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Citizen's contesting a repeating

Can I as a citizen of Muskegon contest in court the replatting of lake frontage on Muskegon Lake to a local developer.?It is going to court for the judge to decide if the City can give away our Lake frontage adjacent to their property.

Muskegon County Michigan zoning and land use regulation land use public policy Posted about 1 month ago

Help on joining properties

I want to buy some agricultural land that is against my residential land is it possible to combine the 2? The assessor told me plotted and unplotted land I would need a lawyer and would be difficult to do and cost me about 50k. Does this sound correct? Seems like a difficult process for 2 acres of land.

Monroe County Michigan Posted 6 months ago

self created lot

I am mastercitizen planner in michigan and questions have arose on if a lot split was self created and was never resolved because of passage of time can it become legal in zoning laws

Charlevoix County Michigan community planning and zoning zoning citizen planner Posted 6 months ago


Can an access easement be abandoned if it was created more than 50 years ago and never used? We found documentation of the easement created in 1944, but it has not physically been used and was not in the legal description for many, many years.

Muskegon County Michigan zoning and land use regulation Posted 11 months ago

Master Plan Amendment

We have a very good (in our opinion) Master Plan with an intense 'fact-book'. It is admittedly written in a format and with language that is not easily interpreted by the average layperson 'citizen planner' / planning commissioner. There are several amendments that are needed. As we prepare for our community outreach we are concerned that as written, the MP language is quite complicated. Is it possible to write an abbreviated Master Plan (think instruction manual for the EVERYDAY reader) that will incorporate all of our existing work. The current MP and fact book are full of very useful / technical information that we don't want to lose but our PRIMARY mission is in producing a document that will NOT sit on the self because we're afraid to use it.

Ottawa County Michigan community planning and zoning Posted over 1 year ago

Lot Mergers

Is it legal to merge two taxable parcels across a pathway easement or roadway easement created by an old platted subdivision?

And is there state law or regulations that addresses this issue?

Washtenaw County Michigan zoning and land use regulation easements subdivision land division act Posted over 1 year ago

Marshland questions

Who do I ask about the multi-acre marsh on my property? How do I know, and/or where do I find out what I am permitted to do with it? I would like to prevent it's spread and improve it for wildlife, if that's possible or legal. I don't know much about marshland besides what you see, and I would like to know my options. Thank you for any information, even if it's to tell me that you can't help me. Thanks again!

Jackson County Michigan zoning and land use regulation zoning wetlands wetland protection wetland delineation Posted over 1 year ago

Usage of Michigan Land Act 0f 1997 rules

I bought a tract of land in Livingston County, Michigan in 2008 that consists of three separate parcels, each has a Tax ID # and I’ve been paying property taxes based on three separate tax bills since I purchased the property. My question involves determining the number of splits and parcels I have available under the Michigan Land Act of 1997. Is it legal under the LDA of 97 to consider each parcel separately and add those results together to determine the legal number of parcels that I can subsequently sell? As background, two of the three parcels were created in 1994 and the third in 2000.

Livingston County Michigan zoning and land use regulation Posted over 1 year ago

Unpermitted Work

My house has a considerable amount of work that was done that is not on the county records and likely not permitted. All this work was done before I moved in and this type of thing was typical of this area in the recent past. One poarch was enclosed and an addition was put on with a bathroom. Also, there is a large assessory building that was permitted but it has a bathroom and kitchen that are not on the records. Should I try to correct the records? How would I go about doing this? Would this involve inspections of the house? I'm worried about additional expenses.

Fulton County Georgia zoning and land use regulation Posted over 2 years ago

Hiring a planning firm for master plan and zoning update

Our township has never had a master plan, only a land use plan. Our zoning ordinance is also severely outdated, written in 1970's. Several provisions of the ordinance are no longer enforceable as they were struck down by courts. We have contacted 3 different planning firms, and have appointed a 3 person committee of 1 twp board member, 1 planning commission member, and 1 private citizen, to meet with and interview the 3 firms and make a recommendation to the township board which firm to hire. My question is, can you share some questions we should ask them to help narrow the field and make our recommendation?

Tuscola County Michigan zoning and land use regulation Posted over 2 years ago