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Assistance requested to identfy damage or disease on grapes.

These symptoms started on some grapes near the end of last week and the condition is spreading fast. There was a Pylon application four weeks ago to manage spider mites and nothing since, so I don't think it's related to the spray. Plus, other types of plant material were treated with Pylon the same night with no subsequent damage.

The condition is only in the middle of the plants. So far the upper juvenile leaves and lowest leaves are not affected. Any ideas would be helpful.

Thank you,

Ontario County New York Posted 11 days ago

How far apart should rafters be spaced on pergola if used for training grapevines?

I plan on building a metal pergola to train a total of 2 grape vines. However, i need advise on how far apart the rafters should be spaced and if weather the vines should run perpendicular to the rafters or in line. Plus, do i need slats on top of the rafters? If yes, then how far apart should they be spaced? Also should the rafters run along the longer side of the pergola or the shorter side? The pergola would be 18 ft long by 13 ft wide and 8 ft in height.

Outside United States trellis and training systems building construction Posted about 1 month ago

Grape canes too long

My grapes are 20 years old. I pruned them minimally and they are overgrown and almost wild. Is it too late to shape and prune them?

Putnam County New York grapes Posted about 1 month ago

Do you offer advice on growing grapes for wine making?

Do you offer advice on growing grapes for wine making?

Richland County Ohio Posted about 1 month ago

neglected grapevine

I have a small unpruned grapevine in my suburban garden in Ireland. I am about to prune it now but all of last year's canes start from a point some distance away from the main trunk _ they sprout from older wood,not from the trunk. Should I remove most of this older wood and in doing so lose last year's growth and just leave one one or two of last year's canes (which come out of old arms a bit away from the trunk? I would like to cane prune and not use the cordon method as I do not have room at each side for long cordons to develop.
Thank you.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

grapes dropping off before ready

I believe my vine is a concord grape. Was here when bought house 50 yrs ago. Noticed 3 yrs ago all were gone in August so I have covered it the last 2 yrs so birds could not get at them. Looked like a good crop this year and I had to pick them today because I had already lost most of the grapes. Have had a problem with japanese beetles. The vine has full sun all day. I don't especially water it and never have fertilized it. Has always done fine until last few years.

Grundy County Iowa grape diseases Posted 8 months ago

First real crop for grape vines

I have some 6 and 5 year-old pinot noir vines. Due to my not pruning and caring for them the first few years I finally learned how to prune and this is their first year with what looks like a pretty good yield. Do you have any suggestions whether I should thin the bunches, remove leaves to give them more direct sun, etc. I'd like to try my luck at a small wine production but want to make sure that I get grapes of good quality. Thank you.

Benton County Oregon grapes viticulture horticulture Posted 8 months ago

Table grapes

Something is eating my grape leaves down to the veins. I’ve seen a moth fly off into the grass when I water.

Coos County Oregon horticulture Posted 8 months ago

Controlling Black Rot in Concord grapes

Hi, I have disposed of all black rot from last year, I lost every vine. Pruned and now seeing some in locations. 15 vines. 10 years old, no issues till last year. What Fungicide from Concord Grapes. They are ultra sensitive.

Middlesex County Massachusetts grape diseases Posted 9 months ago

red seedless grapes

Why do these red seedless grapes grow fine and then start drying up and look like raisin before they get ripe

Benton County Washington grapes Posted 9 months ago