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Are drain assessments for 116 holder valid?

We own a farm in Walker MI and are being assessed because we are part of Walker drain # 4. However the work done on the drain is across a highway and does not affect our farm drainage at all. One State person thought that if it does not affect our farm drainage at all we might not have to pay. Will we be required to pay? Can you cite court cases of this type. Please give us some direction in regard to this situation. Thanks, Jerry Huizenga

Alpena County MI zoning and land use regulation aabi Posted 5 months ago

Termination or Expiration of Special Use Permit

Our city charter zoning code states: "A special use permit shall be valid for as long as the permitted use continues in accordance with the terms stated therein, unless otherwise stated in the special use permit." The zoning code language suggests that there can be an expiration date on the SUP but there is a position paper published by MSUCE that states SUPs are permanent. Can a city/ZBA place an expiration date on an SUP?

Mecosta County MI zoning and land use regulation cfei Posted 5 months ago

private roads

hi does our zoning boards have any say in setbacks from a private road. there is nothing in our ordinance about private roads, except if someone wants to establish a new one. Also this is a concern in areas that are PUD's. we do have setbacks in place pertaining to regular roads. thank you!

Iron County MI zoning and land use regulation cfei Posted 5 months ago

Guidlines for indoor grow op

I was offered an opportunity to use an available room in a commercial building to grow micro greens and the like, I'm wondering what zoning laws and requirements I need to be aware of and meet to do the thing? Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it, Alex Beecroft

Kent County MI zoning and land use regulation cfei Posted 11 months ago

Being attacked by zoning in retaliation of taking action

My girlfriend and i bought land with derelict trailer to tear down and homestead. Came from a few bad landlords decided to come to Harrison Michigan. Their zoning laws are not compliant with the zoning enabling act. Our neighbor seems to be in some fashion mentally ill. Our other neighbors said her daughter passed and she became nutty. Anyways the one neighbor has been raising complaints and brought zoning first (building a large shed but in size not needing a building permit.) The zoning guy gave us permit to camp and zoned our building a shed. Neighbor lady called animal control and lied but had to get our dogs licensed. Then building inspector came out once due to her complaint saying we were living in shed. We have a camper trailer. I use the building at various times day or night. Train dogs. Use it for other hobbies etc. 2nd time building inspector came we weren't home. Left a misdated tag on the ground saying no occupancy we took it to his office his office manager and him threatened to have us thrown off our property. We filed a police report and attempted to get ppo's and were denied. Then the zoning guy came unofficially and angrily 2 days after i had served papers to the other agents. He muttered something about a pre violation and 10 days later delivered a violation about a dwelling. We aren't using it as a dwelling and their ordinances are written from a zoning act long repealed. He emailed my girlfriend that they adopted the zoning enabling act but how are they complying with outdated laws? Can you offer direction to legal aid to pursue civil rights violations? They did not even follow their own policy. Its hayes township michigan.

Clare County MI community planning and zoning zoning and land use regulation cfei Posted 11 months ago

Municipal Park Board Assessment

Greetings, In brief, I’m the chair of Chikaming Township Park Board. We are an elected members of a 7 person board. We are responsible for over 400 acres of preserves, parks and 7 road-end beach access points. The board was established in 1978. We have NO full time staff, we outsource maintenance. Right now two of our board members are not putting their names on the fall ballot. It is too much work. I put in approximately 30 hours a week - insanity for $50 a month. I would like to talk to a professor who’s in parks & recreation or community stewardship to assess what we have and how best plan for the future. Should we be an advisory board or elected, what would the value be to the township if they were to hire a FT parks and rec professional. Attached is our recently completed 5 yr plan Deborah HallKayler 312-961-5551

Berrien County Michigan community planning and zoning cfei Posted 11 months ago

Parcel Combination with platted and unplatted lots

Sec. 104. A replat of all or any part of a recorded subdivision plat may not be approved or recorded unless proper court action has been taken to vacate the original plat or the specific part thereof, with the following exceptions: (a) When all the owners of lots which are to be part of the replat agree in writing thereto and record the agreement with the register of deeds, and proof that notice to the abutting property owners has been given by certified mail and the governing body of the municipality in which the land included in the recorded plat is situated, has adopted a resolution or other legislative enactment vacating all areas dedicated to public use within the proposed replat. (b) Assessors plats made, approved and recorded as provided for in sections 201 to 213. (c) Urban renewal plats authorized by the governing body of a municipality, as provided in Act No. 344 of the Public Acts of 1945, as amended. Roads, streets, alleys and other public places shall be vacated in accordance with the provisions of law. History: 1967, Act 288, Eff. Jan. 1, 1968;Am. 1969, Act 308, Imd. Eff. Aug. 14, 1969. Popular name: Plat Act Popular name: Subdivision Control So my question is does a lot on the edge of the plat with unplatted land next to it have to go through the courts for replat if it is only his lots being replated to encompass the unplatted area he/she owns? The question came up as in sec 104 (a): that if notice was given and the township made a motion they could replat the plat. I told them I thought this was more for vacation of alleyways, roads, or public areas, but would look into it. I had spoken with equalization who seemed to back up that replat could only occur by going through circuit court. I also read your previous question you answered on and I figured I would just ensure the exceptions meant what I thought they did. Thank you for your time and thank you for your response.

Manistee County Michigan community planning and zoning zoning and land use regulation cfei Posted about 1 year ago

Info on Mobility accessible travel

I am looking for sources of nformation about "mobility accessible" travel.

In a hotel, I do not need "wheelchair access", but I do need some accommodations. I need bars at the toilet and in the shower. When I am outside of my room, I use a walker or trekking poles. However, I walk around the room without assistance.

The term "mobility assistance" is appearing more in hotel listings. I have not seen a clear definition of what constitutes "mobility assistance" so I have made a list of some of the things that might lead to that term. Some of these are:

1. The usual limitations of a reasonably healthy, out-of-shape 76-year-old man,

2. Balance issues requiring stability assist when walking around. This is the biggest problem and is the underlying cause of some of the other things listed.

3. I must avoid things that cause imbalance like cobblestone streets, severely cracked pavement, high steps to a curb, stairs without handrails, slippery conditions

4. I can negotiate the stairs as long as there are handrails.
I routinely go up/down flights of stairs with 10-15 steps. I can also handle multiple staircases as long as there is some sort of flat space between each fight.

5. I do not use escalators or moving sidewalks.

6. I am somewhat limited in how far I can walk or stand without getting tired.

a. I can drive, get into and out of cars, and get on/off busses.
b. In airports, I use a wheelchair or cart to deal with long distances.
c. Once at the gate I can move about without assistance. I can go down/up the ramp to the airplane. I can get on/off the plane. While on the plane I can move around without a walker or my poles.
d. Getting on/off cruise ship tenders and other boats requires assistance.
e. I can not carry or pull luggage but I do transport items using sling bag.

I could probably list other things, but that's enough for now. It is somewhat depressing to create the list.

Dane County Wisconsin wheelchair accessible accessibility Posted over 1 year ago

Citizen's contesting a repeating

Can I as a citizen of Muskegon contest in court the replatting of lake frontage on Muskegon Lake to a local developer.?It is going to court for the judge to decide if the City can give away our Lake frontage adjacent to their property.

Muskegon County Michigan zoning and land use regulation land use public policy Posted over 1 year ago

Help on joining properties

I want to buy some agricultural land that is against my residential land is it possible to combine the 2? The assessor told me plotted and unplotted land I would need a lawyer and would be difficult to do and cost me about 50k. Does this sound correct? Seems like a difficult process for 2 acres of land.

Monroe County Michigan Posted about 2 years ago