. There is a program in elkins wva that offers its citisenz transport to all services including clothing outlets and banks groc. stores/bank and etc. even just a picnic run. This is all funded thru the medicaid program of that county. I personally do not have the resources to examine and/or impliment this type of service for floyd and willis communities, but perhaps you do and can. It would be great for some ,simply to be able to get out to church again. as a social network can be an integral part of a mental health status for an individual. I see this as our main need in mental health , physical and family stability in this region. thank you fawn farly 2762666989 please let me know of any impending services such as this or if this will be looked into. thank you

Floyd County Virginia community health leadership community service family and consumer sciences family finance transportation Posted about 6 years ago

Identifing Mold and Fungi in a Home

Hello. Can you tell me if there is an office in either Logan or Bountiful that can identify a fungal growth that is occurring in the basment floor of my residence. It appears to be a mushroom of some type that is growing out of the seam between the baseboard and the carpet. I have attached a photo, but am able to bring a sample if you can give me a location.Thanks for you help.

Cache County Utah urban integrated pest management home ipm healthy homes Posted almost 8 years ago