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Blueberry berry disease and treatment

What is this disease and how should I treat it if it's not too late? I include a picture. This is a cluster of berries on highbush blueberry in my Shoreline, WA backyard. Thank you! Frank Troth

King County WA Posted 6 days ago

Stem canker on rabbiteye

Hello experts :) I recently acquired this one year old rabbiteye (climax) bush.
I've noticed some septoria on the leaves,but I don't know if the stems are healthy,there are some red spots on one of the stems :/

OUTSIDEUS blueberries plant diseases Posted 11 days ago

Blueberry leaf diagnostic

Blueberry plants are 3 years old. Planted fall of 2019 on raised beds with corrected ph. Raised beds had holes dug 2 times the size of the plant bulb and back filled with peat moss. Top dressed in pine bark. 200 plants total. Have been doing small doses of liquid feed 21-7-7 peters acid hammer. After feeding 19oz of product in 100 gallons of water I noticed a week later that some of the leaves have red burnt tips A few leaves maybe 2-3 every 5ith plant or so has a bright yellow leaf with no veins present and those leaves are falling off. Some of the new growth I noticed today is red like autumn colors. Not sure if this is a fertilizer burn or just a coincidence. Weather has been very very wet. Raining several inches a week and have noticed a little fungus may be starting on some leaves but that’s always an issue in our area. Overall plant looks pretty good. Just trying to be productive. Seems that my 3 year old duke plants are more affected than my 2 year old bluecrop.

Jasper County MO Posted about 1 month ago

Blueberry Disease or Pests

Hi. Hope someone can help. I have 5 blueberry plants Misty, South Moon. All have adequate irrigation and slow release fertilizer. They get about 4 hours of morning sun. Shade afternoon. This is a new problem that appears to be spreading. See images. Early new tip growth dies back-to red then black. Berries dry up and fall off from clusters. Some may be okay later. I've sprayed these, but my timing is late...I think.

Placer County CA blueberries Posted about 1 month ago

Blueberry Spacing

Is there any way I can plant blue berries without having rows be 8 feet apart? Can I plant them more in a block of some kind? How far from a fence should they be. I have 10 high bush plants. I would need spacing for between the plants, and the rows. Also, can they handle a bit of shade in the afternoon? Thanks.

Polk County OR Posted 3 months ago

Twig Blight

last year my Blueberries (about 400) developed what I think is Twig Blight and now I need a remedy and any information as to names of spray I can use to stop it from spreading would be appreciated .

Stevens County Washington Posted 3 months ago

Planting blueberry plants.

We recently purchased blueberry plants from a nursery. I do believe they are 2-5 years old. We brought them back to our farm and just put them in the greenhouse. (Mistake on our part) The guy said give it 2 weeks before planting. We had a few hot days and from them sitting in the greenhouse (which got very warm) they now all have green buds all over them. Can we still plant them into the ground? Or will it end up killing the plants going from greenhouse tempts to regular outdoor temps? I hope this makes sense. We live in northwest Indiana and really wanted to get our blueberry plants in the ground and didn’t expect them to come out of their “dormant” stage. (Newbies here)

Pulaski County Indiana Posted 3 months ago

Mysterious blueberry disease

I have a blueberry plant with a disease I cannot identify. Plants are being grown in pots with a combination of RAC, peat, and bagged organic compost. They were fertilized with 1/2 cup of Ammonium sulfate about 3 week ago, and there were no signs of disease at the time. Also, when plants were fertilized they were also lifted and more RAC was placed in the bottom to return soil level to proper height. Plants are about 10 years old. My first thought was scorch disease but I could find any evidence that it is occurring in California. Also thought about twig blight?

Santa Clara County California blueberries blueberry diseases fertilizer fertilizing fertilizer burn Posted 3 months ago

Whats wrong with my blueberry bush

These were planted in New Zealand in October. They were started in a tunnel house from cuttings from existing plants. Soil seems to be ok as there are close on 400 growing really good. But one in every 10-15 is struggling

Outside United States blueberries Posted 7 months ago

Blueberry suckers

Can you transplant suckers that sprout around blueberry bushes and will they produce fruit?

Thank you!

Holmes County Florida Posted 10 months ago