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Missing trees, shrubs, etc.

My new neighbor decided to remove over 600sf of trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. on my side of the property line and it looks like I may need to take legal action. Can a professional, i.e. a dendrologist, perform a grid/density study to figure how many of each tree, plant, etc. would have been disturbed through this clearing? We simply want them to be replanted to fill in this void. Thank you.

Delaware County NY neighbor responsibility Posted about 1 month ago

Importing produce

Can I bring garden produce in to Oregon from other states?

Webster County IA vegetables legal issues Posted about 1 year ago

U.S. visa for investment in farm land

Please let me know the U.S. immigration policy about offer of immigration in exchange of investment in farming and if there are any restrictions for any country of origin.Thanks.

DuPage County IL business management and farm labor ag law beginning farmer immigration Posted over 3 years ago

Deer disposal

My neighbor is hunting deer on his private 25 acre land, which I dont have a problem with, but he is disposing the dead deer just at or close to our property line. We have 5 acres and my neighbor has 7 acres. My dog and my neighbor's dog smell the rotting deer and we have nearly lost our dog to disease and ingesting deer bones for the last two years. We have had to go up and remove the decomposing deer ourselves for the last two years. Last year it was three deer that he shot and dumped. What are the laws on disposal of dead should it be done? Also, do we have any recourse with this neighbor other than both my neighbor and us having to invest a huge amount of money into electric fences. We can't let our dog out and we can't walk in our own woods because of the smell of the dead deer. We have spoken to him and told him that it not only cost us $1,500 last year in vet bills, but worse, our dog could have died. He chooses the spot closest to us because it is far away from his home and his own dogs. What can we do?

Frederick County MD ag law Posted almost 4 years ago

What is your impression on products presented to you labeled only by NAME and...

What is your impression on products presented to you labeled only by NAME and no ingredients? Is there any law against such? What if some, blame such product causing some reaction or poisoning since there is no label as to its contents?

Los Angeles County CA ag law Posted about 4 years ago

Patented Plants

1. Can I legally propagate patented plants for my own use? 2. If so, can I give away the cloned plants without selling them? 3. How does one research said patents and the owners of the patents? 4. Do patented plants ever enter the public domain?

Anoka County Minnesota ag law Posted about 4 years ago


I'm hoping to get a barn built this winter and I'm hearing rumors about what it takes for the barn to be counted in my ag exemption. Where can I find the rules about what a barn is or is not, in order for it to count under the property ag exemption. (I've already been told that the barn is not sales tax exempt for building it).

McLennan County Texas ag law Posted over 4 years ago

Sorghum silage sale contract

Our farm is selling sorghum silage to a third party, the dairy in an adjoining section. Since there are three parties involved -- owner, tenant, and dairy -- we need a contract so all of us are on the same page.

Dallam County Texas ag law lrk Posted almost 5 years ago

Easement Question

Can a person buy property that I inherited and have used for a lifetime and block access to my property when there are no other accesses to my property; in essence, land locking my property? I want to sell my property but I am being told I am "land locked" which makes the 160 acres virtually unmarketable. The person who has purchased the property between me and the highway says I am trespassing when I cross his property. . .he has offered to purchase my property at price considerably below the fair market value. Thank you for your consideration to my question which applies to a situation I am now currently facing. Patricia.

Palo Pinto County Texas ag law Posted almost 5 years ago

Ag land rules for livestock

I'm a female hog farmer in Waianae , recently due to cost of electricity our power was cutoff for non payment . We now have a old military diesel generator that's able to run the entire 5 acres on used slop oil awesome if u ask me . My neighbor has been a pain in my a** since I got this place she calls the cops on me when I cook slop and now she called them on me for the generator said its a noise violation and the emissions are killing her cops gave me 5mins to turn off last night and I'm overwhelmed already with PEDV in the next valley over. Now everytime I turn it on I can expect HPD at my fence shinning there lights on my land and telling me I have to turn off my generator . With winter here and the newborn pigletts I have the nights are becoming very chilly without the heatlamps to keep them warm they will die. Are there laws that will protect me from being forced to turn off my only source of electric, the land is ag 2 and in a country district? Not looking forward to having to go without Lights ..... Any imput would be greatly appreciated ... Mahalo Keliiokamalu

Honolulu County Hawaii swine ag law livestock Posted about 5 years ago