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The freshwater aquaculture experts can address questions associated with water quality, raising a variety of fish species, aquaponics, and managing small pond issues such as aquatic weed control. 

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Questions asked to this group

What kind of shellfish are these shells from

When fishing at the Jordanelle reservoir me and my sister found a bunch of these shells on the beach near the Ross creek trailhead. They look cooked and we also found crawfish shells in the same location. As far as I know there are no shellfish in the Jordanelle reservoir so I figure that they were probably brought from somewhere else to cook bit the unusual thin is that each of these shells was a twin shell like the two in the pictures. I've never seen a shell like that before so I got curious about what they were.

Wasatch County Utah Posted 7 months ago

Relocate catfish?

We need rain. These catfish are swimming around the surface and I'm concerned. I was going to fish them out yesterday, but a copperhead showed up. I waited for three hours. It's going to be 92 degrees today and no rain forecasted. What if anything do you suggest? This is a public lake so I can't shoot the copperhead. Are the catfish in distress?

Wake County North Carolina Posted over 1 year ago

Aquatic insects

What can we plant in our waterfowl environment to increase the amount of aquatic insects that waterfowl ( puddle ducks) need for their diets to thrive

Columbia County Oregon waterfowl aquatic insect Posted over 2 years ago

Treating cyanobacteria

I have a half-acres surface pond. In the past few weeks it has been taken over by what I believe to be blue-green algae. I have applied over the counter Cutrine Plus and ordered Cutrine Ultra. I do not see any benefit from the Cutrine Plus application. I am waiting on Cutrine Ultra. I don't have a chemical license. A. Is the Cutrine Ultra the correct product? B. Based upon the limited information I am providing, do you recommend another course of action

Oklahoma County Oklahoma Posted over 2 years ago

Using fish for mosquito control in ornamental pond

Hello -
We bought a house in southern Vermont last year that has a small ornamental pond (about 20 ft x 8 ft & 3 ft deep). I prefer not to use pump recirculation, but I'm interested in using small fish for mosquito control. Any advice you can give would help (i.e., literature on this specific to New England, species, sources to purchase from, etc). I'm familiar with mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), but I know they're not native to Vermont, so I expect they should probably not be an option for me. Any advice you can give would be appreciated & thanks.

Windham County Vermont sunfish ponds fish Posted almost 3 years ago

Frog bit - edible?

Is European frog bit edible or is it poisonous

Alpena County Michigan pond aquaculture Posted almost 3 years ago

Identify a mussel

We recently purchased property in Livingston county that contains a spring fed pond. Can you identify what kind of mussels we have in the pond? See the attached photos. Is a mussel this size the sign of a healthy pond? And what kind of wild life eats this kind of shellfish? Thank you!

Livingston County Michigan pond aquaculture Posted almost 3 years ago

Grass carp for farm ponds

Good afternoon. I have 24 different ponds throughout my property but was beginning to think about stocking grass carp in 2 of them to help control vegetation. The first one is a pond that is used as a "bait pond" as I call it to raise small fish to use in recreational fishing around home on several lakes and rivers. The second pond is just one that is used as a water source for a pasture of feeder cattle.

My 2 questions are if I do decide to stock grass carp in my ponds, what is the ratio to configure the amount of fish I put in the body of water? Is it based of of Square feet or another measuring method?

And what is the lifespan of these fish? How often would I need to restock them in my ponds?

Thank you for taking the time to look at my question.

Oklahoma County Oklahoma recreational pond management grass carp Posted almost 3 years ago


How does oxygen deplete in ponds where eutrophication has taken place?

Outside United States Posted about 3 years ago

pool to aquaponics

i am thinking of closing by 16 by 33 ft pool and using the deep end for aquaponics and keeping the return lines and sand filter pool pump for further cleaning when needed. is there a design system/ plan that is available

Prince George's County Maryland Posted about 3 years ago