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Re: blueberries

Have 2 old BB plants (about 20 years old). Still producing, but has lots of dead branches. Can't remember name, but developed at the U of M. Is it safe to prune back to encourage new growth? If so, how much and how far? Any info would be great. Thanks
PS: assume I know nothing

Isanti County Minnesota Posted 2 months ago

blueberry mulch

Can I use peat moss for mulch on blueberries along with pine needles?

Clinton County Iowa Posted 3 months ago

inconsistent year to year yield of blueberries

I have blueberry bushes at least 15 years old. Some do well consistently while others vary greatly year to year with no fruit some years. What is the most likely reason and can the yields be made to be more consistent?

Island County Washington Posted 3 months ago

Blueberry problem

What is this? Stres? Disease? pH soil?

Outside United States blueberry production Posted 3 months ago

Blueberry Leaf Curl and mottled bark on newer shoots

Mature (8-9 y.o.) blueberry bushes, 6 plants - different varieties, (previously very healthy) have problem with leaf curling. Started 2 weeks ago on early variety; leaves curling up. Nothing inside or under leaf. Leaves curled then turned brown. blossoms also turned brown. Bark on newer shoots looks mottled, "almost fungus-like." It is spreading from bush to bush. First bush affected is now putting out new leaves, but no new blossoms. Careful inspection of bushes revealed one small area of spittle with black insect on one leaf. Also "a few" strands of web filaments noticed. No photos available.

Clackamas County Oregon blueberry Posted 4 months ago


I've read that you should remove the flowers on a newly planted blueberry bush and not let it fruit it's first year. I planted several blueberry bushes last fall (fall of 2018) but they seemed like they were several years old as they were fairly large scrubs Because its the first year I've owned them (even though they are a few years old), should i still remove the flowers and not let them fruit this spring/summer? thank you!

Benton County Oregon Posted 4 months ago

Blueberry Container Gardening

I am ordering blueberries from Raintree Nursery and will be planting in containers. How should I amend the purchased potting soil to have the proper Ph? I will be planting in 1/2 wine barrels? Thank you

King County Washington Posted 7 months ago

Summer pruning in northern highbush blueberries

Hi Just wondering if there are any research carried out on pruning norther highbush blueberries in summer.What are the benefits and negatives. How is it affect flower initiation in the shoots. Timings?We based in Uk Many thanks

Outside United States pruning pruning shrubs pruning blueberries summer pruning Posted 9 months ago

Blueberry turning soft too soon

I have a very old and large 16’ x16’ blueberry bush which used to come in around the end of August to early September. The last few years I have noticed that the bush is coming in July and when it does produce the ripe berries goes to mush quickly. The bush is fertilized with acid in early spring. What has caused the bush to change its production time and why is the fruit going bad so quickly

Cambria County Pennsylvania Posted 12 months ago

blueberries in distress

Although my oldest blueberry is coping with our increasingly hot and dry summers, I've lost two of my younger shrubs. Now two younger survivors are suffering, their leaves turning crispy brown from the outside perimeter inward. Acid balance? Drought? Water on leaves in sun? Bacterial? Insect? Do I cut them back and dispose of leaves? Dig them out to save the other berries? Hope I can baby them next spring? Sorry if this appears multiple times. It is appearing that the website is not working from my end, so I'm trying again to reach you with these pictures.

Lane County Oregon blueberries horticulture Posted about 1 year ago