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What spider is this

Keep finding these guys and just want to know the danger level

Mohave County Arizona Posted 24 days ago

Black Widow

Good day,

I was wondering if Black Widow spiders lace their webs with venom, whether it be intentional or just residual when fabricating a web. I was working on an old Cessna reciprocating engine that was covered with webs and, after touching the web with my bare hands, my skin started to degrade and expose wounds. After further inspection, I found a Black Widow nestled next to the cylinder cooling fins and it looked like an adult. I didn't perform any hard labor previous to finding the spider that would cause these wounds on my hands. I am not asking out of paranoia. The wounds are minuscule. I am simply asking out of curiosity and appreciate any help in advance.


Dusty Ray

Pima County Arizona Posted 28 days ago

Spider found

Found this spider in my back yard it made a huge Web from a truck to a cable wire just wanted to see what kind do it is.

Arizona Posted 9 months ago

Yard infested by moles.

Just bought a home next to wooded ravine. What is best way to eradicate? Is there a pedt control service. Grub treatment? Thank you. 6087809559.mary Westlund

Arizona Posted 9 months ago

Tree disease issue

I have questions regarding two different types of trees. It appears that I can only download three photos so I'll send you two different emails. About 3 years ago I planted about 15 Thuja Green Giants. A couple died right away but rest have made it to 3 years and are very healthy with the exception of one. I've looked on line and asked the local nursery regarding the issue to no avail. the tree is considerably smaller than the rest and is extremely thinned out. The bark has a lighter color than the others also. I can't seem to find the "Bag Worm" that I see on line. I've attached a couple of photos. Please help. Raphael Zamora

Kootenai County Idaho tree health Posted almost 2 years ago

Podocarpus Roots Cut

Hi. I live in San Diego, 10 miles inland. A couple of months ago, maybe three, I had my sprinkler system repaired. Not only did the company do a poor job of that, but the guy cut off 2 root sections about 8" long and 2" in diameter of my 30 year old Podocarpus--without my permission. Until that was done my Podocarpus was thriving. Now I am noticing the growth becoming sparser, especially in one section, with part of it bare. I have been watering my tree like crazy. What more can I do to save it? It is still mostly green w/a couple of new blue berries on it. NI may send a follow-up email w/a photo this weekend. I would be so appreciative if you can help me. I'm heartbroken about this. Thank you. Sincerely, Robin Brady

San Diego County California trees and shrubs tree health horticulture podocarpus Posted almost 2 years ago

Tent caterpillars

They ate most of the leaves off the black cherry trees 90%, some trees over 12" in diameter, will they live?

Outside United States integrated pest management forest pests caterpillars Posted about 2 years ago

weeping willow distress

My weeping willow is showing significant distress. One third to one half of the high branches are bare and brown, although not dead. Many leaves are brown mottled, completely brown and dry, or have died and fallen off. We did have a big aphid infestation last summer. No evidence now of either aphids or psyllids. I'm worried about some sort of blight. Shall I prune off the damaged branches? Wait to see what developes? I deep watered yesterday, down 2-3 feet. The wind is really blowing here, hard and dry -- normal for May/June here. I am in Coconino County in northern Arizona (6,500 feet, south of Flagstaff), and although I am an Arizona master gardener volunteer in Phoenix, I have limited experience with plants in northern Arizona nor with willows. Hope you will respond soon. Thank you so much.

Coconino County Arizona trees and shrubs tree health Posted about 2 years ago

Care of an Autumn Cherry Tree

This year my Autumn Cherry Trees seem to be producing too few leaves. Some of the top branches have no leaves. I'm concerned that some action is required on my part. Any suggestions?

Berks County Pennsylvania tree health Posted about 2 years ago

Woodpecker damage to birch tree

Hi, I noticed a couple days ago that there were a lot of woodpecker holes on one of the three trunks of birch trees in our yard. And they were right below a branch on one of the trunks and that branch now appears to be dead because of it. Do you have any suggestions on how to help repair those areas where the woodpecker hit it? I have attached three pictures. One shows the dead branch and two shows the holes in the trunk and around the branch. And I will want to cut off the dead branch. Is it okay to do that now? When is the best time to prune and cut branches of birch trees? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hennepin County Minnesota tree health Posted over 2 years ago