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What kind of spider is this

Found this outside . it was inside a engine bay of a truck in AZ

Pinal County Arizona Posted 8 months ago

Jade plant in Arizona losing leaves

I have a small jade plant and I live in Arizona my house does not have any windows that get sunlight all day so I put it outside and it got a little burned today and lost a bunch of leaves what should I do? Does it need sunlight all day?

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 10 months ago

What Came Out of This??

We found this sack, nest, cocoon attached to the underside of a palm branch at the widest point near the tree. I can’t seem to find anything similar. It was open on one side. It’s about 4 inches in diameter, an inch deep. It feels like a softer durable cotton with some fuzz around the edges.

Pima County Arizona Posted about 1 year ago

Mounds of dirt "on the rocks"

I have quite a few mounds of dirt piled on top on my rock yard. The majority of mounds are situated around my single large tree and also my large agave plant. There are also several holes, approximately 3-4 inches diameter, none of which are located by the tree or plant mounds. The mounds are about 4-5 inches tall and about 6-8 inches round. Do you have any idea what is causing this problem? I am afraid something is going to jump out of the hole and bite me. Help!!!

Pinal County Arizona Posted over 1 year ago

Can you identify this spider, found in Arizona.

Found on a playground in lake havasu city, az. Post it was on was approximately 2 1/2 inches wide.

Mohave County Arizona Posted over 1 year ago

Identify this insect?

What kind of bug is this?

Arizona Posted over 1 year ago

What spider is this

Keep finding these guys and just want to know the danger level

Mohave County Arizona Posted almost 2 years ago

Black Widow

Good day,

I was wondering if Black Widow spiders lace their webs with venom, whether it be intentional or just residual when fabricating a web. I was working on an old Cessna reciprocating engine that was covered with webs and, after touching the web with my bare hands, my skin started to degrade and expose wounds. After further inspection, I found a Black Widow nestled next to the cylinder cooling fins and it looked like an adult. I didn't perform any hard labor previous to finding the spider that would cause these wounds on my hands. I am not asking out of paranoia. The wounds are minuscule. I am simply asking out of curiosity and appreciate any help in advance.


Dusty Ray

Pima County Arizona Posted almost 2 years ago

Spider found

Found this spider in my back yard it made a huge Web from a truck to a cable wire just wanted to see what kind do it is.

Arizona Posted over 2 years ago

Yard infested by moles.

Just bought a home next to wooded ravine. What is best way to eradicate? Is there a pedt control service. Grub treatment? Thank you. 6087809559.mary Westlund

Arizona Posted over 2 years ago