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eXtension’s Evaluation Community of Practice is a group of Extension evaluation professionals dedicated to helping other Extension professionals improve their ability to conduct meaningful, high quality program evaluations. Our members recognize there is a high diversity of program purposes, audiences, content, delivery, and expected outcomes among Extension programs, making it challenging for educational professionals to identify, locate, and/or produce appropriate tools to evaluate programs on a specific topic and/ or for their specific audience. 

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evaluation results

how does evaluation results reported?

OUTSIDEUS Posted 11 months ago

Survey response time


I am doing research on an intervention, comparing pre and post test score differences of the intervention group with those of a waitlist control. We sent out the post test 2 weeks after the intervention and some people filled it out immediately, while others took almost 1 month to respond. Do you think the difference in post-test survey timing is something we need to account for in our analyses and, if so, how would you go about doing this?

Thank you in advance.

Travis County TX Posted over 1 year ago

Strategic Planning Resources

Hello, do you have any strategic planning resources that are relevant to Extension and that you'd recommend?

Posted over 1 year ago

How to analyse the effect of 3 independent variable's on 1 dependent variable?


How would I go about analysing the effect of 3 separate weight loading parameters (IV's) on rate of force developed (DV) in 1 group?

Thank you

OUTSIDEUS Posted over 2 years ago

time series data pretesting

I want to know how to conduct a unit root test on my data before running the regression

NE Posted over 2 years ago

asset maping alternative to "needs assesment"

I've just started as a county agent (after 30+ years as researcher and state specialist) and need to develop a needs assessment to develop a plan of work. What resources are available to develop a needs assessment? Are there asset based alternatives that could be used?

Whitfield County Georgia Posted about 3 years ago

Which method of data analysis

If I have a three data sets

Parents education
Student gender
And student pre&post test scores

what type of data analysis should i run and why to analysis all 3 together

Also What statistic will be used to analyze the pre and post test scores?

California Posted over 3 years ago

What statistic will be used to analyze pre and post test scores

I am writing a hypothetical research design. I wrote
Following this guideline, constructing frequency and percent distributions will help me translate a comprehensive picture of the nature of the data as well as pattern identification[B1] .

I Need to answer
What statistic will be used to analyze the pre and post test scores?
What is usually done>

California program evaluation Posted over 3 years ago

STATS help!!!!!

I am doing a study where I will get a measure for 20 individual patients pre and post an intervention. The measure is a figure (could be between 0.6 and 24 let's say) and so i assume this is continuous data?! What statistical tests should I use to analysis the measure pre and post intervention; I initially thought a paired sample students t test but now wondering about random co efficient regression models. There is no control arm but obviously the 20 will have varying baseline characteristics. THANK YOU for any help!

Outside United States program evaluation Posted almost 4 years ago

Pre and post questionnaire


What type of analysis is more appropriate for the following data: pre and post data from a questionnaire with two subscales applied to three experimental groups. I want to see if there is a difference in subscales` scores pre and post, and if this difference is significant also when we consider the variable group. Is repeated measure more appropriate? If so, do I put as within-subject factor the two subscale with their two levels together or separate?
Thank you!

data analysis Posted over 4 years ago