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Mason Bee Cocoons and Cold Weather

Hello, Mark Gardiner in Toronto. I put the cocoons out on May 2 in the bee house when we had 20 Celsius (68 F) and now this weeked the forecast is for 6 and 8 C ! Do you have any suggestions to keep the cocoons alive- should I bring them inside to warmer temps or put them back in the fridge crisper ? Any advice you may have is much appreciated since I am a novice. In advance, thanks Mark

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Honey salvage

I recently lost a hive the weather here is just starting 50-60s I have several frames of honey can I still harvest it?

Mora County New Mexico Posted about 1 month ago

Hi, I would like to obtain a list of all the bee species in Ohio (genus +...

Hi, I would like to obtain a list of all the bee species in Ohio (genus + species). I have seen online identification documents with bees grouped by genus, but I have not seen a list of the specific bees that live in Ohio. Can you please provide me with that? I recently learned that several bees are specialists, and I want to research which plants Ohio's bees need. If a list matching Ohio's bees to their plants exists, I would also appreciate having that. Thank you, Jennifer Howell

Stark County Ohio native bees Posted about 1 month ago


Hello,my name is Burt Meckes. I’m starting my 3 rd year of beekeeping. My question is, can COVID-19 be transferred to your bees?

Erie County New York Posted 3 months ago

How should I dry out a honeycomb filled with honey

I have some pieces of honeycomb filled with a little honey and some dead bees inside of it. I am intending to dry out the honeycomb. But in doing so I need to first clear out the dead bees stuck inside and also the left over honey. I don’t know how to do it. Looking forward for some guidance

Outside United States Posted 6 months ago

Loss of bee hive

I started with a new nuc this year. Everything seemed to be going fine although there was a little less activity in recent weeks than I expected. When I opened the cover today this is what I discovered!! All the bees are gone and the entire hive is decimated. What are these things? Did they destroy the hive? What do I need to do to start over next year? Do I need to destroy the frames? Any insight would be appreciated. Bruce Doerr

Washington County Oregon Posted 9 months ago

Making backyard 'hives' for native bees

We would like to make some homes for native bees for our backyard with rounds of oak wood coming from a tree which we recently removed. We need specific details about construction. I would prefer to not be removing and storing and cleaning cores, as I believe the bees are probably hardwired to do that for themselves. I have seen several species of what I think are native bees working (particularly) my mint and oregano, and I would like to let them know they are at home here.Can you provide information or suggest a reliable site? I am finding much complicated and conflicting information on the internet.

Yamhill County Oregon bee health bees Posted about 1 year ago

Is this a paper wasp or a hornet nest and - what can we do about it? It's...

Is this a paper wasp or a hornet nest and - what can we do about it? It's about 20" up, in one of our maple trees, and about 24" tall by about 15" or so wide. I have additional photos. Is this something some organization/college/university would want, or do we just need to know how to dispose of it? Would it be occupied now?

Summit County Ohio Posted over 1 year ago

URGENT: Should I resume feeding bees the sugar water I was distributing if they are now dying?

This is a bit of a cheat, because I'm not in Colorado, but I figure this is a general enough question to apply to any location...and there is no help listed for anyone in Europe.
I am living in Germany and started to give honey bees visiting my windowsill sugar water. I did this for about 2 weeks than realized that it wasn't a healthy thing for them. I gave plain, filtered water yesterday but became concerned that they might be starting to build a hive in my sill, so removed the water entirely today. We can't have a hive at this location because they are coming into the apartment through the window.
However, today they are still searching around for the water (of course) and I am seeing dead bees on the windowsill. I am in a total panic! Should I resume giving them water/sugar water or just leave them alone? I feel terrible. I never meant to hurt them and now I don't know what to do. The weather is very hot here and I'm afraid they became overly dependent on my sugar water as a food source. Please advise me.

Thanks so much,
Starla Crick

Colorado bees Posted almost 2 years ago

Bumblebee identification HELP!

Hello, I became interested in bumblebees last year when a colony nested in a bird house in my garden. Up until then I couldn't tell the difference between bumblebees and any other kind of bee, nor did I know anything about them. A colony at my home got me interested in them and I began to notice different types of bees in my garden and their behaviors. This spring I began modifying my garden into a pollinator habitat and started an account with Bumblebee Watch. As of today I've got 7 verified species and 13 waiting to be looked over. I have a book on identifying bumblebees but I'm the blind leading the blind here - I know nothing about them and am trying to learn so I can be a better contributor. I can't find any online courses or videos. The Xerces Society had a training in Bend this summer but I was unable to attend. Can you suggest anything or refer me to another resource? Thank you!

Marion County Oregon bees Posted almost 2 years ago