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Diseased grape vine

We have had a very healthy grape vine for about 70 years until recently. It is located in Gearhart ,Oregon and has been for decorative purposes as it hungs under the front eves of the house. The new growth has been drying up and appears moldy on some of the leaves. I do not know the variety of the vine as it was a gift to my mother all those years ago and came from France.

Clatsop County Oregon grapes Posted 27 days ago

Diseased Cabernet Sauvignon leaves

1 of my 38 backyard vines is diseased, but what is it? Leaf growth is stunted, and even in the big leaves their texture is ruddy. My fungicide is Regalia. Any ideas?

Orange County California Posted 5 months ago

My backyard table grapevine

Hi we have neglected to prune our backyard grapevine for 2 or 3 years and now it has very long shoots that are going up into the pear tree nearby. I’ve pulled them all down. My husband wants me to just cut them off. I love the delicious thin skinned seedless green grapes the vine produces so so I really don’t want to chop the long vines off. Can you help me figure out how to manage this vine and get a bountiful harvest of grapes this year? It has not leafed out yet but has plenty of buds. Thanks in advance!

Multnomah County Oregon grapes Posted 6 months ago

Need to radically prune a wild grape vine

There is a wild grape vine at my house. For decades it has been guided back and forth across a trellis suspended over the front porch. Throughout the spring, summer and fall it provides a really nice shade and fruits very small bunches of grapes that are not all that tasty. I cannot find an answer to my question regarding pruning of this monster. I'd really like to prune it back to places where the vine is about an inch or so in diameter. There are no buds or shoots located on these larger vines. So, if I really want to cut it back, can I do so without killing the thing? Can I graft some younger shoots into it along the way?

Roanoke County Virginia Posted 6 months ago

Juglone-tolerant vinifera?


I was wondering if anyone in your group knows if vinifera grape varieties, specifically Sangiovese vines, might be juglone tolerant. I have a large black walnut tree in my back yard and want to plant Sangiovese vines just past the drip line. I was going to grow them in raised, open bottom planters with organic/composted soil, but knowing that the roots will eventually reach the ground level makes me worried that in a few years they may all die off.

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Bob P

Albany County New York grape rootstocks Posted 8 months ago

Trying to identify Grape Variety?

What type of grape is this. It is tart in taste and has a Brix of 17-18. Grape is planted in Beacon Falls, CT. appears to be winter hardy.

New Haven County Connecticut grapes grape varieties plant identification Posted about 1 year ago

Grape vine variety

We moved into a house that has 2 large established grape vines trained on an overhead trellis. Can you help identify what variety they are? Below are some pictures of leaves and grapes. The grapes were all finished by mid August most of them do turn red on ripening, but not all.

Santa Clara County California Posted about 1 year ago

Black rot in grapes

Which is the best fungicide to use to prevent black rot?

Middlesex County Massachusetts grape diseases grape black rot Posted about 1 year ago

Grapes from Italy

We purchased a home that was built by Italian immigrants. They brought vines with them from Italy. Trying to figure out what variety it is.

Calaveras County California grape varieties Posted about 1 year ago


Is it ok to cut back grape vines to within two leaves of the grape clusters to keep the grape vines from growing too long?

Utah County Utah Posted about 1 year ago