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why do I have water coming into house with well pump off?

So i changed out my waterlogged diaphragm style well water pressure tank yesterday and couldn't get the water to shut off completely. I turned the pump off at the breaker, drained the tank and house of water and disconnected the old water tank. there was still water coming through the open connection to the tank, i thought maybe i hadn't gotten all the water out of the pipes in house so i closed the discharge valve but that made zero difference in flow rate. I also noticed after a while that the supply line side of the "T" connection where the switch,gauge and tank connect was sweating. the water pouring from the disconnected connection was coming from my well. how is this possible? It wasn't blasting out but just slowly and constantly flowing out which made for a big mess while i was changing out the tank because there was no way of isolating it. I should add that this is a submersible style pump in a 120' drilled well.

Outside United States drinking water Posted 11 months ago

Iron Bacteria in Well Water

I have scum that accumulates in the toilet tanks. The water coming out of the faucet sometimes smells sort of like sewer, rotten, like hydrogen sulfide, rotten eggs, etc. I think it is iron bacteria. In years past, I have shock treated my well with bleach, which worked very well, but as you know, that only lasts for half a year to a year. Every summer it gets smelly again. I know that most recommendations are to install a chlorine injection system, along with sanitizing the entire house water system.
My question is, will a UV disinfectant light device kill iron bacteria. I have 5 micron filtration and activated carbon filtration. I also have a water softener and a water treatement system to which I have to add potassium permangenate solution.

Oregon drinking water well water Posted about 1 year ago

Shrinking Water Supplies?

I read some articles about the ongoing fight over water from the Klamath lake; that it is a dwindling resource for farmers there. QUES: What is the Best Resouc e for Info on Water Access in an area of Oregon [Prior To] Moving there? OSU Univ or a 'State' Agency? Thanks, Josh in Orlando, FL.

Florida Posted almost 2 years ago

I have iron & bacteria in my well. Help?

I have iron and bacteria in my well. How can I treat the bacteria without damaging my well filtration system. I have been told that putting bleach in the well will damage the filtration system. Also, how can I remove iron stains from toilets, tubs, and sinks?

Douglas County Oregon Posted almost 2 years ago

Does Well ph Change Over Time

Our well water was tested 15 years ago. I recently bought a water test kit and it shows a ph drop to 5. This does not seem possible as the samples that I sent to the lab 15 years ago were 6.5 and 6.6. Can well water ph change like that given no significant development in our area? It seems like the ph should be stable and the provided test strip is not accurate. I got the same result with a 2nd strip.

Snyder County Pennsylvania Posted about 2 years ago

We have 340 ppm Arsenic; How do I filter for garden water

We have high levels of natural arsenic; I have googled filters but most are undersink for house water. I want a filter I can put on outside hose bib. What is the best?

Okanogan County Washington water contamination Posted over 2 years ago

Just moved into home closed for 1 1/2 years . Has well water, everything is...

Just moved into home closed for 1 1/2 years . Has well water, everything is orange with brown water. What can I do to clean and drink the water

Stark County Ohio drinking water water quality Posted about 3 years ago

Hi, My name is Adam and I am a 7th grader doing a science project on water...

Hi, My name is Adam and I am a 7th grader doing a science project on water filtration. I am testing a commercial instant sip filtration type product with tap water with a homemade water filter. Can you provide any coliform bacteria kits to test drinking water safety? Or do you sell them at a good price. I am in Columbus, Ohio so my mom or dad could come pick them up at an office there at campus. Thank you very much. Please respond on my parents email below.

Franklin County Ohio Posted over 3 years ago

I would like a complete well water test performed on my rural home water...

I would like a complete well water test performed on my rural home water supply. I would like one from someone that is not trying to sell me something.

Miami County Ohio water testing and interpretation testing well water Posted over 3 years ago

Safety of drinking water.

I'm planning a trip to the Big Island in Hawaii, and the vacation house I'd like to stay in uses treated rain water. Here's what they say about it:

"As for the water. We do collect our water via rain in our 10,000 gallon catchment tank. If rain is short we have water delivery. We treat the inside water through a double filtration system, then sterilize it with UV light prior to entry into the house. We have our housekeeper treat the water in the tank with chlorine and baking soda to steady the PH level."

Is this likely to be safe to drink, cook with, brush teeth with, etc.?

Doug Yeager

Outside United States drinking water Posted over 3 years ago