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Developing network literacy is a continuous process of becoming comfortable and proficient with a variety of tools to use in interactive online environment.

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Internet (DSL) Speed Availability

We are rural. Our only internet option is CenturyLink DSL. We signed up for the max speed they could provide (6 mbps). I wanted to get rid of our landline associated with account. However, CenturyLink says they can only provide 3 mbps to our address if we MAKE ANY CHANGES to our account. How does this work? Seems like if CTL has the hardware in place to provide our current 6 mbps, they must be using some software "somewhere" to throttle us down. Is there any device I can use to continue getting our current speed?

Carroll County Virginia Posted about 1 month ago

Internet Speed

I have a question about internet speeds.
I am currently with Cox, and they offer up to 100 Mbps download, up to 10 Mbps upload and 1,024 GB data plan. Now I received an offer from Frontier with Pro Internet 3M/512k, they said, however, that it is a direct line and not shared as with Cox and would therefore not be any slower than my current service.
Are they telling me the truth?
Thanks everyone!

Hartford County Connecticut Posted over 2 years ago

Email URL - does it stay the same?

If an old email account, that is discontinued, and not completely deleted - if that is even possible - is relaunched, will it have the same URL, as the old account? And if an old email account is deleted, but then someone makes an account with the same name, will it have the same URL as the old, deleted account? I have a problem with this and I want a new account to have the same URL as an old account, is that possible? Thanks :)

Outside United States Posted about 3 years ago

Reboot and Select proper Boot device

Hello, I am new to building computers but I have the common sense for instructions. However, at the end of this long and expensive road, I can't install my OP because no matter what I do, no matter what fix I do, it always says Reboot and Select proper Boot device. Please help, what am I doing wrong?

Columbia County Pennsylvania technology computers Posted about 4 years ago

EAP? Is my service provider using my connection?


We downloaded a program called wifi manager, my friend is better than me in computers and connectios. He told me that the EAP in the image attached was to WIFI booster but I told him that I never had a booster before. He went to the neighborhood and found that it was very strong nearby, his explanation was that my service provider is using my connection to distribute as a WIFI for other clients. He advised me to change the router to one that is not given by the service provider.
I have a fiber connection by the way, after he told me this I blocked the MAC address related to the EAP below, but it still have a conneciton to the same channel and frequency (9,2452).

Can someone please help to explain if this is true? My knowledge in these matters is extremely low :(

Outside United States technology information technology Posted over 4 years ago


i just wanted to ask, if you deleted your e-mail even in your trash, is it possible of people to find it, to track it, or is it possible for the person to re-cover it?

Outside United States network literacy Posted over 5 years ago

Running a computer "Script"

Hi. I'm pretty computer illiterate. I want to run this program. I don't know how. This website gives me a "script", I don't know what that means. Please help! Thanks!"

Rockland County New York network literacy Posted almost 6 years ago

corruped external HDD

I run WIndows 8 and have a corrupted external HDD.

Any program that tries to address the HDD stops and has to be cancelled.


Outside United States computer literacy Posted almost 6 years ago

Webpage visit counter

Do you know of any webpage counter that I could embed in my Drupel site pages to see how many visitors have viewed the page? Is this something that I could get from Google Analytics? If so, what I am trying to do is add the counter to the bottom of several pages in white font so that it can only be seen by highlighting it if you know it is there. I hope this makes sense!

google Posted over 6 years ago


What is image quality? What are the factors affecting the image quality?

Outside United States technology photographs image Posted almost 7 years ago