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Mesquite biochar

I was wondering if you have heard more from rancher who asked about mesquite for Biochar ? Is it possible to communicate with ?

Harmon County Oklahoma wood energy Posted almost 3 years ago

Ailanthus as firewood?

Are Ailanthus trees an appropriate source of firewood? What are the properties to know about before harvesting it for that purpose?

wood energy timber harvesting firewood Posted over 3 years ago


is there any relationship between grass and wood biomass.
i have successfully generated methane gas from grass and am thinking of extending my effort to use it as an alternative fuel for smoking fish in Ghana. But the flavour presented by the smoked fish as a result of using the firewood to smoke the fish is not evident when the methane gas is used for the smoking.
Am wondering if it is necessary to experiment to find out whether a particular grass species can have a characteristic chemical composition to a particular wood or tree species in terms of the flavour; despite the higher amount of fibre in wood.

Outside United States wood energy woody biomass to energy technologies Posted about 5 years ago

Anearobic Digestion of Sawdust, Wood Chips

I am trying to get an opinion on the feasibility of using wood waste, obtainable as, or reduceable to, wood chips or sawdust, in an anaerobic digestion process, to produce methane or other gases to generate electricity.

Essex County Massachusetts wood energy woody biomass production and management wood energy issues with urbanization Posted about 6 years ago