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Hemp Fiber

I am trying to create a more appropriate dog toy for my furry friends at home. I'm not sure what research has been conducted involving stuffing fiber; however, I do know that certain chemicals found in synthetic fibers are harmful to pets. I've been researching different types of fiber that already exist, and a lot of them are either nonedible/digestible or even toxic for dogs.

I know hemp has become a lot more common in dog treats and supplements, and I am wondering if the hemp used in those products is the same used in hemp fiber. Theoretically, if I used 100% degummed hemp fiber in my appropriately sized dog toys and my dog ate it, would my dog be able to digest this type of fiber without serious issues? I thought there may be a doctor at CSU who might have some knowledge of harmful pet toy ingredients. Please let me know your thoughts and any information you have regarding fiberfill stuffing.

Florida Posted 6 months ago

Beans the Gerbil

Hello, I have a pet gerbil (Beans), who I adopted about a year ago from the Humane Society. When I got him, he had already been diagnosed with a permanent head tilt and ataxia. Other than being clumsy and a little skittish, he behaves like a normal gerbil. Recently however, I have found him with blood around his left ear, and frequently scratching and grooming at that ear. At first (upon recommendation of an out of state aunt who is a vet) I kept the area around his ear clean with Zymox pet ear cleaner, and it seemed to go away. We thought it might be an ear infection, but the frequency of these incidents is increasing. Vet clinics in my area are obscenely expensive (over $150) for just an exam, and I am trying to find a more cost-effective alternative. Beans also gets very scared when he leaves his cage. My aunt the vet recommended contacting 4H, which is how I got here. She is guessing he may have a tumor or more serious issue in his ear. I know that gerbils have a limited lifespan, especially a “damaged” one like mine, but I would like to keep him as comfortable as possible. Is there a possibility of a more affordable examination, or a way to get appropriately dosed meds (painkillers, anti inflammatories) for Beans? Any help or recommendations are appreciated. Thank you!

Ingham County Michigan 4h pets small animals Posted about 1 year ago

Flea n tick meds not protecting

My chi i(dog) is on mo flea n tic meds but has what looks like poppy seads in his fur he also is itching and he looks wildly around and jumps like something is there in his bed or on him . I have washed all his things n bathed him, that's when i founc the little blk seeds. How can i get rid of them ? Why isnt the flea m tick meds working?

Flagler County Florida dog health Posted almost 2 years ago

Girardia Parasite in Soil

I am a landscape contractor and one of my customer's dog picked up the girardia parasite. My customer was wondering if the lawn can be treated with some chemical to prevent further human spread or prevent reinfection of the dog. Is there such a chemical? The dog had diarrhea and spread feces all around the yard, also likely spreading the parasite. I read that the parasite can last up to 7 weeks in cold wet weather....which we have had. Any pointers?

Clackamas County Oregon Posted about 2 years ago

My ferret had a semi- seizure

Ok, so to put a long story short I got my 2 boys out last Saturday night for playtime and I left them alone in your bathroom (it's what I normally do when I'm busy doing things throughout the house) and about an hour went by til I came back in to play with them and I find my younger one (hell be 2 in February) sitting on the floor all spread out staring into space and kind of twitching. My first reaction was to pick him up and look at him, he had red eyes and nose and a red anus. He sort of responded but still seemed out of it. I had their treats in the bathroom too because every playtime they get treats, so I wave don't the furovite in front of his nose and he immediately started licking and he snapped out of it. Then I decided to offer him some water, he drank, I gave him a handful of food, he ate. And within 10-15 minutes he wasn't back to his crazy hyper self. It hasn't happened since then and I tested if it WAS his blood sugar and had him fast for 3 hours, it didn't occur. I have an appointment for the 7th to check up on him and make sure nothing's going on, but also my boys have had flu symptoms for about 5 days before the "seizure " happened now my question is... is this insulinoma or the flu?

Wayne County Michigan Posted over 2 years ago

Rabbit Teeth

My rabbit had an accident and landed on his face. Both top front teeth are chipped up to the gum, will his teeth grow back? or if not then will he be able to eat?

El Paso County Colorado rabbits Posted over 2 years ago

Should I get a rabbit again?

My older brother bought me a five dollar rabbit from the fair when I wasn't feeling well. He carried it in a half broken box and by the look on it's face when it came to me it was probably traumatized. Despite that I tried for months to befriend it. Read every article about traumatized rabbits made it feel safe as best I could fed it only the approved foods and generally cared for it the best I could. I never picked her up because she didn't seem to like the few times I did and I would gently corral it with a blanket back into the cage when I did let it out for exercise. I did everything I possibly could to take care of her but she still found a reason to bite, scratch, and chew me and my stuff. Not to mention her aggressively thumping loudly under my bed and in her cage at night. I didn't know what to do with her honestly I read so many online rabbit articals to figure out what she needed but whatever they said it seemed like I was already doing. Enrichment toys, timothy hay, her own bunny house she could be alone in but she still hated me and refused to let me pet any part of her. After like ten months of this I was really starting to loose hope of us every becoming friends and constantly felt like she was unhappy living with me. So I gave her away to an animal rescue that seemingly had dealt with rabbits before. I hoped they could give her what I simply could not. Now and again I think of her and wonder if I should try again. I never owned a rabbit before her and I see so many people who are best friends with theirs. I don't know if rabbits require even more careful care or if I was doing it wrong or if I just don't know enough to own one. I don't know what rabbits are suppose to be like normally so I don't know. Should I just cut my loses and come to terms with the fact that I may not be good with rabbits or should I try again and possibly be still not be good with rabbits. Can you just be generally bad at taking care of certain animals?

Nebraska Posted over 2 years ago


Hi, can you please identify my king snake ? Photos attached.
Regards Craig White

Outside United States nuevo leon kingsnake lampropeltis mexicana thayeri leonis Posted over 2 years ago

Was this rabbit nest predated or simply moved by mother?

Last Tuesday, a doe rabbit I'd been watching through my screen door gave birth in a nest she built in my backyard. (I did not interfere at all, except to see her come and go occasionally in the days afterward.) Then on Saturday evening, when the kits were five days old, I saw two of them completely exposed in my yard, about nine feet from the nest. The mother was nowhere to be seen. I gently moved the kits back into the nest and covered them lightly with the grass material present. In the morning, I felt compelled to check the nest, and it was completely empty--no kits. There was no sign of carnage, but I feared the worst. Is is possible that the mother rabbit moved the kits to another nest? Or is that not something that is done? I would be so grateful for a firm answer on this. I can't find anything about this phenomenon on any of the nature sites I've checked. Thank you so much.

New Castle County Delaware wildlife rabbits wild rabbits Posted almost 3 years ago

Mini pigs for family

We are considering getting a mini pig as a house pet. They are certainly adorable as babies, but how is the care as they grow. Do they get along with dogs? Are they easily housebroken? How big do they get? Does anyone in Baltimore County raise them?

Baltimore County Maryland Posted about 3 years ago