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Plant Breeding and Genomics at provides research-based educational materials for plant breeding professionals, students, and educators.  Our goal is to efficiently share plant breeding and genomics knowledge.  PBG tutorials detail basic plant breeding and genomics concepts as well as the application of genomic data to breeding programs. We strive to connect the plant breeding community to rapidly developing advances in technology and publically available genomic data.  Many of our tutorials demonstrate computational tools using sample data, allowing learners to replicate the demonstration and gain proficiency.

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Sending in Germplasm

If I have receive germplasm from GRIN for research purposes could I send some of the newly developed germplasm to the center that I originally received it from to resupply their gerplasm store? Would they want it? If they do how would I go about sending the new gerplasm in?

Watauga County North Carolina Posted 10 months ago

Question about Estimating Heritability and BLUPs for Traits Using Tomato Phenotypic Data tutorial

First of all, I would like to thank the author, Heather L. Merk for this great tutorial. She might not know it, but she is helping a lot of passionate farmers/amateurstudents like me to understand how Linear Mix Models works and how to apply the theoterical knowledge into the practical real one.

Afte that, I would like to ask two things:

  1. Why do you select Lines as Random effects?
  2. Do you have more tutorials like this one for calculating variance components or how to estimate GCA/SCA in real variety trials? If so, could you share them?
As a farmer myself, I really find interesting to understand how researchers develop new varieties and I would love to have some more real case tutorials, not just theoretical.

Thanks again! Hope Heather finds out about this message :)


Outside United States genetics breeding and genetics tomatoes Posted over 1 year ago

Introduction to the Augmented Experimental Design Webina


Is there an R script for this webinar available yet?


Riley County Kansas science education Posted over 1 year ago

Grin germplasm site

I recently put in an order for quite a lengthy list of seeds requested for educational/ research purposes as a homeschool teacher. I was denied by some cultivators for unknown reasons. And on my order request form there are status' of each requested species that either say "pending", "new", "reviewing", or "cancelled". Can anyone please explain to me why they would deny a request for very beneficial studies? And what each status means? And how to know if you have anything actually coming to you at all? I was really excited about using the GRIN database for seeds to use this season but it's getting later and later to a point where it's overall very dissapointing that it looks as though this won't be working out for us. Very saddened by that. Your site is amazing though, I really appreciate the amount of time, effort and information you've put into it. It is extremely helpful!

Lebanon County Pennsylvania Posted about 2 years ago

Molecular Breeding training needed for The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research

A volunteer is need for a 2-3 week trip, expenses paid, to Ethiopia to train on

molecular breeding techniques with practical work in field and lab data management, sequencing and sequence analyses (bioinformatics), marker development etc.

Interested individuals can look at assignment ET96 at or contact for more information. ET51 might also be of interest.

Posted almost 4 years ago

data analysis

how can I analyze a 3 factor treatment with urea at 5 levels, substrate type at 4 levels and lime at 6 level to compare the yields.there shall be no blocking. how best can i do it and how will be the Anova skeleton table

Outside United States Posted over 4 years ago

Why tassel showing duplicate taxa not allowed


Good Afternoon

I am following your tutorial on association mapping with Tassel but I am getting error like taxa already excist in file and duplicate taxa is not allowed while loading data into Tassel. I am requesting you to help me to solve this error.

Thanking you very much

Outside United States Posted over 4 years ago

Plant Propagation Alternative for Mendelian Genetics

I am a high school science teacher at Mastbaum High School in The School District of Philadelphia who would like to start a student based research project that is based upon the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program. What I had in mind is to generate a new plant hybrid that can be used for Mendelian genetic growing and learning applications. What I am in search of is someone who can assist in prior knowledge on Mendelian genetic research practices applied to plant genetics. By trade, I was a medicinal chemist (21 years) before a career change to a teacher with limited knowledge of laboratory practices in biology. Can you help OR know someone within our local region who can assist me? Also, could you please connect me with someone who is involved with your Multplying Plant, Reproduction and Propagation Program? Thanks, Jim

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania plant breeding genomics Posted almost 5 years ago

Help on rrBLUP Webinar

On video 3/4, at 3:05, I don't understand what the Pheno[] command and Markers_impute2[] commands do. Can anyone help clarify this?

Somerset County New Jersey plant breeding genomics Posted over 5 years ago

Questions on R QTL tutorial


I am trying to learn R for plant breeding applications but I can't even get past the first few slides of this tutorial:

because I am unable to find and download this example data set?

Thank you,


Somerset County New Jersey Posted over 5 years ago