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Is the dagger moth caterpillar an invasive species?

I saw one Tuesday, Sept 9, 2014 in North Ogden, Utah. When I looked it up, the information said they were east of the Rockies. Is this a problem, like invasive species? I took a picture.

Weber County UT insect issues invasive species entomology lrk Posted almost 6 years ago

Invasive plant ?

Hope all is good! I have planter boxes and a few plants have popped up that I did not plant. I wanted to know if you could recognise them to determine if I should leave them or pull them as weeds. In the photo 3a and 3b are the same plant, a is in daytime and b is at night. 3 has grown all over one planter box that would be ok if it is a good plant and plant 1 is next to my eggplants and 2 next to my beans and radishes. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. My home is in Sunset Heights in El Paso, Texas. Thanks!

El Paso County TX plant identification horticulture Posted about 6 years ago

can bluebonnets choke out purple knapweed

I have heard a rumor that blue bonnets will choke out purple knapweed. I am wondering if this is true. Purple knapweed is an invasive plant by me. Also, what planting zones can blue bonnets survive in?

wildflowers and native plants pastures and grazing texas weed control Posted over 6 years ago

Crown Vetch

The steep bank along our driveway that originally had a rich green ground cover was invaded two years ago by crown vetch from a neighbor's property. Is there anything we can do to get rid of this crown vetch? As far as one can tell it has already killed the other ground cover ruining several thousands of dollars worth of landscaping. We are at a loss on how to deal with this terribly invasive species. Thanks.

Schuylkill County PA wildflowers and native plants sustainable gardening and landscaping invasive species Posted over 6 years ago