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Questions asked to this group

Diazinon harm

I sprayed 5 year old diazinon on a wood pile to kill ants. The pile stayed outside in the sun and rain for 1 year.

Can I burn the wood safely without fear of my families lungs or other organs being adversely affected. We'd like to cook marshmellows over an open flame.


Worcester County Massachusetts Posted about 1 month ago

Pesticides in maple sap

We have been tapping sugar maples on a property that backs up to an industrial corn and soybean farm. Is it possible and or likely that pesticides used on the farm are absorbed by the tree and found in the sap? We are concerned that if there are trace amounts of harmful chemicals such as glyphosate in the sap, we will be concentrating them during the sugaring process. Thank you for any information you can share regarding this concern.

Livingston County Michigan pesticide safety pesticides maple syrup glyphosate Posted 9 months ago

Cats and treated wood

I am building a deck for my cat enclosure. I wanted to know if treated wood is safe. As they will be walking on it alot

North Carolina cat toxicipathy laurel woods Posted 12 months ago

Decomposition of Diazinon 60EC

We are facing problem in Diazinon 60% sample that its content gets down very Soon . Can any one Suggest me that Why this Happen and how can we stop this to maintain its purity.

Outside United States Posted about 2 years ago

My cats

Can I use a 4x4 pressure treated post wrapped with rope ok for my cats to claw at thank you

Providence County Rhode Island Posted over 2 years ago

mancozeb application

I have a packet of mancozeb that reads 1.5-2kg per 750 ltrs of water per ha.what formula can I use to find how many grams I can put in 10 ltrs of water.

Outside United States Posted about 3 years ago

Nuvan Safety in bedroom

I know that the packaging states it can be used in garages is as well as closets as long as they are not frequented by people/animals. But I definitely don't want to miss use a chemical such as DDVP. That being stated, is it safe to thoroughly seal one of the rooms in our home and use Nuvan Prostrips to treat items that cannot be laundered or steam cleaned for bedbugs?

Canyon County Idaho Posted over 3 years ago

Pressure treated wood and pets

Is pressure treated wood okay to use indoors as a cat post if it's covered with carpet !

Hampden County Massachusetts Posted over 3 years ago

Acephate use with olive trees

Can I plant an olive tree near an area to which I have applied acephate? I have used this to control cutter ants, unsuccessfully. Has the acephate contaminated the soil? If so, how long must I wait to grow food plants in that area?

Guadalupe County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Used treated seed bags

Hello. I'd like to know if USA or individual states have some specific policy or a public program that states how farmers, seed companies, etc, must deal with used treated seed bags. What farmers must do with the bags after they have planted the seeds? To return the bags to the places where they bougth them? To burn or bury the bags? Are the bags recycled in some way? I made some research at seed companies websites and I read some brochures but the only information I got was: "Properly dispose of seed packaging/containers in accordance with state and local regulations and container return policy.". So I think there is a return policy concerning this materials. Could you give me some directions of where I can find more information about this subject? Thank you, Giuliano Zagonel

Outside United States Posted about 4 years ago